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That's strange, Obama usually says; "I, I, I"....but on this it's "WE"......
puck, puck, puck, puckaww.....

President Obama thinks it’s only fair that Israel "get out of Dodge", oh, and Jerusalem. Plus turn over all “their confiscated” lands back to rightful owners, the newkids on the block, making them critically exposed to annihilation from enemies, modern and ancient, but just to 1966 lot lines. Cute!

What’s the matter, a bolder person might say; "hey you Jews, just go back to wherever you were wandering from 3000 or 4000 or 5000 years ago as long as it’s not in my back yard!"....Hmmmm.

Well then, let’s take his rationale to the nth degree, “just to be fair”.
Let’s see, taking into account but discounting the axiom: “To the victors go the spoils”,
La Raza wants the Southwestern part of the United States handed back to the Mexicans…..Yah, but weren’t those lands originally inhabited by Native Americans, and wasn’t Mexico, along with Central America and South America stolen from those native inhabits by the Spanish and some French & Portuguese?

For that matter, didn’t the INCA’s warring tribe conquests attack and absorb indigenous “peoples” up and down the western half of South America before the Spaniards taught them just how to franchise and really do it right?
So for argument sake, shouldn’t the Inca give those sovereign areas back to the original inhabitants too, considering "rights of succession"
over the "right of possession" which Barack interchanges at will?

And precisely where did all these Native North, Central and South Americans come from originally? Weren’t they all originally Mongols traversing the
Bering Straits way back when,
and was anyone living here in the Americas before that migration changed those landscapes?

So to recap, the English, French, Spanish, mercenary Germans and Dutch moneymen,
not counting the Vikings who only visited during the vacation season,
and the Italians, the Irish and a few Chinese and some indentured Europeans replaced the slaves so we can’t count them,
all needed to give-up those old claims in favor of the original inhabitants depending on how far back you wanted to take the issue…..Usually only as far back as the attorneys had been involved to certify contracts.  Before that, it’s just too bad pal.

And the Spanish would have to basically relinquish Central, and the South American continent, along with claims on sunken stolen treasure,
and everyone gets out of the Caribbean, including Castro,
and it all reverts back to Montezuma. No, the Aztec, no, the Apache, no, the Inuit, no Mongols, no, the Chinese……Wait, they’ve already gotten it back, go figure!

Wait, wait, to be fair we forgot to free the Slaves, again. Any African can return to Africa from whence their brethren sold them, and all the Europeans out of Africa. Wasn’t that a movie? Well, that’s pretty much already happened along with invaders of India….
Darn tea drinkers always causing trouble...

Then the Celts and Brit’s got-back from the Germans and the Romans, till those darn Normans. Those enterprising Romans lost all their worldly ill-gotten-gains, just as Alexander.

But then the Holy Romans, the Franks, Toledos, Hohenzollerns, Cossacks, Saxons and Poles, Viking, Hapsburgs, Prussians, Mores and Ottomans, the Horde, Greeks and Trojans and Persians all played musical chairs for 3000 years and divvied up the pie so many different times
that I think those crafty Chinese were all just waiting to run the whole game board someday, no matter how long they’d have to wait,
and they’re finally getting closer to this day.

And you know, I also think that might be the best thing for all involved because then the Japanese will finally have someone else in their corner against those crafty Chicoms.
Then the US, if we’re still here and don’t speak Fārsi
, along with the Muslims, Christians and Jews can universally all hate the same “one people”, or country, or government, or ideology.

Of course, that’s with the express understanding that some Alien civilization doesn’t stop-down from the heavens before the Rapture and take advantage of those poor carbon-based life forms on that miniscule planet on the backside of nowhere, who just can’t get along with his neighbors.

Oh I forgot, during those million years of reproduction, migration and tradition when the Arabs and Jews were blood brothers,
I seem to remember we all started the journey together back in Africa, didn’t we?

So that makes Barack Obama owner of everything no matter which half of his ancestry or religion he wishes to capitalize on today…….Assuming the evil white guys weren’t part of some extra-terrestrial experiment 2 million years ago and the original central African’s are really the only authentic owners of this planet.. …..hmmmmm!

Where the Chinese fit into all that is your guess, but they just may be the ultimate winners of this global Chess Game. Will they have to have a deed Barack?
At least they won’t kill us if we don’t all convert to their religion, so that’s a plus, and we all like Chinese food.

So, where did that leave the Hebrews again with prior possession-land rights if they don't have the original Deed from David?..........They were Aussies!

On a local level, if life is supposedly more sacred that real estate, depending on one’s priorities,
and America wants to keep more of our sacred soldiers safe at home in the future,
kindly invite all the Israelis to the States; our gain to the brain-trust and the Middle-East’s loss.

We open ANWR, the Dakotas, the Gulf & Off-shore oil fields, oil sands, clean coal, natural gas, and 6 Windmills and the Solar panels on the White House,
and don’t, DO NOT, never again buy another drop of oil from any unfriendly government.

Plus, all U.S. food exports just increased by X’s 10 until China and all our creditors are paid, we’ve been remunerated for Afghanistan and Iraq,
and our Socialist administration who doesn’t give a wit about Hebrews has finally been replaced.

Oh, in a perfect world, but then we wouldn’t be dealing with these life-wasting events again and again. 
Oh happy day!

Right of possession is 9/10ths, unless you’re wearing a bomb, then we all lose!


Yes, the smartest man in America, the most brilliant President ever
shows us all just "how it's done"!

Well, no,  this is how it's really done in the real world!

MY Book "FIRE THEM ALL??" Restores the Economy & Jobs, Solutions For A Renegade Government and Confronts Terrorism.

bookfront.JPG bookback.JPG

**MY Book Can Restore The National Economy & Jobs, Demonstrates Solutions For Our Renegade Government and Confronts Terrorism For Permanent Results,
With The Power & Authority All US Citizens Possess To Initiate Simple Legal Procedures To Sidestep Endless Do-nothing Self-serving Congresses and Take Our Country Back,
No Matter Who’s Living In OUR White House!




Memorial day weekend....5-27-2011.

Thank you valiant women and men of the United States Armed Forces, here and "elsewhere",
that have so ably protected us from sea to shining sea!

How the MEDIA controls the agenda for their friends
and then for the rubes in rest of the United States

“Only ask the wrong questions” to abstain from the TRUTH.

Thusly, we are all played, every-single-day and don’t even know it. Sean Hannity said Journalism was dead in 2008. I maintain it died many years earlier, but Sean finally gave it a headstone and proper burial.

I.e. Gun Violence
Progressives shun personal responsibility in all things.
“It’s the Gun”, the SUV, the Big Mac,
the Drugs. No, skip that, they like the drugs.

The Salt, the Cigarette, the Soda Pop,
the poison Botox injections. No, skip that, they like “looking good, better than feeling good”. I’ve heard that somewhere before.

It’s the fault of the Bible, Judgmentalism, harsh laws, border guards,
murdering the unborn. No, skip that, they like murdering little living human infants in the womb.
Why, because they aren’t human yet, just entities, like a tumor or parasite!.....
No, it’s because wearing a condom is too cerebral and it takes personal responsibility.
Sorry, but
it’s murder sweetheart,
but I digress as usual.

Getting back to the GUNs
 and Progressives that think it’s the easy access to any guns that “is the problem”. Well, then what about piano wire, coat hangers, knives, axes, scissors, clubs, (a rock worked for David),
storing human parts in your freezer to snack on later.
Ban all the Freezers = problem solved!

I THINK this argument again is skewed.  It’s shaped, reformed, nuanced and manipulated by liberal mind-think.

You know sometimes I think these so-called Leftist-DEM “do-gooders”, who all hate the religious-Right “do-gooders”, are totally disingenuous, dishonest and corrupt.
 I don’t know if they really believe it or it is just for general consumption,
because THEY never follow any of their own rules, or
 they have different rules for themselves from the onset.

Like all the good works the DEMs have instructed African-Americans and "the poor" that only THEY single-handedly have done for them or on their behalf, for over 50 years eliminating poverty, racism and sub-standard education in America,
in exchange for their exclusive vote....and much better illustrated by those particular states that have been completely controlled by THE LEFT and their UNION counterparts.
Oh, you know who you are by your successes. No need to high-5,
take a bow!

As Bill O’Reilly labors over the conundrum whether the President truly realizes the damage he’s inadvertently doing to the economy, or he doesn’t recognize it or he’s misguided…..duhhh
I feel, as does Rush, Sean, any Conservative, and the 1/3 voting public of this fair country,
aside from the other 1/3 Liberal voter and that stalwart 1/3 so-called Independent voters who never pay attention, but for one month every four years, who’s minds are made selecting their new leader on Election Week by this very august Media,
that even a less than brilliant novice would, could recognize skullduggery afoot, unless they were so involved.

Stop this “bending over backward to be fair" malarkey. You don’t have to be a contortionist to understand or realize this direct onslaught to the US economy, and with it the deterioration of the very fabric of middle-America is premeditated, calculated, orchestrated and consummated.

Hypocrisy personified;

= steal $1 Billion dollars and the unemployment rises.

Election reform; McCain follows rules
x Obama raises $700 Million from uncertified donors, to top $1 Billion for 2012.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bad
x JFK good,
and his baby brother, the elder Statesman was the Party’s Poster Child for what’s best in the Democrat party.  

Obama-CARE = Harry Reid and Ms Pelosi’s turfs are exempted.

“No earmarks”, but  
= the Omnibus has 2000 “Payoffs”!

Sue to punish BP Oil
= close the Gulf of Mexico,
but not for China or Venezuela or Cuba,
 or for our Prez giving-away US Taxpayer’s dollars to Brazil for oil exploration Obama’s tied our hands doing for ourselves.

What?...And a perfect misnomer: Government subsidy, Government pays, Government dollars, Government checks, Government money, Government owns, Government Lands, Government Eminent Domain, Government soldiers…..”CHANGE”, ”Real Change”, "Chump Change"!

You want real change, really, always substitute the word “Taxpayer’s” for the word “Government” above
 in your lexicon and watch the CHANGE in your neighbors, your co-workers, your Legislators, yourselves and in all those recipients!

At least the Muslims make an attempt toward personal responsibility, to the extreme, but at least the effort can be appreciated in some arenas….
I.e. Steal = lose a hand = No more stealing.

As for Guns and gun control, Liberal Democrat Progressive partisan Judges are the sole arbiters of violence, depravity, insanity, mayhem, and (the letting-lose-the-beast rapists
and pedophiles after destroying a child once, much less over years),

which is a problem in our society much greater than an exemption. With these men it is the rule that should be dealt with more urgently than the perpetrators.

These judges are the real traitors to their country, their society and the American Constitution,
who “perpetuate the inevitable need for guns” making their Law from the Bench.
The 2nd Amendment be damned.

e.g. Another easy one;

Sarah Palin's crib notes on her palm!....Ah ha, tee hee, what an idiot?

Well then how about an entire speech, or every speech that’s written for you and is read in its entirety, “word for word”, through a transparent teleprompter like a high school senior?......Ha ha?  
Oh my God, are we played!.....What a colossal joke, a travesty, a crime of stupidity….Not the reader, but the listeners!

How the question is characterized and framed, or skewed or entirely avoided makes all the difference, doesn't it. 
Wake up fellow Americans!
We’re asleep, played like a fiddle and most don’t even know it, spoon fed by their trusted impartial Media elite,
else we wouldn’t have a novice entry-level manager in the White House who couldn’t rate a top secret security clearance on his own worth......
The 4th Estate or a 5th Column?

  • Hear, hear, re-elect the savage warrior…..
    Who took down Osama?
    de-dee-de-da…jeopardy music…

     …George Bush’s stellar military.

    When asked, did you really think Obama could take a pass on Osama like Clinton did twice, with a room full of professionals and Generals?

  • Hear, hear,
    the same US military that Barack hated and criticized for 10 years, first budgets cut, gyps soldier’s pay, shorts & decreases necessary troop strengths, chops Air & Fighter  Wings, under-supplies, under-staffs, under-equips, kills prototype R&D,
     and will quit the Missions ASAP on a precise Muslim-friendly schedule that any enemy will set their calendars by.

    Hear, hear, re-elect the savage warrior king.

    Kadafi, the Taliban, Iran, and all these guys are planning on it!

  • Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
·     Afghan Taliban ·     Al-Qa‘ida·     Al-Qa‘ida in Iraq (AQI)·     Al-Qa‘ida in the Lands of the Islamic Magreb (AQIM)·     Al-Qa‘ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)·     Al-Shabaab·     Ansar al-Islam (AI)·     Greek Domestic Terrorism·     HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)·     Hizballah (Party of God)·     Islamic Jihad Union (IJU)·     Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM)·     Jemaah Islamiya (JI)·     Kongra-Gel (KGK)·     Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT or LeT)·     Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)·     Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan

I feel so much better now. Don’t you?.....Well, do ya punk??
2012, a Mayan' end of the world, or is the correct date 11-6-12 ?

For Obama that’s: 6 Nov. 2012.

Just as current textbook publishers infiltrate the psyche of young schoolchildren by “rewriting history”, erasing our national historical heritage, our forefathers and heroes, systematically skewing facts, flat-out omissions of founding father’s deeds and writings with substitutions of progressive desires and needs,
the many examples of such travesties in my book of the Media’s concerted, well-orchestrated slight-of-hand, all with the current administration’s blessing and complicity, surprise no one paying attention.
 If they could but only see, just open your minds.

TRICKLE-UP economics is the only way we’re ever going to turn this Ghost Ship around.

Not by owing our souls to the Government Store, We all need to put each other back to work by buying AMERICAN, and with a combination:
Flat Tax / Consumption Tax,
so we all have skin in the game including those on the Dole!

Then FIRE the I.R.S. and send our Legislators home until we actually need a new law to solve a specific new problem that we don’t already have covered in the Constitutional and the United States Code Service, and then they can return home instead of thinking-up new ways to fleece their employers.

“Idle Hands” means what again?


BETTER MEN THAN WE......... The way this country is going as the thankless child, we don’t deserve this Valor. ..But, Thank GOD They have been sent to us!

truthwhencecamefromnorthernskies.jpgSENTRYMAN.truth whence came from northern skies


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