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Here’s a few quick fixes for a couple Democrat conundrums;


1)    As Rep. Rangel (D-NY of course) who writes U.S. Tax Code blames his staff and accountants for his peccadilloes,
(sounds like the Head of the Treasury, hmmm),
while complaining that “Government” is an unfair political body, (duh),
and that he only made some honest mistakes, (forgetting? to pay some taxes for (1) year,
no, I correct my mistake, it was for (17) years amongst 10 additional illegal sundry counts),
he takes his new (slap on the wrist) Censure on the chin lik’a lit-tle girrrrl =
The Solution:
Wesley Snipe’s New Roommate, just like any other American citizen who’s not a government official.

[But of course, not in this country at this particular moment in history, where blind justice is ladled-out by Money, Class, and Political Status,
our Laws be damned!]


   Raising the Unemployment “don’t-ever-wanna-work-again” Insurance Extension beyond 2 years =
The Solution:
Cancel Christmas so the DEMs can no longer use it as a continuing seasonal excuse to raise an unending benefit until every American is on Unemployment Insurance, thus making every US citizen totally dependent and subservient to their government employees, and guaranteeing the DEM’s resurgence to regain total control of the US Congress which would serve their purposes en masse just fine? 

Ya, they’d like that, but the real solution:
(like weaning young mothers off Welfare instead of encouraging them to be government baby-making machines as in Nazi Germany 1936), 
force recipients to prove that they are genuinely looking for work every week as once was the rule,
and after 12 or 24 months, any benefit stipend after that point must be returned to their benevolent brethren Taxpayers just like a Student Loan as soon as they are fully employed once again validated by their Tax Return,
else they must repay the first 24 months also!



      3)    Control the Illegal aliens pouring over the Arizona border =
           The Solution:
start the “Arizona Express” 
            by greeting all alien lawbreakers with “Welcoming Centers”,
            (much cheaper than an expensive mean-old fence), aside from the idea I had about having illegals help build the fence   as a pathway to citizenship, along with a National Employment Program to REPAIR every bridge in the nation that was, oh, so important to bust over Bush’s head when that one bridge collapsed that the DEMs have never mentioned again once they took over all 3 houses),

by providing a cold drink and a Box Lunch with a dictionary to learn their host’s language on the Bus Road Trip to ferry them immediately to LA and San Francisco, and to Chicago & Manhattan where compassionate Liberals await with bold talk, but faint of heart to share their own wealth!  



4)      The “Start Treaty” can start with those total B/S Russians looking in a mirror, since the Cold War Arms Race was started by them
because of their insecurity and suspicion that We, the USA was going to conquer them after sending the world’s Fascists to hell. Just as they, the Soviets, with the US as an excuse actually did consume “Eastern” Europe. A term that didn’t exist before the Russians created it, and after the U.S.S.R collapsed and disbanded the great Satan, Imperialist United States did not take any advantage of their beleaguered situation and conquer them.

So then why are we involved with these paranoid morons once again with many of the same players?

.....Geez Louise, like always being intimidated by that old crank neighbor down the street that terrorizes the kids in the neighborhood and stealing their bikes and poisoning the dogs.

How long are we going to take this crap and stand up to the jerks of the world before we have to send an armada of our children with guns, Barack?


Start there President “I don’t Know What I’m Doing”. I would suggest if you want to destroy America a little faster but not make it so obvious, you go tell the Ruskies to START reducing their own Intercontinental Ballistic Missile stockpiles down to the exact number that we have and ONLY then will we START negotiating a trade-off: (one for one)!




***This glaring simple illustration of how my book “Fire Them All?? can avoid the inevitable excessive overly-expensive over-reactions that drastic measures always produces, either through stupidity or by design,
and most probably the latter, 
“follow the money”!.......They eat our Greens and what
do we get in return?................."Healthy Nightcrawlers"!




It really is so very simple, it’s a wonder we even pay these people year-round for NOT doing their jobs well 30 days a year for our benefit, decade upon decade.Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, everyone is helpless to prevent or solve a thing, and the government is supposedly the hapless victim,
 and their citizen employers are the irresponsible landlords whom expect miracles from their superintendants. Boo-hoo-hoo!
Woe is the poor civil servants, paid at twice the price for half the return.



Gas is about to go over $3.00 per gallon again and I don’t hear any outcry of indignation from the Republicans demanding that America never buys another gallon of oil from any foreign entity, or at least while we possess (1) year, if not (100) years, if not (300) years of our own US oil waiting in our own ground fermenting into natural gas which will take us another 100 years….Hello!


What part of “We Are Broke” do “THEY” not understand?
“THEY” caused it all!
“THEY were the Captains of the ship! 1/2 of us were down in the hole
stoking the engines,
while the other half of us were up in the mezzanine at the buffet table,

so “THEY” along with “THEM” are obviously incapable of solving it.

If “THEY” were ignorant of “THEIR” fellow colleagues causing it all,
if “THEY” cannot admit their own complicity,
then “THEY” are just as useless.


Only we can solve this travesty for ourselves,
unless you want to speak Chinese or Arabic or Russian or Spanish,
and press (5) for English!




Sen. Bennett Caught On Hot Mic On the US Senate Floor






MY Book "FIRE THEM ALL??" Restores the Economy & Jobs, Solutions For A Renegade Government and Confronts Terrorism.

bookfront.JPG bookback.JPG

**MY Book Can Restore The National Economy & Jobs,
Demonstrates Solutions For Our Renegade Government
and Confronts Terrorism For Permanent Result
With The Power & Authority That All US Citizens Possess
To Initiate Simple Legal Procedures To Sidestep Endless Do-nothing
Self-serving Congresses and Take Our Country Back,
No Matter Who’s Living In OUR White House!



Speaking of getting snowed, "man-created" Global Warming???
We were assured everything was going to be nice and toastie in the future!

Lamps covered with snow on top of Feldberg Mountain near Frankfurt, Germany.
Three people have now been killed.
(AP photo/Michael Probst)

A man skies after heavy snowfall in the Thuringian Forest in Oberhof, Germany. 
Visible satellite image of snow-covered U.K. and Ireland on Thu. Dec. 2, 2010

Authorities in northern England said they had found the bodies
of two elderly residents this week who are believed to have frozen to death.

(AP Photo/NEODAAS/Univ. of Dundee)
AL GORE really gave an Oscar winning preformance,
because we all thought he was telling the TRUTH!
Ex-VP Democrat Al Gore clutches his 2007 Oscar--from his cold dead hands

I guess he gave the same Snow Job to his wife too!



Got this from a friend in a Christmas email.
Too early for April Fools, maybe a scary Halloween prank??

No, it's scary,
but it's reality.....Huston, weve got a problem!!


Their guy:
Vladimir Putin (Prime Minister of Russia).

Our Guy:

 We're screwed!!


truthwhencecamefromnorthernskies.jpg SENTRYMAN..truth whence came from northern skies

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