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Thought for the day – 1/2/11

Ever been married twice or maybe had a stepfather that sold you a bill of goods?

Everything’s going to be fine and he’s going to solve all your problems because only he cares for your welfare,
and don’t worry about anything anymore!

But after 24 months it begins to dawn on you that this unemployed silver-tongue B/S’er, while blaming all his hard luck on your former significant-other,
has filled-up all your credit cards and a few more he’d taken out in your name,
and He hasn’t followed through on any of his promises.

Oh, but he isn’t responsible for everything he hasn’t done or couldn’t accomplish,
it’s everybody else’s fault.

Well, you Stepford Wifes, you Pod People, you’ve been played,

 and you’re still involved in "The Sting", the last act yet to play-out,


and maybe you should go back and examine everything that you’ve blindly gone along with and signed-on to
up till this point!

And why, oh why would you believe one new thing this guy has to say from this day forward,
no matter how sweet the story sounds,
or have you lived with an sociopathic alcoholic, wife-beating addict before,
where the tomorrows will always be better?

Who knows,
maybe it’s much bigger than you could ever imagine
and you’ve
Married a Monster from Outer Space?


Thought for the day, 1/6/11

Remember this?

Government May Shut Down Amid Standoff on Pork-Filled Spending Bill
Published December 15, 2010,


Well, today our stellar representatives start to make things right
and 1st on the agenda is "attack our military", of course,


chop US military standing troop strength by 40,000,

and cut the new stealth fighter that matches the Chinese surprise equivalent,

and finally raise the health care insurance costs for our troops,

as though we take such good care of them now….RIGHT!

Well, you didn’t expect Congress to reduce any of their own perks to have some skin in the game, did ya?

Well, well, well,
at least the Koreans, Afghans, Iranians, Chinese, Russians, Venezuelans and al-Qaeda appreciate the gesture of good faith
to reduce what our great-grandkids will owe to the Chinese,
thanks to these great patriots!

Now, do you still want to know why swine feces smell,
funded with United States citizen’s tax dollars?

Because it’s downwind from the Washington Capitol building!

Just saved you a million bucks…..ha ha ha


 (there were the ususal RINOs onboard also. Merry Christmas and hapless New Year)



[Senate Minority Leader
Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., encouraged his members to reject the bill.
"Americans told Democrats last month to stop what they've been doing: bigger government, 2,000-page bills jammed through on Christmas Eve, wasteful spending,"
he said on the Senate floor Wednesday morning.

"The bill is a monument to all three."
McConnell noted that the bill includes more than $1 billion to fund the new health care law -- a provision that he said by itself is enough to spur Republicans who have vowed to repeal it to oppose the measure.

"It's being dropped on us with just a few days to go before the Christmas break, ensuring that no one in Congress has a chance to examine it thoroughly before the vote," he said.

"And ensuring that Americans don't have a chance to see what's in it either. This, too, is reason enough to oppose it."

Thousands of earmark requests -- pet projects of lawmakers -- are listed in the bill, worth about $8 billion. Sen. John McCain tweeted the top 10 earmarks in the spending bill,
including $247,000 for virus free wine grapes in Washington State,
$413,000 for peanut research in
$235,000 for noxious weed management in Nevada and
$400,000 for solar parking canopies and
plug-in electric stations in Kansas.

McCain expressed disbelief about the projects.
"Are we tone deaf? Are we stricken with amnesia?" he said,
adding that voters made it clear in last month's midterm elections that they're tired of business as usual in Washington.

Republican Sens. John Cornyn of Texas and John Thune of South Dakota also objected to the bill,
with Cornyn saying the omnibus bill might as well be called "ominous."

Fox News' Trish Turner contributed to this report.]



A thought ran through my mind the other day as I watched the national second-guessing our News Media and the Body Politic does so well,
(God protect and keep those in Tucson),

and I just wondered why no one asked or suggested that the Left’s general lack of concern or the basic understanding of reality, human nature and the state of affairs the world is in today,
with its inherent danger in thinking everything is going to work out OK
all on its own by the end of the episode, with commercial break of course,

while their misguided misdirection, on purpose or naiveté,
continually analyses the abstract without addressing the simple logic or the boogiemen hiding under the bed, in the closet and staring us in the face with their hands over their eyes;
if someone on the team had had an off-duty officer or two on hand,
 most, if not all would be alive and well this very moment…..

What, no one remembers where the line: “You talk’n to me?”, came from??


and who teaches the CRAZIES so well (how to be silver-screen CRAZY)??

“What ifs” are too easy, but the fact still remains as rare as this incident was,
it probably is rare only because the thousands of other like events over the years all had proper, prudent, wise security precautions.

Which leads me to the main point;
George Bush was ridiculed, unappreciated and pilloried for what he did so this type scenario wouldn’t play itself out on a much larger scale, Chicago, LA, Omaha,
and that again is a million times harder to accomplish and George did,
but dumb luck kept a Christmas idiot and a Times Square moron from their desired disasters,

but the fates won’t continue to be so benevolent when this LEFTIST basic mindset is allowed to continue to run this nation and our military and our foreign policies….

The brave teachers didn’t stop the boy,

as the brave Doctors didn’t stop Ft. Hood.

Food For Thought!!




Gervais Banned From Globes Hosting Duties?

Auhhhh…..conservatives, Christians and Republicans have been on the defensive,
absorbing liberal jabs for years without any thought to an even-break, fair-shake,
decency, civility, protocol, fairness, politeness, courtesy or moderation.

So all of a sudden some non-elite Limey savant takes some Industry Pillars and
sacred cows with silk purses to task with easy potshots
and hysteria breaks-out amongst the girlie men and manly girls……..whaaaaa,

while fellow Americans fight on foreign shores to make all that possible and available.

I thought the whole event was a fund-raiser for Non-heterosexual marriage anyways,
but what do I know, I pay too much for cable…..
Oh, and I don’t make $10,000. a week, or was it a $million a week Jennifer,

or $20,000,000. to $30,000,000. for playing make-believe dress-up for 2 months
in some Blockbuster episode V,
while fellow Americans fight on foreign shores to make all that possible and available,
and Hollywood can’t make a descent Bogie-style Rah-Rah (wave-the-flag in the face of evil) movie
in the past 30 years or so!

It reminds me of Helen Mirren a few years ago, while accepting some acting award,
when she stood on stage after thanking the powers-at-be
for another American movie industry’s In-House self-flagellation Nobel Award,
she said, and I’m paraphrasing; 
In Elizabethan times actors were called rogues and vagabonds, and that’s all we are under the skin.

Though the woman really deserves an award just for keeping herself so darn fit and healthy,

eat that Barbarella,

I don’t remember any scuttlebutt about that!....

And as Robert DeNiro thanked a wannabe clone for the minion accolade
for his 30 or 40 years of portraying thugs, murders, psychopaths, wackos and malcontents,
I marveled that America’s "finest" A-C-T-O-R couldn’t finish one skit on SNL
without reading his lines off an Obama cue-card.  

Of course, in the movies professionals can take 10 or 50 takes to get it just right!

Though many, many actors, young and old seem to remember their lines quite well
with feeling and conviction as guests on SNL TV week after week….

You watch reruns of Gwyneth  or Jim or Lindsey sometime! 

Jon Lovitz used to call it "AC-TING"!
Get over yourself and see you at the Oscars…..and about the red dress almost on January! 


I’m still bugged that you can’t get popcorn at the movies with coconut oil anymore,
thanks food police,
or for a quarter that matter. ha ha ha ha




The Rush Limbaugh Show
Governor of Hawaii Can't Find Barack Obama's Birth Certificate?
January 21, 2011

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RUSH: I've been sitting on this story all week, purposely, just to see where it would go. And it has grown. 

This governor out in Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, a well-known socialist, by the way, longtime member of Congress, now the governor of Hawaii, really stepped in it earlier,
well, I think it was not even this week, it was last week. 

The governor, Neil Abercrombie, some time ago said, (paraphrasing)
"Look, I was there when Obama was born in Hawaii.  That birth certificate, it exists.
  Everybody knows it. 
I was there when that kid was born."


Turns out he wasn't there, and he admitted he wasn't there.

Read Text at LINK:

Read the Background Material...
UKDM: Hawaii Governor Claims Record of Obama's Birth 'Exists in Archives' But Can't Produce the Vital Document

Obama's Birth Certificate to Stay a Secret for Now
Saturday, 22 Jan 2011 07:24 AM

Read more on Obama's Birth Certificate to Stay a Secret for Now
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election?
Vote Here Now!

HA HA ..... and don't forget
this reminder in my book on page 311;

***Complicating the situation is Obama's decision to spend sums exceeding $1.7 million
to avoid releasing an original long-form state birth certificate that would put to rest the questions.

WND also has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes;

his kindergarten records,
his Punahou school records,
his Occidental College records,
his Columbia University records,
his Columbia thesis,
his Harvard Law School records,
his Harvard Law Review articles in order to deserve the posting as President,
his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,
his passport,
his medical records,
his files from his years as an Illinois state senator,
his Illinois State Bar Association records,
his baptism records and his adoption records.



 HA HA HA HA HA, what a swell guy!

Just imagine if we were discussing an irregularity about George Bush's Birth cert.; the seas would part and the earth would stop until we resolved this issue!!!!!

I told you to watch the movie: "The Candidate" (1972) with Redford, back in 2008, that simply illustrated exactly what we were dealing with from the DEMs!






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