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JULY 4th...Happy Birthday

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and right between the Hots & Burgers 
a little
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The Grill?

Tale of Two Men......


Happy Birthday America,
Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE.

Well, it’s raining here but here’s hoping your celebration will be a safe and happy one
with friends and family, patriots all,
as our fighting women and men around the globe secure this day for us all!

And the topic at hand around the grill today, as usual,

Not “one Man”;

collapsing the economy,
doubling unemployment,
mortgaging America’s future to foreign governments,
destroying the Constitution,
leaving our Troops to swim in an vast abyss without a life-preserver,
wrecking this day for Beach-Goers and Merchants across Our southern shores
and welcoming Invaders across Our southern borders,
He, who takes a page from his mentors and handlers all, preaching the right phrase at the right moment

and is NOT Judged for “Blood on His Hands” or the Oil up to His Armpits,

but the “other Man”!

As We, “McCain and GOP”, eat our own as usual,


held to a different standard on:
Political-Correctness-Gone-Wild-On-Steroids, Vol. 23,
“Steele Must Go”…… “Steele Must Go”…….

“Steele Speaks The True, AGAIN, And Steele He Must Go!”

(as I interpret Steele's words, unlike the Grand Old Party sees-it):

[War as a Tool to slam Bush, an inconvenient truth 
(Afghanistan, "the GOOD WAR"......IRAQ, the Bad War),

and now an even more inconvenient Footnote with deadlines,
"War, Still On The Cheap"
cannot be victorious lead by our Hawk in the White House]

and even though You thought the 30,000 troops sent to IRAQ
would be a disaster, but it succeeded,

Our guys are still waiting for Your 30,000 Reinforcements You promised
for your "good war" in Afghanistan,
even though the Generals asked You for 40,000 over 1 year ago, Barry!

Have a nice afternoon.

Think of our troops tonight as you all enjoy the pretty rockets
cascading down around you without Warheads and shrapnel,
unlike their evening sky tonight!






Oh yah,
forgive this knucklehead "anything" since He’s Teleprompter challenged.

He’s only #2 in succession…We’re All in really good hands!



Hmmmmm....prophetic or Pinocchio?




Denise ( ts tl ) Comment by Denise 2 hours ago
High treason has been committed and "we the people" are the only ones
who can stand against all of the betrayers of American Freedom...
whether they call themselves Republican or Democrats, Progressives or anyother Ism...
Let's get rid of them all and start over with real men and women who honor out Constitution,
our flag, our country and the truth!!........ I'm so, so, so sick of them all!!!

Sammye Comment by Sammye 2 hours ago
One day at a time, with lots of prayer......

SENTRYMAN Comment by SENTRYMAN 3 hours ago
"Redneck Girl" was much more upbeat with her post of HOPE;

"Celebrating a miracle"
Posted by Redneck Girl! on July 4, 2010 at 3:10pm

I, unfortunately, am a pragmatic grouch today and here’s how I burst the bubble.

I apologize…..go watch the fireworks and feel better!

Comment by SENTRYMAN 2 minutes ago

Redneck Girl Said:
"But, I am confident on the will of the American people to fight for their rights"

Well, you are right about the "But"!
That's what our country has now embraced, A BUTT.......

Bush was right to defend the nation, But,
Bush should have stayed in Afghanistan like the rookie state Senator from Illinois said
how He’d vote had He been there!

Bush was an idiot when it came to the US Economy, But,
Barack kept all of Bush’s same; Moneymen, Surveillance Regs., Generals,
Bush’s Cuban prison Spa,
the same men responsible for Fannie & Freddie during the Bush Administration,
and tripled TARP-1 and unemployment when using the correct figures!….
Ooops, forget I included those!

Freedom to worship, But,
watch out for them crazy Christians and that dangerous Christmas thing,
prayer-rugs and footbaths with government taxpayer money is just fine!

Taxation without representation, But,
We here in Washington know what's best for You SUBJECTS!

Right to Bear Arms, But,
only by 5 to 4...whew!....And just wait for 2 more Supreme appointments
and it's sayonara to that one too!

“that all men are created equal”, But,
some are now more equal “again”, with the shoe on the other foot
and you’re Not White or here “Legally”!

“that they are endowed by their Creator”, But,
that “CREATOR thing” will be gone in the revised version coming soon, very soon!

“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”,
tell that to the 85% that didn’t want Obama-care!

“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it
and to institute new government,”
tell that to the New ACORN,
protected by HOLDER’s New Elite Panther Guard guarding the Polling Booths.

“to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles
and organizing its powers in such form
as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness”,
well, …..this isn’t really a But,
because The “New Government” will be organized by the 47% presently receiving Checks
signed by Obama right now
and they’re quite happy with how things are going as planned,
and as soon as that 47% grows to 51% a New Dawn Will Usher In A New Day
and that old mean, unjust, unfair America will be NO more!



SUSAN-IN Comment by SUSAN-IN 4 hours ago
The November election is only 121 days away.
I vote for WE, THE PEOPLE!
Let's make a REAL CHANGE for America, people!

Jean Mc Comment by Jean Mc 4 hours ago
This is wonderful.
We, unfortunately, get what we asked for
(and so many of us did not ask for this creep but did ask for the continuing congress
that thinks they are much more important than the man on the street)
and we will continue to be under this OPPRESSION
until we the people decide that party doesn't matter, but that the U.S.A. and character do.

Until then we will continue to sell our soul to the devil and the parties. Extremely Stupid!

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