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Who's afraid of Barack Obama?...."Nobody"
by S.E. Cupp....

"I Beg To Differ!"

An open letter to Miss Cupp, a young Captain in the War against The Tide!

Dear Miss Cuff:


I agree everyone outside our nation is Not afraid of our President

because they're (in on it), aside from our allies,

and everyone inside our government is scared to death of this man

for what he can do and has done, but most importantly, WILL DO!


I watched your usual stellar performance on Hannity Sunday evening,

but they are always mired in minutia, micromanaging the tree’s bark,

while ignoring the greater issues in the forest blaze beyond,

oh, like ;


#1- What if “The Gusher” had been an American well operation,
then who would Obama blame and sue?


- Has Obama declared the incident, made now a saga, a National Disaster Area yet,

even though we’ve declared his presidency a national tragedy?


#3- Having allowed this to expand into a national tragedy for ineptness or for purpose and TREASON,
why hasn’t there been a Contingency Plan or Plans in place for 30+ years for these 4000+ wells?

Did they all just pop-up one day?


#4- Specifically, which US Legislators signed-off on “slackening the government regulations”
for this FRIEND, wink- wink, nod- nod,

thus jeopardizing our back-door “grocery store”,
and endangering our national treasures and the national economy?


In less tolerant countries where national honor trumps personal profit,
i.e. China,
you’re Hung or Shot “for far less”!


#5- Who polices the Oil Police while they aren’t supervising or following regulations and codes,

while accepting bribes, sex and watching porn,

and who ultimately writes the “safety protocols” for this type operation, over the past 30+ years?

I thought that was all Capitol Hill did, was write red tape!...I know no can READ RED TAPE!


#6- Since it’s been dragged-out to incredible lengths of human stupidity for 50+ days,
why not hand it over to the states to accelerate any and all possible solutions,
overseen by the military,

as the US Coast Guard’s specific mandate and jurisdiction is to "guard the coast"
and should supersede any standing vacillating President,

why hasn’t the military developed contingency plans for this or similar incidents over 30+ years already?


#7- Had it been a unfriendly foreign government’s Well, like China or Venezuela,

instead us tolerating an over-jealous Obama picking on our greatest, longest and
most loyal ally to this nation,

like picking on the defenseless Christians who'll turn the other cheek,

while smashing them in the face again,

how would the Macho-Man handle the incident then?.. As ably as Iran or Korea?


If you have a food inspector or meat inspector and a school kills children with bad hamburgers,

heads should roll.


If the Fire Inspector allows all the people to return to their desks while the skyscraper next door is burning down with an airplane stuck in it, and ultimately everyone in the 2nd tower inevitably and coincidently dies too, someone’s head should roll

and The Protocols should be re-written, examined, reviewed, updated, supervised and enforced,
or then why do we have a Government Legislature in the first place?

Just to spend us into the poor house
while half the country cheers waiting for their bribery–checks to come on the 3rd,

and the other half politely watches millions of lives float out to sea as the oil comes ashore.


#8- Are these Statesmen all either inept, distracted, corrupt, scoundrels or bandits, yes traitors, to their country and their countrymen?.....So then all should be replaced!

Is “only” BP responsible on the planet,

after “Bush” of course?



#9- when is someone going to have the backbone and hutzpah to ask if the President of the United States,

who let this THING get so bad He would have an hysterical Public allowing, no clambering for

All Oil Production In The Gulf Be Shut-Down, For Purpose,

To Collapse The Economy,

the way Roman Senators would whip-up the Throng for Blood and conspiratorial skullduggery,


or a southern Sherriff from yesteryear get the Mob to break into the jail and dispense with justice and forget American honor and jurisprudence,


the same way President Obama has destroyed the greatest economy in the history of man,


and just Call Him Out and take him to task?.....That's not racist, that's representative government.


ENOUGH cowardice, what do we pay you people for?

……..To represent Us or Yourselves?


Are they afraid or complicit?


There’s just a few things I haven’t heard discussed on TV young lady.

Take care,




3:12:36 PM
Jun 14, 2010

Ps, and We hear today the President will now use the limitless gusher Oil Spill
to force Cap 'n Tax, AKA Cap and Trade
to Tax everything we'll ever do aside from breathing, but give them time!...

By the way,
I thought this entire “Alternative Energy” Ploy was based on the "known" assumption
that there wasn't enough oil left to meet our future needs
because the earth was ebbing in this natural resource,...but I gotta tell you,

I know where you can get lots of oil no one seems to have any use for!...

A Great Lie To Toss The Baby Out With The Oily Water,
That Has Fueled The Engine Of Industry and Freedom,
Now Used To Harness People & Minds,

Not To Power Wind Turbines Of Prosperity For The Better Good!!…


MY Book "FIRE THEM ALL??" Restores the Economy & Jobs, Solutions For A Renegade Government and Confronts Terrorism.

bookfront.JPG bookback.JPG

**MY Book Can Restore The National Economy & Jobs,
Demonstrates Solutions For Our Renegade Government
and Confronts Terrorism For Permanent Result
With The Power & Authority That All US Citizens Possess
To Initiate Simple Legal Procedures To Sidestep Endless Do-nothing
Self-serving Congresses and Take Our Country Back,
No Matter Who’s Living In OUR White House!




OK, so America sits-up this evening like a good “battered spouse syndromed” puppet,
heads reeling with 55 days of B/S,
all ready for the next episode of;
“today’s a new day and I’ll believe anything He says
and He won’t hit me anymore ‘cause He said so,
and I’m too stupid to admit to myself “He’s lying”
and I know it,
but too insecure and weak to stand-up for myself to either leave or develop some self-respect
and kick His ass instead”,

all sitting agog to the image on the screen. …..

The redundancy is for the "acronym and metaphor" challenged!

And it went something like this:

LIE #1our only choice for energy independence is by drilling in deep water
which has now shown to be “unsafe”, with no alternatives,

but serfdom and total dependency on the Saudis
and other good foreign dictating potentate suppliers,
short of solar generated steam powered bicycles and living in tents like Bedouins!

But, you better learn to cuddle with the same sex to keep warm because “no Campfires” allowed
to increase your Carbon Footprint,
thus simultaneously circumventing procreation, which would require an abortion
that may temporarily spur the economy,
but there’s that “Footprint” thing with the off-gassing corpse, men!...

That’s the "dead body" kind, not the "servicemen" kind the President is so fond of!

(“UNSAFE”….after 30+ years, 1000s of wells, 1st accident of its type (after doing nothing to stop it’s spreading)
because The Government fell short on their responsibility)………Hmmmm…..
Does this mean that Planes, Trains and Automobiles will be banned in the future too?

I think they collectively have killed maybe more than 11 people since they started rolling in 1804!
The invention of the steam engine was critical to the invention of the modern railroad and trains.
In 1803, a man named Samuel Homfray decided to fund the development of a steam-powered vehicle
to replace the horse-drawn carts on the tramways.
Richard Trevithick (1771-1833) built that vehicle, the first steam engine tramway locomotive.
On February 22, 1804, the locomotive hauled a load of 10 tons of iron,
70 men and five extra wagons the 9 miles between the ironworks at Pen-y-Darron
in the town of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales to the bottom of the valley called Abercynnon.
It took about two hours.]

LIE #2a Green Tax is inevitable, timely and again
the only alternative to finance the Alternative Energy Sources;
the ones that are so vastly over-priced and only cost effective
if you’re independently wealthy and can wait 37 years to break-even,

and the ones that have been erroneously touted and highly inefficient,

and the ones that are total fabrication,

and the ones that haven’t been invented yet,
but are certain to be cost-effective, super efficient, most sufficient
and totally eco-friendly in maybe 1 or 2 hundred years from today,

but today’s a good enough time to start cutting our losses and our wrists
when the country is on the verge of collapse,
the summer of “hurricane,
bankruptcy and foreclosure” languish is about to start
and thoughts of revolution may not only be an Al Qaeda dream,
by abandoning cheap and plentiful fossil fuel exploration and production on American soil,
now and forever made “OFF-LIMITS” to any Americans,

so says WHO exactly?....


LIE #3Wind turbines, Solar Panels, small efficient over-priced ugly little cars,
and those $1000. Replacement Windows that Obama’s advisor’s husband makes,
will be the panacea for our salvation! ...Saith the WORD!

This is where the BS Syndrome comes in again!


Well, Beam Me Up Scotty
to get some Dilithium Crystals because Barack wants me to go to “Io”

and since NASA is in mothballs, like drilling,
I won’t have to increase that ole carbon footprint,
but I’m OK, because I bought some credits from a little old guy in Omaha
that had a few left after Al Gore purchased all available credits from the residents of Kansas
so he’d remain in compliance….Kansas would have had more to trade
but there was that Abortion Guy that put a dent in the population there.

so says WHO exactly?....
Carbon Credit B/S RULES



LIE #4“I can’t stop the GUSHER in the Gulf but I can make BP Pay through The Nose!
I will use this accident as an excuse to push my Green Agenda for “Cap & Tax”
right down the American’s throats like I did with Healthcare,

so my Administration and my Party, (someone say PARTY?)
 can control the new unlimited Slush Funds,
to be generated by BP and the new Taxes on My fellow Americans",

("like the greater portion of the $778 Billion Stimulus I haven’t spent yet
to create jobs that everyone’s forgotten about,
that I could give to those Coastal State companies and employees,

but I won’t!")

(Oops, Correction)….That was a TRUTH, sorry!




Denise ( ts tl ) Comment by Denise on June 17, 2010 at 12:36am

Comment by Patrick S. on June 16, 2010 at 9:53am

The picture (crying out laughing, pounding the floor), the picture. lol lol lol the picture.
Oh man, I have to use this picture in one of my blogs.
I may even use it on my webpage. holy cow I can't stop laughing. That's great!

Joseph Whitworth Smith Comment by Joseph WS on June 16, 2010 at 9:15am

I see that Toys are Us has a LeapFrog toy. Send it to your visionary friends.

KIM A. M., M.D. on June 16, 2010 at 9:11am
Bravo. The empty suit is right on.
Don't forget the lie that there are few places to drill for oil on land
or in shallow waters in our country.

Joseph Whitworth Smith Comment by Joseph W. S. on June 16, 2010 at 9:08am
In short,
Obama simply doesn't know that in every thousand mile journey it takes a first step.
He's in a game of leap frog.






        Posted by SENTRYMAN on June 22, 2010 at 11:49pm



.....You're Out, David's Back-In!



You're Out





David's Back-In!

and um,
those 40,000 troops you guys asked for last summer
so We could win the war quickly
to have fewer losses of our brave American soldier's lives,

well, I'll be sending some reinforcements real soon,
upwards of 30,000 eventually,
just like I said last December,
Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire will be stopp'n-up
to my Big House
so I'll be a bit busy and I'll get right on it, right away!

Now Malia, No, I haven't plugged the hole yet
but I've plugged a hole in Afghanistan and the Clean-up things there
should go as well now as the Gulf clean-up here!.......tee hee!

"Plugging Holes".....Hmmmm...
about that hole in the southern border fence!

.............Hey, I gotta better idea!!........
.............RAHM, bring me a pen,

and tell the Gardeners their President said: "they can unpack"!


The President Welcomes New Subjects:


As I started listening to Our Father this morning, this time about “the tired and huddled hungry masses”,
and my gag reflux began to kick-in so I turn him off,
I said aloud: “Oh, please Dad-dy, read me that sto-ry a-gain”... My wife chuckled.

I thought to myself
how strange it would be to connect with my own Dad if he was the only one
that could make my life safe and secure, prosperous and meaningful,
and he never delivered on the Promise.

But, he still had all the power over my life, like in a family business,
and could keep me from providing these vital things for myself and my own family
and how long would I allow him this power over me?

How long could I take it or ever respect and believe in him ever again?

1) - A million or so unfulfilled Promises from 2007 and 2008 “aside”,
Our Father is asked to provide 40,000 additional troops a year ago,
and with those reinforcements my neighbor’s son can come home alive.
6 long months later Our Father commits to a 30,000 Promise, that has yet to be honored,
but Our Father Does Fires His Lancelot.

My neighbor’s son will never walk in the door to hug his Mom again,

so I take pause!


2) - The ocean has a convulsion with earth’s black blood bleeding from a wound and
Our Father Promises the waters will part and all will be well with the Well,

but after TWO MONTHS,
and over a dozen sympathetic foreign Governments
with the expertise, equipment and experience are rebuffed,
Flotillas, Barges and Floating Barricades, Booms still in storage and Stone Jetties
and Sand Berms and Skimmers and Pumpers and COREXIT and straw, mats and socks,
Spin-It & Compact-it, Eat-it-up & Break-it-down, Skim-it-off and Suck-it-up contraptions and Ideas galore,
a machine to suck and blow oil set-afire in a midnight cascade blaze, why not a 100,

a simple blaze which should have been continually Stoked on calmer seas two months ago
to control the Oily Tsunami for never reaching land from Day-II,

ALL Is Mired, Beset and Scuttled In Bureaucratic Environmental Red Tape Insanity and for Purpose,
a breathing Slime much thicker that a Trillion Spills,

while Millions of creatures die,
Life-long Family Businesses perish,
Livelihoods wither as local unemployment soars and a nation finally begins to bow from the ankles
as Our Father gears-up to challenge the Courts, but Not the Tides,

so I take pause!


3) – Meanwhile in Arizona a 17 year-long Locust Plague (Doubles-Down) in the wake of human carnage,
a savior, our Batman search-light is lit and the Call-Goes-Out to Our Father,
who once again PROMISES the clouds will part and all things will be set

And as Governor Brewer waits this morning with her hand on her .45 cal.,
Our Father praises Emma Lazarus and all those immigrants
who craned their necks at the Statue of Liberty in the harbor after their long perilous boat ride to Liberty’s shore,
when all they needed to do was enter by the new Revolving Back-Door that
Our Father will install in the imaginary fence along the Rio Grande, El Paso, Columbus,
Douglas, Nogales, Lukeville, San Luis, Yuma, Calexico to Imperial Beach,

so I take pause!

Why?...No, I want You to answer this question for yourself, American citizen, Why?

Compassion?....What’s Fair?....Votes?....No Borders?....Everybody comes here?....
Your Taxes pay for The World?....
We all eventually work for The State?

....Sharia Law instead of the Constitution?...

I don’t see The Constitution even honored anymore with a 5 to 4 Gun decision in Chicago….
It’s a Crap-Shoot, an Opinion rendered by WHO, by WHAT?

Who are these humans We doth place in judgment over us, over life and death,
that don’t honor or obey The US Constitution, but opinionate it?

A simple piece of fragile paper unlike any on earth!


What if that decision fell to 4 to 5?...
Good-bye USA!....That’ll be next year!

When there is no more money for taxes, we use Chits, IOUs?....We’re already doing that stupid!


And as we’ll soon officially celebrate The Day of the Dead and Ramadan, in lieu of Christmas,
it seems to me and who am I to think for myself, I don’t work for the government yet,

this is all going to end with an epic struggle between

a pure and righteous Communist Oligarchy

and a pure and holy Islamic Theocratic Republic.

Basically the same thing, just one wears a suit and tie and the other a robe
and turban,
tagelmust, shemagh, keffiyeh, pashmina,
both cut from the same cloth as Our Father!

The United States is almost GONE,

and so I take pause and a few final breaths!





















Finally exonerated by His Attorneys General of the United States of America,
the New "Keepers of the Flame", The Panthers,  Will Protect Our Right To Vote!

We all have His Promise on that!!





**Not to forget the newly government subsidized ACORN under 50 new aliases!





From a recent military dispatch leaked to the Media
to warn the enemy, just to make things fair;


2010-05-12, 18:05:00 Kunduz, Afghanistan

Action Report:
A large mass of Taliban soldiers are moving down a road
when they
hear a low voice calling-out in English
 from behind a sand dune:
"One Texas soldier is
better than ten'a you Taliban."


The impatient Taliban Commander quickly sends 10 of his best soldiers
the dune....
whereupon a gun-battle breaks out and continues for just a few minutes....
pop-pop....pop-pop-pop......then silence.


Again, the unidentified voice calls out:
"Yep, One Texan is sure better
than a'hundred Tal-i-ban


Furious this time,
the Taliban Commander sends his next best 100 fighters
the dune.... instantly another fierce firefight ensues.
After approx. 10 minutes
of continuous exchanges, the firing falls silent.


Once again the voice calls out in a slow Texan drawl:
"That's right,
one Texan is just plenty for a'thousand
a'you Taliban."


Now enraged,
the angry Taliban Commander musters most of his remaining fighters
sends close to a thousand men over the dune.
Mortar fire, rocket explosions and AK-fire ring-
out in rapid volleys
 as the huge battle continues.......

Then, abrupt silence once again, an eerie calm looms as the smoke clears.


Finally out of the haze one lone wounded Taliban fighter
slowly crawls back from over the dune,
and with his dying breath, he gasps to his commander:
لا ترسل بعد الآن من اخواننا. انه فخ ، وهناك اثنان منهم 

"Don't send anymore of our brothers;

It’s a trap; .......
There are two of them."




truthwhencecamefromnorthernskies.jpg SENTRYMAN..truth whence came from northern skies

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