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….Late to the party: told you so and with little time left = PROP-86!

Jan-2014 ....Ya can't do much better than this, so wise-up you "Old Grand" Party!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers
that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
Alexis de Tocqueville

For actual 2016 Presidential contenders
scroll down and get ready to rumble!

Fifty years of the Great Society has accomplished what Liberal's needed to take and keep control of America!

OK, we all know the GOP's not that sharp at stealing elections or slinging minutia to a
distracted electorate bearly engaged for 2 weeks before and after Halloween every 4 years
when exercising their one and only "club" in an otherwise Wack-a-Mole election ceremony.

We don't vote for the best CEO/WAR Commander and Leader, we vote against the other guy!
Witnessed by the barely 1/2 of eligible Voting Americans, the Turn Out is probably twice that
for ineligible Voters but that's for another discussion. No proud Purple Fingers here,
we squander an unappreciated privilege paid-for-in-blood by better than we!

The issue now, which American Idol gets the most votes to play referee, demagogue or God?
One thing's fairly simple this time; VOTE DEM AGAIN AND DIE,
so which GOP holds the muster?...............................................READ BELOW and start praying!

We have learned one new stark reality: If we must go to WAR we need a REPUBLICAN,
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Against The Most Admired People In 2013
Who took the poll: Al-Qaeda ?

13 hours in Benghazi
What your future DEM president doesn’t want you to know!


There's ONLY (1) way to stop Obama from turning America into Amerika, change the BENCH!

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President Obama’s
Achievement now since Obamacare is a BUST;
“Remove every single American soldier from the Iraq and Afghanistan Theaters by the end of his stellar exemplary presidency!”

Well, that’s like Hitler’s theory on war in reverse….at least Hitler wanted to win, but on second thought forgive me,
President Obama wants to win too except for the “Other Side”, especially
with HIS “
Rules of Engagement”, Benghazi, RED Lines & Iranian nuclear Green Light


Why do you think President Bush took the fight to them?

Bush lied....Bush the idiot...Bush took US to war to steal oil!

Bush made mistakes with NO WMDs, .........REALLY?'s_Iraq
I  asked you 5 years ago: is Obama Christian or Muslim?
Obama's military: No “under God” spoken, no nativity scenes, turbans now OK!

America, watch your back….that’s your










QUESTION for Bill O'Reilly to ask President Obama Super Bowl Sunday

If you were informed at approx.. 6PM on the evening of 9/11 by 2 of your Generals
 that your Benghazi diplomatic outpost was being over-run by Al Qaida terrorists,

and that your Ambassador is probably dead and the Special Forces and CIA agents holding the fort
are requesting the Calvary come to save them before they all die,
why did you retire to pack your bag and go to bed for your next-day Vegas fund-raiser
and never inquired about them again,

that was until your Administration spread the narrative for the next  2 weeks following ,
as well as yourself personally repeating that false premise to the UN
 that a bogus anti-Muslim movie had created the completely spontaneous outburst by overly enthusiastic Muslim pedestrians?

Pithy Note:
 Why did you retire early on 9/11 to pack for Vegas instead of being the President in Situation Room?



  Oh, Mr. President, while I have you here  
what have you to say about Attorneys’ General Holder not cooperating with Congress’s investigations on “Fast and Furious” and pleading the 5th,
about the IRS targeting approx. 300 “conservative” groups and is still stalled as of today after 3 years of waiting and your Head-Officer pleading the 5th,
about no “Press” photographers having any further access to you and your White House, especially with your ”most transparent administration in American government history”, some might call a propaganda ploy,
about the NSA eaves-dropping and their collection of private American citizen’s phone records,

the $660 million taxpayer’s dollars spent to develop your “no-bid” Obamacare Website that industry experts claim could be totally built yesterday for less than $5 million taxpayer’s dollars, that presently still doesn’t function properly,
as well as 40% not even being finished yet to collect US citizen’s premium down payments to be forwarded to their chosen Insurance Carriers,
and about putting a “Sorry Closed” sign at our National Monuments, yet spending over $4 million dollars on your own family’s Christmas vacation in Hawaii instead of staying closer to Washington, so the First Lady wouldn’t need to incur unnecessary taxpayer’s expense for her return home trip, that you should have probably personally paid for out-of pocket,
on a later flight at the US taxpayer’s expense again just like your summer vacation from Martha’s Vineyard,
and about the “doubling” of American’s Welfare assistance during your first 4 years in office,
as well as requesting another extension of the US Unemployment assistance which deters the legitimate search for employment from 1000’s of unfilled employment-ads in every metropolitan newspaper across the nation,
especially now with more US citizens presently-unemployed than at any time since the 30’s Great Depression when Americans really wanted to work and there really wasn’t any opportunities,
and about you holding the record for the largest single administration deficit than all of our US presidents over 230 years “added-in together”, which there are more individuals presently on Gov’t subsistence than at any time in US history,
and in addition, you want Congress’s OK for another rise in the US Debt Ceiling which will insure & incur over a $20 trillion dollar national debt when you leave the White House; why have a Debt Ceiling at all if you want Carte Blanche unlimited spending,
and you’ve publically stated that marijuana use doesn’t concern you and is no different than liquor use,
not taking into account that today’s modified narcotic’s potency is far stronger and habitual than the substances that you profess to have enjoyed during your own youth daze,
mightn’t that be a bit disingenuous since some might construe it as simply ignoring the potential of this substance for a “gateway drug” into harder narcotics,
kind of like when you graduated into
 cocaína before you actually graduated,
just in order to collect the anxiously anticipated windfall taxes to be collected by local and state governments;

that’s for just a few questions off the top of my head,
though if I thought about it for a few more minutes,

 like stopping the Keystone pipeline and not drilling for oil on Gov’t. closed lands and ignoring the guaranteed employment for 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1000’s of associated peripheral jobs and the collection of million$ of legitimate taxes that that it would create and provide,

not even considering the lowering in the cost of gasoline for the American taxpayers by at least $1.00,
plus breaking the back of America’s dependency on unfriendly foreign suppliers of foreign oil,
not to mention our not using more of our own domestic natural gas and North Slope oil,
or our national heritage coal industry that your new EPA is starting to dismantle and destroy,

I’m sure I could come up with a few more questions if you want to stick around!

So what do you have to say Mr. President to the American Taxpayer watching us right now,
who’s fronting the total bill for all of these goodies you handily distribute to a captive constituency held-hostage all in the name of the Democrat Party,
 on this bright Global-Un-warmed frozen Super Bowl Sunday
about spending our grandchildren into servitude serfdom?



Good NEWS?.....2/4/14

Congress is finally working on a bipartisan basis on which ever Bill,
(ultimately NEVER benefiting the poorer Taxpayers that ‘Foot the Bills’)
 doesn’t necessarily mean anything good for the American taxpayer.
Especially when Congress is working in tandem, joined at the hip,
and the unwary American Taxpayer is The Proverbial Partisan.

………You’ve just been had,
sold down that same river without your proverbial paddle, shoved-up your backside so long you thought it was an appendage, now you don’t even possess that!

No?.....But wait a minute....aren't these the guys going to protect us and also run our health care industries all at the same time with a computer?

We’d be far better off with some sharp Gal holder a green Order Pad with a pencil wedged behind her ear and a fat guy in a dirty apron behind a cash register, and a file box with 3x5 cards, running the show…At least he couldn’t do much damage in a millisecond!
Nor blow Million$ of taxpayer’$ dollar$ on $olar in a nano$econd….

These are the guys that were going to control our Cable TV bills from going-up and what did they do: they eliminated free television.
They can’t even protect our national secrets with a computer, or protect the military from traitors or malware,
 and they’re going to protect our most vital and private information, plus make life decisions for our parents and about our children and for ourselves,
especially when they don’t even want to be included in their boondoggles?
They can’t even stop Target or Neiman Marcus from domestic espionage, nor can the Secret Service or Treasury,
or the FBI stop scammers from invading everyone’s email “daily” with life-changing disastrous consequences for every citizen with claims of;
$1 Billion dollars is owed you from the International Bank of the Cameroons: click here….

a package addressed to you can’t be delivered: click here….

your Bank of America acct. needs updating, when you don’t bank there: click here….

activate your free firewall protection and a special offer just for you:
click here = and thank you, we just emptied your bank account….

Or we just collapsed your GM stocks and retirement annuities…No, that was our President, my mistake,
or The Affordable Care Act website is temporarily down: check back in 180 days.

These are the very guys running our country into the gutter, when we’re already in the sewer…..maybe that would be a step-up in the right direction!
...But I digress…

Who is fighting for you?
The guys collecting WMDs from Syria, (oh gee, I wonder where they ever got those, who do they border?)
the guys stopping the atomic fission in Iran, the guys controlling China’s manipulation of American currency, the guy who gave nuclear power to Kim Jong-un's daddy, the guy who gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban or Iraq back to Al Qaeda, and protects our diplomats at hostile outposts;
  Jack Ryan, Jack Bauer, Jack Sparrow,
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.,
because it’s certainly not going to be Eric Holder or Hussein Obama…..Might as well be David Dunn!


PS Bill,
I already mentioned that President Richard Nixon should have been the Poster Boy for Liberalism  for the Progressives
if any of them paid attention or learned anything for themselves,
 and weren't so blinded by their ideologically pathological hatred for Republicans,
Conservatives notwithstanding in my book and on my Blog years ago!....But asking President Obama whether he was the most Liberal President was disingenuous.

“Whether he was pleased with how he has so successfully dismantled the "Greatest Nation In History" mantle for America”,

would have been much more to the point and revealing for everyone on the planet!
 [ having a presence of mind ]


Federal Judge Slaps Down President Obama for "Secret Governing"

Trey Gowdy blasts Obama -
"How can President say there was not a smidgen of corruption!" 

Cleta Mitchell to Congress:
DOJ IRS Investigation


 [ a presence of mind or a Freudian slip ]

" As President I Can Do Whatever I Want " - 2-10-14




P.P.S. Robert "Bob" Beckel,

If General Petraeus is polite enough when asked about Hillary, not to slight
a former First Lady, a gentleman general in the US military isn't a rare breed,
but when the metal met the road and that "3 AM call" finally came to our United States Sec. of State,
she didn't answer!

In fact, Hillary ignored that call, and again at 3:30 AM, 4 AM, 4:30 AM,
and never did answer that Call-to-Action even 8 hours later when all our men were finally dead!

In the words of Charlotte:

Obama and Hillary Blame Youtube Video
for Benghazi Terrorist Attack as Coffins Arrive



To Russia With Love


As the sovereignty of the Ukraine disintegrates and Putin continues to resurrect the USSR, the President of these United States finally weighs in;
I don’t have to go to a fund raiser in Vegas tomorrow so I am paying attention, unlike what I did during Benghazi, so if your behavior continues comrade
I am not going to continue to give you that exclusive flexibility I had promised you thru your puppet President prior to my reelection: No parties, no golf,
and if you ever need any medical care in these United States, Obamacare will instituted for you with any procedure you may require!

Bye Ukraine

Bye, bye America



Lest we forget the 4 abiding stalwart principles for Rules of Engagement      
which serve to guide the progressive foreign policy of the Leader of the Free World


  that have led to his aethereal but dangerous world we all survive in today;







As-salamu alaykum  (السلام عليكم)

and also with You!


Backlash Grows As U.S. Universities Cancel
Or Postponed
"Honor Diaries

“Honor Diaries”- exclusive extended clip

“Honor Diaries”…$9.99







As Harry Reid covers the President’s butt from every angle,
and lies about the Republican’s agenda and personally blocks every Bill the Republicans pass in the House in order to try to save our collapsed economy and America,
he now declares all the Senate’s attention will now be focused on the greatest threat to the Nation: Climate Change.

……Depending upon your point of view he’s right, "their scam" is,
and at the total expense of the American Taxpayer,
while our national media totally ignores it all, including the IRS now becoming the White House Mafia
’s “Frank -The Enforcer- Nitti”


....But I personally want to know how Harry is going to distract our keen journalists and take full advantage of this bogus issue in order to ignore the Republicans with government's business while playing God to stop this man-made phenomenon?

....Hey Harry, while you're at it Pal, why not include dealing with ending made-made earthquakes & volcanoes into your new program on the planet’s behalf?

....You guys blamed "Katrina" on President Bush against black Americans, was "Sandy" Obama's payback against white American's with your intellectually scientific rationales? Aren't you violating that Religion vs State malarkey?

.... I forgot, different rules for Dems and your Senate, than us average poor-slob peon, taxpaying serfs!
No wonderful Obamacare for You and your posse?






On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona, erupted out into space. The coronal mass ejection, or CME, traveled at over 900 miles per second. The CME did not travel directly toward Earth, but did connect with Earth's magnetic environment, or magnetosphere, causing auroras to appear on the night of Monday, September 3.

The Sun (AggManUK)


Putin, Iran, China, Korea, Obamacare, National Debt, NATO, Security Council,
U.N., Harry Reid, Hillary,
Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi
Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Syria... 

So what’s the bottom line, and I hate that term;
capitulate, appease, attack, sacrifice, surrender: learn Russian, Chinese, Arabic?

....We didn’t learn Japanese or German, so why adapt to serfdomship when we’re Americans?

 Is it because we don’t want to be called: Imperialists, exceptionalists, racists, Americans?

A good ole American One-Two-Three Punch in the bread basket has always worked!!!

Just open Federal lands to drilling, finish Keystone, Frack in every state of the union, open the North Slope, drill offshore and build a Refinery or two after 30 years, 
putting all willing Americans back to work again, making the 47 million fated to "Food Stamp bondage" an unfortunate liberal memory,
stop Welfare after 2 years again,
and return Unemployment Benefits back to 6 months (with proof in writing you’ve actively searched every week for a job) or No Check....

Who's money do you think covers your check?
...There is no bottomless trough of money that Washington hands-out so freely.

...Government makes nothing.
...Government produces nothing.
...Government is nothing, other than their employer's, the US Taxpayer's good faith messengers, 
and your Government has even squandered that too.

...Who do you think spent that $18 Trillion you never had?

That money belonged to you, your parents, your friends, your neighbor, 
the ones that get up and leave for work each morning and 
now that debt belongs to their and your grandchildren.

...There is no free lunch, never has been, someone pays,
never the Government!

Try substituting the words: "my neighbor gave",
instead of "the Government gave" or "Obama gave" from now on
and it may start to sink in...

"My neighbor gave Washington $321 million for redundant government IT systems.

My neighbor gave Facebook a $295 million tax refund.

My neighbor gave the federal government $171.5 million to lose in loans to sugar companies.

My neighbor gave $65 million for a post-Sandy "Open for Business" campaign.

My neighbor gave $17.5 million for a
Pimping tax code to subsidize Nevada brothels.

My neighbor gave the IRS $70 million dollars to pay out in bonuses to your employees."
Now try substituting "my neighbor gave" for "I gave" 

"I gave away $500,000,000 of my fellow American taxpayer's money 
to President Obama to donate to his personal Solyndra friends,
and then Solyndra shut its doors and laid off 1100 workers in August 2011.

......I did?" ........ get it yet?

But I digress,
now with natural energy profits pay-off the National Debt & China tomorrow,
and finally put the OPEN For Business sign back-up for America again…

2) Stop Foreign Aid to America’s enemies and
Do Not Buy (1) Gallon of Foreign Oil ever again.

3) Lastly, raise the price of American Wheat from $17 per bushel
to $71 per bushel….That’s American ingenuity…..That’s Cartel Karma!

Hey World;
don’t want to pay for American quality, American innovation, American invention, start your own Democracy and do it yourself, 
or wait in line for Thursday’s ration of Putin toilet paper!

At the end of that day, and I hate that term also;
it’s that simple for men and women of sterner stuff in Washington,
and that's without (1) shot fired or (1) soldier lost!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any in Washington anymore,
so engage my PROP-86 for all that to materialize
and throw off your yoke of indifference and helplessness……


Your freedom is in your hands,
stop Texting and turn off the X-Box, you’re not brain-dead quite yet.!

You are “Americans”, act like it before you lose that too!


Yes, the bottom-line is bottom-of-the-barrel;
Harry Reid will continue to block Republican interference on Obama’s Starboard,
and Holder will guard Obama’s Port from Conservative investigations,
  while our current President of these United States will continue to hatchet the Military into submission after turning tail and running from victories in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Big O will then require the US Army to reduce its fighting force by 20% to pre-World War II levels, relegating Pearl Harbor to the status of a footnote.

This Commander-in-Chef orders our “1st on the beaches” US Marines to furlough 7000 Leathernecks;
start printing more Food stamps for the new married veterans,

and the US Navy will cancel the Tomahawk & Hellfire Missile Programs.

What happened to Big O’s Air Force play-Drones?
...Oh, I get it, do as I say, not as I do,
but the Space Program has been made obsolete scrap and dead in the water,
and nobody says "Boo" to the Emperor with no clothes.

We can continually borrow $70 Million from who knows, since we're broke,
to Hitch-a-Ride on a Russian rocket no less, to OUR Space Station,
and nobody says "Boo",
and we can balloon the cost of Obamacare-less from $900 Billion to $1.8 Trillion, borrowed from who knows 'cause we're broke,
and nobody says "Boo".

And to add insult-to-injury Obama has to advertise his Obama-Turkey with another $700 Million wasted dollars, borrowed from who knows 'cause we're broke,
touting his LIE-of-a-SITE that any 3rd year college Computer Nerd could build correctly for just $1 Million and it would totally function,
compared to the $700 Million, borrowed from who knows 'cause we're broke,
that Obama's cronies stole while (not completely) building his Atari Site to fleece the American public,
and nobody says "Boo",
but we can not find enough money to buy NOT (1) Track-Chair for any damaged soldier (who sacrificed their life for America) so the Emperor-with-no-class could Deep-6 this nation with impunity?...

Is that what I'm to understand and accept Bubbie?.....BOO!
But I digress again... 

And further, he’ll order mothballing an Aircraft carrier along with its 80 Warplanes, whoa…
That’ll make a super vacation day-trip for POTUS and his family on one of his next “US Taxpayer’s paid” summer vacations to Martha’s.

Of course that’s after Egypt and Turkey and Europe and Africa and China and Africa and France and The Hague and Honolulu, and Honolulu, and Honolulu, and Honolulu, and Honolulu excursions.
…..Say, I know where we could save some money to keep the troop-strength up!

All while the United States’ 1st General testifies on Capitol Hill warning Congress that his chopping our National Defenses in order to give some extra entitlement -bribe money will jeopardize the nation’s safety and readiness to defend itself from attack from just 2 different directions, much less more!

So as the Drums-of-War are being heard from around the globe,
wasn’t it a Russian shoe-thumping leader and philosopher who said;
“We will take America without firing a shot ... we will bury you!

“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.

“We do not have to invade the United States; we will destroy you from within.”


How prophetic, but sad too,
because I’ll bet Khrushchev never thought it could be so easily accomplished & happen so quickly by just using celebrity, Yellow Journalism, the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ
and a pen,
and too by a Muslim no less.....or maybe Khrushchev would, there are both socialists!

"das vi danya"



We skipped-out of Iraq like a deadbeat Dad

and Afghanistan's domino will fall next like Nam,

Syria thumb their nose like Saddam & Iran, ha ha ha,

the Ukrainians needed weapons and supplies yesterday

and Russia wants its USSR back again while Barack winks,

but Obama with his personal alternative "Welcome Wagon"

Meals-on-Wheels is late to the game as usual. The First Lady's

still busy in China is selecting a column-B "gluten free" menu

and you really think "the abortion" President ever thinks about

America's dwindling national birthrate competing with Islam?

Close the Borders today, make Mexico the 51st state and

we might have a chance because
Canada is already gone...Fudge!


Oh yeah, kick the U.N. out of America with its diplomat gravy-train lunch-line!

We have enough pyrates and vampires of our own bleeding the taxpayer dry!

Go earn a bribe protecting dictators from The Hague on someone else's Ruble!  



Ps Bill,

after either you or Obama coerce all 230 million Americans

to garage their vintage and muscle cars in order to cure the planet of carbon gases, I want you to get started preaching to the rest of the 7,000,000,000 other global inhabitants to comply
  so your "Tesla for each citizen to solve pollution", Algore's soothsayer prophecies, the U.N.'s GREEN taxing authority and Barack’s New World mandates can reach that easily attainable goal by either before year AD 3000,

or when Hell freezes over, which may happen even sooner!


 Bye the way, remember to hold your breath, and

meanwhile we'll breath Japanese nuclear fall-out air,

but Europe can appreciate breathing the clean air from 

the smokestacks powering your $80k Tesla charger-depot!



If you're of Latino heritage, watch Megyn Kelly 9PM nightly

on Fox-24hr News channel for cutting-edge fair & balanced

news so you too won't end up 

títere of the
Democrat party.



Reinventing The Wheel….again…and again.
The new American pastime for Democrat malcontents.

The Iron Curtain, Space-race to the moon and Sputnik, Détente, Peace-Love-Rock’n Roll and blue jeans, Peace through strength, mutual-destruction and Star Wars, Glasnost and All You Need Is Love, dah, dah, dah dah, dah dah, dahhhhh……dah dah!

So exactly why do Progressives and Liberals and Democrats,
and most entrusted educators across our entire Academic community 
love to screw with history, and what has finally worked;
envy, hubris, an elitist’s character flaw, some genetic deformity?.....

The Re-writers of historical fact must basically be just old-fashioned dip-shits....,
what else?

But for me, the greater question is why do wiser individuals and our elected Representatives tolerate this reoccurring irrational cacophony of scientific blasphemy with the bastardization of recorded FACT to suite one’s own political agenda….Burn those books, Hitler baby!
So what is it; passive indifference, genuine misplaced paternal tolerance, cowardice, self-centered sloth, maybe we’re all stupid or just human, doomed to never learn from our mistakes, or even from any old simple P.S. #21 History Primer from the 40’s or 50’s?

Well, you Jay-Walkers and you Watter’s World Spring-Breakers;
what if I told you that a little feudal domain on an island somewhere in the Far East wanted to attack their much larger neighbors, one of the largest, greatest and oldest civilizations in the history of the world,
and then continue till they had conquered the Pacific basin and one-half of the planet
as a bonus………..No?

How about if there was an unremarkable little artist, who hung wallpaper for a living from a small picturesque European mountain country, who wished to right the perceived indignities inflicted upon his countrymen from foreign regimes, and to energize and insight his brethren to take-up-arms and retaliate in revenge for those injustices,
and then conquer the world as a bonus,
which he would insure would exceed that of the Roman Empire
and last 1000 years…......No?

OK, how about another little megalomaniac,
from another old disassembled totalitarian epoch, that had formerly been spawned by its original more imperious dynasty,
who now wanted to rekindle old hatreds and battle flags,
order his Jewish countrymen to re-register-with-the-state, again,
and start rebuilding the old empire by bullying his smug neighbors and tweaking the nose of the biggest kid in the schoolyard,
and become the "Master of the Universe" as a bonus,
and just because no one brave champion would step-up and say: BOO……..
...........No, still not familiar?

I'll try one more time:
would you believe a small, warrior nation from the 8th century, who for the last 1400 years has had one basic dictum; "if you don’t think as We, we will kill you!"
Oh, and they want to take over and rule the entire planet as a bonus
……..there yet?
Because you think it, because you say it, does not make it so President Picard,
not a smidgen!

He’s a novice Executive Officer,
a hand-picked academic who must delegate everything, never suited for the job of any CEO
or that of the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military in human history,
and has always been way, way over his head!
1. as a community organizer he’s never managed or owned a business,
much less run a state economy!
2. as a junior Legislator who always voted: “Present”,
he’s never governed either!
3. as an inexperienced, ill-tempered, un-tempered leader,
out-classed and surrounded by world-class enemies,
the President's men
can surround a Tea-Partiesque American Cowboy with Assault Troops instead,
likened to a Ruby Ridge, a Waco compound or a little boy’s bedroom closet in Miami,
but he couldn't capably put his troops on America's southern border in 6 years to stop:
terrorists, drug dealers and gun runners, kidnappers of young American women and
human traffickers, nor stem the tide of especially all those new Democrats voters, 
yet quite successfully and ceremoniously he has reversed 235 years of liberty
for which he was so ably chosen!


( Bud-mo! )

The up-shot, socialist European-styled Obamacare medicine will very soon
be coming to a hospital near you if they haven't already closed their doors, 
and if there are any experienced doctors, who haven't already left, on staff
to serve your needs!

Of course, that's if the Obama-Panel definitely OK's your request?


Hey, what have I been telling you for SEVEN YEARS?

And it's only going to get worse, so hope Santa gives coal for Christmas

 because that's going to disappear next; thanks to Big O's EPA,

your lack of attention, your grasp on reality & your vote, of course!



postscript: Happy Memorial Day addendum…

Think for a moment…..have I your attention?

Ever think: “If only I had _________, whatever, this or that wouldn’t have happened”!   (If - Only!)

Can we affect “any” outcome, can we change time and space,
or is it completely out of our hands? Is it habit, instinct, fate, inevitable, synchronicity, and if “we’re not paying attention”, or if “we ignore the signs” against our better nature, that old feeling in the pit of our stomach; “That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone!”……or is it “CHOICE”?

World Trade Center and 911 Connections from 1980`s Doc
. (The Trigger effect, partial EP)

but now I really think I might have your attention
, so, things-are-connected, we are all-connected, and if we don’t see, or we don’t act, or “go-along to just get-along”, then, we are no better or safer than a loosed fishing-bobber floating aimlessly upon an endless surf; ending-up snared in someone’s net, or washed-ashore in South-east Asia!

(What is he trying to say?....What is he rambling about?.....)

E.g. “If I just hadn’t drank that much, hadn’t gone-out, hadn’t gotten into that argument, or hadn’t let her leave alone!”

“If I had opened my eyes in-time, not condoned that behavior, insisted-on more from my
Legislators, demanded more of my President,
not turned my back on my country and the U.S. Constitution,

and, had I paid “full attention” to how all of my friends were telling me “how to act”, and had “just started thinking for my-self

James Burke: Connections
(watch "everyone" to change your world)
 (the weather and the warning)

President Bill Clinton had taken custody of Osama bin Laden, (either of the 2 times) he was offered to Slick Willie, instead of just chasing-skirts around the Oval Office = NO 9/11

If-Only the U.N. hadn’t submitted  and permitted Saddam Hussein to flick-his-middle-finger at them (15 separate-sanctioned-times), by refusing their UN Inspection’s supervision of his supposed “complete disposal” of those (1000’s of liters of WMD materials),  
just as “
THE U.N. had previously mandated 14 previous 2nd chances”, after another Bush, and a great armada of brave “volunteer” U.S. Soldiers had already accomplished for the world, for the Saudi’s and Kuwaitis by finally putting Saddam back into his place = NO IRAQ WAR

If-Only the US Sec. of State: Hillary Clinton
had “answered that 3AM emergency phone call from Africa she’d promised her Countrymen many times,
if-ONLY our own President Barack Hussein Obama had “Called-In-The-Calvary” to rescue our desperate fighting men, as he’d sworn an oath to do;
 ( During Real Time Were Immediately Ordered To “STAND-DOWN” and Not-To-Assist
Christopher Stevens Our Ambassador, While He Was Being Attacked and Overrun By Unknown Professional Hostile Forces,
our-braver-men ignored that “chicken-$#!& SNAFU Order”, to risk their own lives by successfully still saving approximately 20 other additional Outpost Personnel from their certain DEATH that night in Benghazi, before they, themselves being (abandoned by their Commander-in-Chief Pres. BHO and their boss Hillary Rodham Clinton, and died) some 7 hours later ): WHO was instead thinking about HIS re-election fund-raiser the next morning, while packing HIS suits for Vegas = Hussein would be a Hero too, instead

If-Only Barack had kept at least the (1) promise about overhauling the VA, just as a “Test-case”, and a simple “Object Lesson” of his great personal Healthcare prowess and expertise, then (10s, of probably 100s) of brave U.S. Military Service Veterans =
would be celebrating this Memorial Day weekend with their grandchildren,
instead of becoming “bitter-sweet memories” for their families who were setting an empty-plate for THEM at their holiday picnic table?

If-Only Barry had stood-up like “every other US President” for the usually prescribed “normal sanctions and status protocols” when exiting Iraq and Afghanistan in Victory, we’d have a secured-presents, plus a growing Democracy in each country as a Legacy for the US and the Allied free-world country’s blood and treasure donated-Freely to them,
but NOW, ONLY a momentarily-Freed People!
But instead now, what “the fates” will bring our weaker unstable-world in this greatly shortened uncertain future
as again our brave volunteer women and men are shot in-the-back while hastily readying to return home to Barack’s Peace-In-Our-Time,

with (the 3rd Joker in the deck) Iran of this 3-legged stool,
rapidly sawing-off  the 3rd leg of “Hope” in this (3-on-a-match) region,
and giving
America their (3rd finger salute) this holiday weekend,
yet once again and not just for the 3rd time either.
(3rd times the charm or 3 strikes and you’re out? Not with Hussein Obama!)
This most probably will denote the demise and end of Israel and the Jewish people; if that wasn’t the real plan all along. Unfortunately too, for these “vanquished foes”, who would most-assuredly have ended-up like 2 other defeated-foes of
American’s strength and generosity in bye-gone days: Germany and Japan, NOPE, too bad = stay in the 8th century
if that serves your purposes and enslaved people

If-Only our government had at least done their usual “inept cursory-job” in Vetting our current President, prior to his anointment  = “what would America look like today” with a McCain, or a Romney, or even a Hillary
, and our once lofty position on the world stage and honored place in history?

.....we sure wouldn’t be scrambling the roof for the last Chopper-OUT!

follow  the U.S. Constitution, and demand the same of the Democrat party!
There is no party tonight,  just our Americans thinking about better days.

May 24th 2014


…and buy a
Poppy from that man standing in the sun, in front of your grocery store this weekend, and say: “Thank you for your service”!

…..If only!




Post, postscript: [the “Sgt. Bergdahl Incident”];

I haven’t bothered to make a comment on this travesty, one of so many unfortunate decisions that our Commander-in-Chef has made during his stellar 6 years as our President, because I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.

But when
Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney (Ret) just stated on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News 9PM program (6-5-14), that he expressed major reservations:

“Everyone knows that this man deserted”,
“Desertion in War Time, the penalty is death”,

“the President had to been aware of it, and why he,
(the President),
made the decision for a “Buck Sergeant” to be traded for “(5) 4-Star General equivalents”, absolutely amazes me. It has never happened in the history of America. No President has made such a swop!”

OK General, and thank you for your many years of Service Sir; WHY THE SWAP?

Because the President wanted to free and get back 6 Muslims,

no matter what the Americans may think!










June 8, 2014

A little Sunday morning grousing before the Monday morning quarter-backing.
…Another perspective on our skewed reality:
Champions and coming in 2nd place!

Welcoming home the conquering hero….a soldier to be sure, but a deserter and traitor, but he dared to escape and was tortured, duh. Yah, because he willfully turned his back on his brothers and his country, and put his hand through the bars of his cage into the lion's mouth and wasn’t welcomed, surprise! But his hand wasn’t bitten off and he transformed from a lion himself into a lamb, but then wasn’t eaten either and was reborn.
This time as another Lion, for Allah!

No prisoner, no captive, playing games, capitulated and contributed to the high-jinx with new brethren, as surely as sitting atop an Antiaircraft Battery laughing with the enemy mugging for the cameras, nor returned home victoriously defiant with a broken face and a stalwart heart, now perhaps transformed once again to a "mole"!

And the Belmont Stakes….not all attendees followed the same path through Fire and Ice, so in this Trifecta marathon some get to join-in the field at the 3rd corner turn to the goal line: spurious!
...Only in America where (1) person = (1) vote is oblique and meaningless. As genuine as the American Idol, where all that glitters is not gold, and coming in 2nd place can be the REAL Prize, or maybe even coming in 4th.

Congratulations Senator McCain, Mitt Romney, Jena Irene and California Chrome, champions all.


PS Juan Williams,
as impassioned as you make your Case to protect your President, your Party and your Leftist Ideology, this Sergeant was never “The Mission”,
whether for side-lining the current VA debacle for Obama or not,
and also “The Exchange” was not the underlying purpose.

This President, Barack Hussein Obama;
A) could have retrieved this particular soldier at any time over the past 5 years, and
B) this President could have exchanged any 5 Muslims for this US soldier but from the bottom of the Guantanamo food-chain list, or even 20, or 100 exchanged detainees,
as Your State Dept. scrambles and rationalizes using Israel as the “Case precedent” for making these exchanges, of which the United States has formerly never been a party or subscribed to till this newly Muslim-empathetic Commander-in-Sheik.
And C) “Never leaving OUR man behind” meant nothing to this President
in Benghazi,
or the US Pastor building an Orphanage still being held by Iranians,
or the “wrong-way-Corrigan” US soldier still held by our Spanish speaking neighbors that US Taxpayers protect and feed,
or that indispensable and heroic Doctor still held in Pakistan who actually “fingered” the triggers for bin Laden,
certainly not You Sir at the bottom of that “food-chain”
for the “Seal Team-6 Mission-Accomplished”, of which You were only interested in when watching the action on your (secure and protected) television set, unlike the night of Benghazi.
But as for this soldier,
US Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl,

he was used as a Straw-man, a sacrificial-lamb for America’s Honor, diplomacy and Duty, which, You Sir have brazenly and most defiantly sacrificed for these specific (5) special Muslims (at the pinnacle of the Terrorist food-chain in US custody) that You personally wanted FREED at any cost, even your country's security!

That was the “Mission Accomplished” we tragically witnessed in Our Rose Garden,
to ONLY Islamic Jihadi and Leftist’s trumpets, regalia and praise!


And though our newest Sec. of State Kerry thinks it’s “bologna
that from this day forward all US Soldiers, as well as US Citizen around the world, will now become targets as future “kidnap victim exchange pawns” in the ever increasing lunacy of Global-Terrorism,
 for the specific purpose of bailing-out any current and future apprehended Terrorists, Thugs and Assassins in this “War on Terrorism”, thanks to his boss: Appeaser-in-Chief,
the ONLY thing that I see as BOLOGNA is John Kerry’s "grasp of reality" and "his skill" as negotiator Diplomat-at-Large for the United States of America!
....Got mayonnaise?



(* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (* (*

ALERT on Megyn Kelly, Fox News

As thousandsssss of Al Qaeda floods Iraq and threatens Baghdad today, and
thousandsssss of illegal alien children floods the United States southern border,
and are held in chained-pens like animals today, unwashed more than 10 days,


the supreme Obama Government hides the TRUTH from all Americans, as HIS 
Liberal MEDIA follows HIM in lock-step, who once cried-foul after only 2 days in New Orleans Astrodome for citizens who ignored their President's warnings to fall prey to their owns fates, devices and demise,

I'm reminded that a real Commander-in-Chief would close the US Border 
with US Military,

and would replace Obama's FEMA
 and care for needy children
yesterday with US Military,

and DRAW A REDLINE IN THE SANDS OF IRAQ WITH B-2s for anything that moves
yesterday with US Military, and
without any collateral civilian damage,

and serve HIS country,
and save liberty, sanity and American honor!
Why HE doesn't act?

HE's Muslim, and wants to fundamentally change America forever, and has!

And though HE said HE would heal the earth, lower the oceans, lower unemployment and gas prices, and restore Americas greatness in the world and everyone would love us once again, if not at least HIM if HE became our President,
….well, I’ll let you finish that prognostication and expectation for yourself.

Exactly what is HIS Plan, because this one fell a bit short of HIS mark with the world on-fire, America besieged,
and Hussein's handing the KEYs over to the Crazies?.....



 June, Friday the 13th, 2014

As Iraq goes up-in-flames with the creation of the first Terrorist State with its central purpose of destroying the United States & all infidels, Barack packs for another Fund Raiser again as our Embassy, in Baghdad this time, will go-down the way of Benghazi,
the US Borders need to be closed-right "NOW",

and if this President won't protect us, then the US Congress should
impeach Barack Hussein Obama & HIS "Enforcer" at the DOJ, and
have the Vice President of the United States launch the US Military before the saying: "Remember the Alamo
becomes a modern idiom!


GOD save America!

and keep your powder dry, they're finally coming for us!



September 17, 1787 – June 19, 2014

One thing that does truly amaze me is how easily and quickly it has been for a tin-pot Dictator to eradicate and sweep the United Stated Constitution right under the PC Prayer Rug,
to void and make immaterial, ineffectual, obsolete and subjugate the US Federal Government in toto, together with its vast historical foundations of co-equal but different 3 branches of government, and quite simply nullify their supposed “checks and balances”; relegated to the trash heap by just 3 Beta-male pipsqueaks strategically placed:
  one as omnipotent “
Freeless Leader”, under the guise of commander-in-chief with six-shooter Field Marshalls at Treasury, EPA, FEMA and IRS to cancel-out the US military,
   his second, “
The Enforcer”, loyal Sancho Panza soldier-at-arms at Justice to neuter the ATF, ICE, CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, Secret Service, US Marshalls and Supreme Court by guarding the RIGHT-flank,
   and “
The Moneychanger/Gatekeeper” to choke-off debate, dissent and strangle the entire Congress by the shorthairs, guarding his LEFT-flank,
so who’s standing-up for the American citizen signing all the checks?
Obviously NOT your elected Representatives,
and most of these guys in Washington are attorneys, which probably is the problem! 
I guess it’s the same people who helped finance that other Hussein’s 50 golden Palaces: the weak, the ignorant and the dead!

Proud to be an American?....Put your guns out on the porch, slip on your Mao jacket and start learning to bow from the ankle in the mirror!

I don’t know if I’m going to bother with this anymore. Either you’ve already exchanged into the POD-casing hidden in your closet, or you’re brain-dead and can’t hear anyway.

That old saying: People get the government they deserve, or is it “wants”, either way “we’ve had the course”,
but you’ve all PASSED with a “C”, Tofu cake for the whole class
and everyone gets a trophy…..yeah!


Let me leave you with this (1) sobering thought
before you close your eyes, ears and mind forever, as sycophants (re-litigate the past) to avoid their complicity, responsibility and blame for our current civilized world on-fire;
   if Republican Abraham Lincoln
hadn’t taken the fight to Atlanta, and had been shot prior to the end on the Civil War, picking cotton would still be a thriving skill and commodity,
   and had FDR and Truman
not taken the fight to the enemy after Pearl,
you’d be speaking Japanese today,
   and if George W. Bush
hadn’t taken the fight to the enemy, after the same guys who bombed the Towers in 1993 came back for a second bite of the same Big Apple,
Chicago or LA, Houston, or Washington again for sure would have been next, thousands more Americans would be dead RIGHT NOW,
the US economy would have collapsed, our nation and the world would be in much greater chaos exponentially if that’s possible,

and EVERYONE would have literally demanded George’s head-on-a-pike, instead of burning-him-in-effigy intellectually every single day since 2009
to distract and cover-for Barack Hussein’s Quisling-butt!

...So grow-up, see the forest thru the sand storm because the crazies are coming,
and there's no one at OUR Gates to hold them back!....Certainly not Hillary.


I’ll try to write slowly so I’m not to blame for any misunderstandings;

The reason Benghazi was targeted & the occupant murdered,
and Iraq was targeted & the occupants murdered,  
and a commercial jet was targeted & occupants murdered,
is why George W. Bush originally went to the Middle-East
so NY, Chicago & LA, and we here in America were not targeted & murdered.
But that has now all changed because Barack LEFT & allowed what came to pass.

It’s not over! Now watch your own back, Hussein isn’t!    

 Operation Normandy!
A New Citizen Effort to Patrol the U.S.-Mexico Border!


And then there are these guys right out of Conspiracy Theory, but no Mel.
We've gone staight to hell.


The Conservative Tribune
SPREAD THIS: 17 Different Videos Showing Military Preparations for Obama’s “Martial Law” Exercises



Seems I wrote this on FaceBook a few years ago and someone just found-it & "LIKED" it,
bringing it to my attention again,
so being the "Reason for the Season" in November I'm repeating the Post,
for all the good, etc.;

Everi Mann‎: I LOVE America

October 3, 2010 ·



 “The Plan and the Final Solution to Save America for Everyone”
(“Yes We Can: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males 2010. Calling it a “national crisis,” the report found that only 47 percent of black males graduated from high school in the 2007-2008 school year.”

…“Black Unemployment Rate Increases 700% More than White. Sept 6, 2010”) Guess They Couldn't!

...(National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores – considered the “Nation’s Report Card”– Only about half of low-income and minority students in US high schools graduate, and many of those who do are unprepared for college) (2010 Cornell Grads Find Fewer Jobs, Earn Less Than In Previous Years)

…Oops! You just can’t beat a “Liberal Education”, taught by Liberals in a Liberal country with a Liberal government that all hate Capitalism, or can you? Testing, Standards, Accountability, Magnet schools, Vouchers, Choice.
Empowerment; Not Ideological Indoctrination.  

Dismiss teachers failing our children protected by Unions, and STOP THIS;
"700 NY Teachers Paid $70,000+ to Sit in “Rubber Rooms”. Google It!

“Unemployment today for young Black men aged 16 to 19 tops out at more than 30 percent ... there are 757000 who are locked up in federal and state prisons.” .....Racism?

Thank 30 years of progressive liberal education preparing our children for tomorrow!

Vote with your head in Nov.

SENTRYMAN….. You’re Not in Kansas anymore & Mayberry No longer exists!


Been try'n to tell ya for 7 years "We were going to die with this guy",
but 'Told Ya So!'



When Hussein and Hillary tell Americans "you didn't build that",
 what they both neglect to remind themselves of is who enabled any of us Americans
the luxury to accomplish any of the greatness these United States have become
since Dutchman Pieter Minuet in 1626 purchased Manhattan for $26.00 worth of beads and shiny objects,
Wall Street was born, and then the English, French, and Spanish wanted-in on the spoils,
but the Locals from sea to shining sea re-thought the deal and tried to renegotiate,
and everyone got into the act;
 the United States of America with the Bible in one hand, their new US Constitution in the other,
asked each other including the Locals to take-up-arms to defend their new Liberty from the Establishment.

Nothing much has changed since then,
short of anti-Constitutionalists telling Americans "you earned nothing and deserve N-O-T-H-I-N-G"
other than their guidance, their wisdom and their complete control;
Vote Democrat
and the seas will lower, the earth will smile and all will be well with the world,
except your FREEDOM........and watch your back!

That was and is, and always will be ONLY dependent on a few Americans like these.


....Thank you!





. 11-16-14

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning today,
as I have since its inception and before with "On The Road with Charles Kuralt" when it was more about News and information than political agendas, and another weekly actor held the Limelight.

You'd know the meaning of that idiom if you had been watching last week, and something struck my Irony Bone; 

I find it very disconcerting that when you perceive an event so

clearly like 9/11, or Benghazi, that you naturally assume everyone else sees

and understands what is right there in front of your eyes 
just the way you do, 

but then;  

Obama vs Panetta on Attacks in Benghazi -
Obama Could have saved American Lives

13 Hours - Full Interview of the Three Benghazi Survivors - Fox News


OBAMA CONFRONTED ON BENGHAZI - Stutters Through Response


Judge Goes Nuclear On Obama:
Why Do You Apologize To Muslims And Lie To Americans

Judge Napolitano Exposing 9-11 Cover-Up
With Col. Anthony Shaffer


Obama LIED About Benghazi Attack!!!
(Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Interview)


Susan Rice: Attack on Benghazi was Direct Response To Video
on five Sunday morning programs

Benghazi Emails Show White House Effort to Protect Obama During Election -
Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 5:14 PM


Benghazi Scandal - "Danged If I Know" -
Susan Rice Scoffs At New Benghazi Committee -
On The Record


The Lie--starring Barack Obama--The Benghazi Deception


Gregory Hicks (Whistleblower) Embarrassed By Blame
 Placed On YouTube Video. Benghazi Hearing


Obama blames the video in his UN speech


White House Covers Up Benghazi Terrorist Attack


Sundance: Fox News 'Reporter' Confronts Mark Ruffalo |


President Obama’s Sequestration disproportionally specifically targeted the US Military with cuts dangerously jeopardizing our national security, to increase social entitlements to bribe US citizens to vote Democrat.
One area that everyone including, most specifically, Hollywood should be most aware of is Republicans would never cut our Military if within their power, Mark!

Which is why watching and enjoying movies today in getting harder and harder for us “film enthusiasts” who find it increasingly necessary to also become the Actors in order to stomach viewing these less-than-cognizant Entertainers!

Jesse Watters Talks Politics with Hollywood Celebs at the Sundance Film Festival
and the citizens of the United States on a host of subject matter most 8th Graders used to know & were taught about their nation.
WATCH some of them and be amazed at what US taxpayer’s get for spending $13,000 per student each year,
 educating our future-voter fellow citizens in America!

Watters' World: Bad Professor Edition


Watters' World: The Muslim edition

Watters' World -
How Much Americans Know About Obamacre? - O'Reilly


Watters' World: ACLU Edition




Entitlement; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,
in a land free of monarchy America owes no one anything. Our pact with God and Country in our US Constitution insures only Opportunity.

So whether Ambassador Stevens was working a clandestine secret deal to get Arms to the Rebels through Turkey or trafficking in rugs and coffee matters not, he was left “out in the cold” like in the movie Outland "the fix was in" and he was alone on the midnight sands in zero gravity by his bosses, but he no Sean Connery would suffer a different fate.
Who ordered the “Stand Down”? 

Barack and Hillary both "stand in the docket", each accused of knowingly lying to the relatives, the nation, and the world that they "would catch the man with the video", their scapegoat to shield their complicity and infamy for the deaths of four brave Americans to support their false narrative to protect each’s future election-bids to the lofty positions in history to protect and defend that same US Constitution against all enemies, foreign, domestic, and most assuredly including themselves.

Should Hillary Rodham Clinton be running for President of the United States,
or Barack Hussein Obama be president of the once greatest nation on the planet prior to his current reign?
Each should be indicted for conspiracy to defraud the citizens of these United States;
and premeditated actions that would cause the murders of an undetermined number of American citizens while in the employ of the government of the United States,
and probably a host of other despicable and heinous charges involving t
he IRS, espionage, eMails and treason!
Had these two been Republican representatives of the US Federal government, they’d already be “serving time”,
or be living in Kenya and Paris.



Here's what I purposed in 2012,
Chapter:You've been O'BAMB'd - Borrowed Dime til 2016 and Agenda 21


"Winning Team for 2016 against Hillary,
or against the Emperor's 3rd attempt to be King of the Planet"


Another Rolls Royce Ticket: ~ RICE / RUBIO ~

~~GOD bless the
United States of America~~


.....And as for; “we should never have gone to Iraq”, as the main thrust about why Field Marshall Barack gets a total pass for ineptitude, compliance and complacency,
 and General CIC Hillary is what America needs next,
no one wants to hear the Democrat’s B/S anymore..
Hillary, her husband and his aid, Gore, and assorted DEM leaders all agreed that there were clear and present dangerous WMDs to deal with ASAP!

Be they inevitable, reality or fantasy,
had Bush not taken the fight to the Middle East 9/11 would have been “Opening Night on Broadway” and bye, bye Chicago, LA and DC,
 instead of “Closing that Chapter”!

The Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Communists; the Democrats would have been the 1st to blame Bush for not stopping the radical Islamic Muslim terrorists declaration on 9/12 had America been attacked once again, throwing the US economy into a fateful tailspin a dozen "legitimate" Stimulus Packages couldn't have reversed.
"Words" our current Commander-in-Chief can’t even voice together with “JV Team”!

Not until Hussein Obama wrote a new ending to the Saga and introduced ISIS into the storyline only the world feared these gangsters, but apparently not the frugal Democrats,
 so interested in disarming our Military and US citizenry,
while “Giving away the Store” to any illegal who wants to penetrate our meager defenses, 
they’d be the first to a man and a woman to lose their heads to ISIL when they arrive on these shores.

Then the LIBs, still alive, would be blaming Bush for that too
while running for elected office and cultivated fools would be the only ones to believe,
and vote accordingly!

Go ahead, elect another demagogued progressive Alinsky Marxist elitist
and kiss your money, your country and even your life goodbye!


A Freudian slip, or Hillary wants to make sure Bill can get a job as a “Greeter” 
for Walmart someday incase she's an incarcerated felon herself someday soon!

Another monarch where US Law and US Constitution are only for the serfs!
One set of Rules for the Ruling Class and another for all the little people.


Here's an alternative from the DEM's Deep-Bench




Quick reminder what civilization's lack of interest and the absence of proper vetting ignored last time,
opting for celebrity, epic pomp and meaningless circumstance cloaking a 5th Column.


Disciples of a Religion of PEACE
Learn Islam in 10 minutes......Walid Shoebat
Parts 1 & 2 


"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics
is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

Aristocles, son of Ariston, of the deme Collytus

Born: 427 BC
Died: 347 BC
Not much has changed in 2400 years, nor common-sense advanced

Ted Cruz SLAMS GOP majority Senate for allowing Lynch nomination


4-19-15 ...Marco Rubio on Face the Nation 

Thank you Iraqi Army, CIC Barry Hussein, current and former Sec’s of State

 for setting the stage to finally turn-tail and run from JV ISIS now in Ramadi, Iraq,
 wasting the victory that America’s blood and treasure had sacrificed to free Iraq
setting-up Iraq citizens for extermination yet once again at the hand of fellow Muslims!

Since Bush, forever touted by American liberals and Democrats only going to war for “oil”,
how’s all that free oil work’n-out for yah,
 as we watch more once America-freed people shot and beheaded?....Thanks again Hussein!




As Memorial Day approaches once again and history fatefully repeats itself 75 years later in the United States,
“open your eyes America”!

Social Media pipelines,
welcoming “over-stay” illegals and untracked foreign students,
flooded US government and Administration ignored “Open” southern border, as well as
probably our vastly porous northern US and Canadian mountain ranges and wilderness forests,
and slithering-out of the seas up onto American party beaches,

US traitors misrepresent US Constitutional laws
to re-distribute American taxpayer’s hard-earned taxes to “Dreamers and Amnesty recipients”
with streamlined Green Cards, SS Numbers and unearned IRS refund rewards, benefits, entitlements,
and free Healthcare 
so they can more easily infiltrate our military, schools and local governments,

there’s a 1400 year old 7.3 metric ton green dinosaur in the room
no one wants to look straight in the eye or point fingers at!


Watch this 1939 movie “Confessions of a Nazi Spy”
and substitute the words;
 “radical Muslim” anywhere “NAZI” is used,

mosque” anywhere “bund” is referenced in the movie.

Pay special “attention to the warning” at the end by the prosecutor,
and just hopefully you might finally get just how large, and
vast and insidious this newest of very-old 5th Column movements
has ensnared your Republic before it’s too late.


Time has run out! The ONLY Hope: Prop. 86 if you want to live FREE!







This is a sample of what a real Commander-in-Chief who possesses the experience, foresight, strength of character, dedication, understanding, and has the courage and ability to do and did to mobilize free nations long ago, in a land far, far away, to stem the tide and the spread of infamy, tyranny and villainy
in order to restore and save FREEDOM for America, her valued allies and also most fortunate 2nd and 3rd World nations and peoples not fortunate enough, who were ruled by dictators, tyrants and oppressive theocratic, autocratic and oligarchical forms of governments for centuries and eons; Socialistic and communistic manifestations not open or free to reap the simple God bestowed benefits of Democracy!

So get some popcorn, relax and learn something important today that liberals, progressives and Democrats forgot or never learned themselves, while smoking in the Lav!!

An all too simple idea the
Athenians developed in fifth century BC Greece, which the Persians have yet to understand to their misfortune. Guess that wasn’t taught in their schools either!



Yah, smarter and cooler;
Do our jobs and enforce the US Constitution,  don’t write any more laws, regulations or restrictions and return home till something else really needs screwing-up!





Obama Wishes Muslims a Happy Holiday on Day of Terrorist Attack

July 17, 2015



 Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, US Senator from Texas says;

Judge Jeanine Ferris Pirro, former prosecutor, judge, elected official state of New York says;



playing which trump-card to win the hand of Lady Liberty.....

TRUMP / Carson....too smart
TRUMP / Rubio....too cleaver
Carly Fiorina....hubba-hubba

could work?

Cruz / Huckabee….shades of W & Dick!

Rubio / Fiorina….mom?
Fiorina / Rubio….son?
Rubio / Carson….hmm?

Fiorina / Carson….newbies!



2016 Presidential GOP Republican Prime Time Debates

on August 6, 2015

September 16, 2015

on October 28, 2015

on January 14, 2016


The Donald shouldn't need Fan's help, especially against Putin, Iran, China & Kelly,
so lighten-up FANs

CBS: Trying to buy the presidency?

SENTRYMAN: Or are the Koch Brothers trying to stem
 the Pinko & Green tides to save America?....And speaking of tides
and red-lines in the sand:


Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno:
Future of the U.S. Army, Iraq and WMDs

AUGUST 12, 2015
Future of the U.S. Army
General Ray Odierno talked about the future of the U.S. Army and his tenure as chief of staff. He was to be replaced by General Mark Milley on Friday, August 14, 2015. Topics included global threats, including Russia and Iran, and Army readiness and modernization.
(Saddam Hussein - Iraq War - WMDs - at 15  min. mark into briefing)


Let’s Roll ------ Let’s Go!

Let’s Roll ------ Let’s Go!

Let’s Roll ------ Let’s Go!

and no one is addressing who and what is flooding across the Canadian/US border
under the cover of darkness, apathy and conspiracy yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Keep your powder dry and watch your back, no one else is! 


Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly (FULL SPEECH)

The Hidden Holocaust
October 4, 2015, 8:05 PM|
A priest is determined to find forgotten victims of the Holocaust
whose bodies lie in unmarked mass graves in the former USSR



Gen. Jack Keane slams Obama's 'basic mistrust' of the US military
Oct. 15, 2015 - 2:12 -
Decision alters president's plan to withdraw most troops by end of 2016



* Why won't our supposed Christian American President protect or defend the US Constitution,
or the US citizenry he works for who pays his salary whom he has sworn to serve from all enemies foreign or domestic, including members of our United States Armed Forces,

yet he resists enabling America’s RIGHT and ability to provide for itself its own cheap natural resources,
nor to help millions of unemployed Americans during his tenure find employment he also swore to provide jobs starting with his misappropriating $831,000,000,000.00 Stimulating slight-of-hand shovel-unready Ponzi
to actually refill Democrat run state’s coffers and retirement plans,

but not even finish (1) a crumby actually-shovel-ready oil pipeline  
while it’s actually hypocritically OK for any Muslim nation to extort and profiteer from that insidious "Black Gold-Fossil Fuel" without Hussein’s same conviction and zeal for self-righteous condemnation about Global-Warming his sworn #1 boogeyman endangering the Planet Earth,
but he continually defers to the status quo as World Heritage Sites are systematically and savagely destroyed throughout ISIL's captured territories,
while Planet Earth children summarily lose their heads with regularity
and remaining 2000 year old MidEast Christian Sects are delegated and relegated to old NAZI style trash-heap mass graves,
and finally he religiously prefers "not" to do anything that would harm any Muslim,
or as few Terrorists as possible with US Fighter Jets returning to base with "full" pay-loads,
or to Islam in general,
to incredibly include the freeing of (5) radical Islamic senior terrorist Generals from Guantanamo
 under the guise of retrieving (1) lone American “Islamic groupie” US military deserter in exchange,
while ignoring our other (4) real Americans in Enemy hands that would at least the appearance of a fair swop 
to possibly hide Hussein’s true allegiance; and
America’s shame?






PROGRESS?......Monopolies, Buy-Outs and Consolidations all in America’s interest?

Recipe changes; tastes, traditions, and faiths in what anymore.
Trans-fats out, along with flavor, recipes altered for health or MONEY?.......
.......Follow the money and you’ll usually find the real answers!

It was reported today that the Tootsie Roll family may be opening to finally selling,
a precursor to finally discovering the secrets behind a closely held empire
of consistent quality and continuity for continued success,
or a death knell for another American treasured favorite?

They tried to change COKE and got Coke Classic.

No, they got Coke and some newer crap we never needed.

Nabisco leaves = cookies get crappy too.

Oreos and Vienna Fingers fall apart and the cream is tasteless,

along with the boxes.


Brach sells to a cheaper quality candy company.
Does Farley improve, no, Brach candies change for the worse.

Entenmann's went south and so did the taste.
What happened to that classic Almond, Pecan and Walnut kuchen ring?
....Hey, so at least make a guava Ring if you don’t like Jews anymore?

Now supposedly “Human DNA in the Processed Meat Industry” is some great discovery,
so the U.N. can control another segment of the world population again, I might add but I digress.
 What , this is news?

We’ve been enduring hormonal-modifications, anti-biotic manipulations
 and genetic alterations of food molecules for humans and livestock
 all in the name of science and progress for decades now!

 Think that doesn’t affect breast cancers and children’s leukemia’s Jack?....

And  why????????........jeopardy melody.......
MONEY, not for protecting YOU their employers!

Cuba’s still driving 50’s Chevys, but we need Catalytic Converters to save the planet,
16 blends of gasoline to save the planet,
but who’s watching the Auto Industry’s brakes and airbags and computers, etc., etc., etc.,
plus you need permission and a college education to change your own oil in your highly financed Auto Industry Cash-Cows.

In 1960, production of the Corvette finally reached and exceeded 10,000 cars, oooh.
The base price had risen to $3,872.
cost of a 2015

Chevrolet Corvette starts at $55,000.00,
and a $0.05 Three Musketeer’s cost $2.00 and doesn’t even taste the same.

Government to monitor Cable TV costs to protect US taxpayers,
plus US goes digital to modernize and lower costs = No More FREE TV,
 and you toss-out every TV in your home you worked year to afford,
in exchange for another New Bill every month with endless high government tariffs,
just like “100 year old” Ma Bell telephone taxes.

So what happened to the simple Phone Booth when you need one?

…....Please don’t protect us anymore, go watch the border, morons!!!

They can’t even protect US from vegetables peed-on by illegal pickers, or the Meat Industry, or Peanut Butter, or our Water Supply, or the US Power Grid, or the US Government or US Military National secrets, or US employee personnel personal information,
or the NET from ISIS Recruiters!

....But Global-gobbledygook hurricanes,
farting cows and pumpkins,
Fantasy Football and Internet Neutrality is a priority and important today,
really, over being over-run, attacked and conquered by foreign Governemnt
and serial enemies and killers,  

and why????????........jeopardy melody.......

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY = not for protecting YOU, their employers, Jack & Jill!
Good-bye Tootsie Pops!

Have a peaceful and safe, politically incorrect Halloween, but wait, be Out-lawed next year!

Your President has and is freeing some 40,000 US legal and illegal imprisoned felons onto your city streets on your behalf for fairness
and saving your disposable tax dollars just in time for the holidays?

Trick or Trick!


Want to hear a really scary story?..........BEWARE!


Simple question = Easy answer;

When Obama
STOPS the Keystone,
STOPS Americans drilling our own natural resources that create American jobs, as Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Caribbean nations and China will off shore,

and Hussein
continues US utter dependence upon foreign oil with the transfer of Trillion$ of America’s dollar$ permanently-out of the United States right down some Alien’s Black hole forever,

does Barack Hussein Obama do that just to cater to his Green supporters as 94.5 million
Americans remain out-of-work,
 subjugating the
US to the U.N.’s authority with their junk science,

or to keep the
US forever under the thumb of Arabs, Muslims and Islam,

or to continue to weaken the
United States’ sovereignty, 
 with its once dominate superior military power, strength, and influence on the planet as the last bastion of CAPITALISM, FREE ENTERPREISE, LIBERTY and FREEDOM

or ALL 3?

Simple question = Easy answer!


CLOSE Guantanamo” by any means possible or impossible merely to satisfy a Bucket List?......Really???

One Jihadi sympathizer does not have the right, nor the authority to singularly decide for 320 million FREE US citizens what’s in the best interest for
Enemy Combatants,
captured battlefield enemies
of the Republic of the United States,
and against the US Military complex and the US Constitution designed to protect US.

We don’t have a King, maybe a Shaikh but not a Dictator, so help us God
 not Allah!  

As for the next communist preparing to be President,
they couldn't get Al Capone for murder either
but they got him for income tax evasion,
and we should be able to get her for Selling-out America with conspiracy,
email fraud, mishandling national secrets and racketeering too,
and she can serve lamb in the underground prison cafeteria to "friends of Obama".


 before that’s outlawed for all those white guys ripping off the
indigenous inhabitants at the time!!

FUNNY how no one ever complains about the girls being WHITE !



As I watched “CBS Sunday Morning” news program this morning ridicule and mock Sarah Palin to her face in an another worthless interview as Mrs. Palin, the former, once "most-popular Governor" out of 50 United States,
 continued to be gracious,
and polite to this Urinalist,

I shook my head at the mind-numbing ambivalence and Godlike worship that the Media elite bestows on the Clintons after 25 years of peccadillos and entanglements,
who are either forever giving a total-pass for their past offences, their lies and public humiliating indignities;
like fondling women in his Oval Office and sexually abusing a young Intern and officially lying about it to the US Government investigators,

or using their exalted positions of authority selling influence and favors contrary to the interests of the citizens of these United States for which they serve and are paid, for self-interest and self-aggrandizement enriching themselves with hundreds of million$ of dollars,

or for ignoring 600+ Email requests from Ambassador Stevens and Company for increased security all that summer before being totally ignored and set-up,
on the anniversary evening of 9/11, no less, abandoned, murdered, and subsequently dishonoring (4) brave Americans and forever wounded bodyguards,
with their bogus “cover-up” conspiracy to support a lie, a false narrative of  having defeating terrorism and Al Qaeda for their Re-election efforts,

akin to knowingly perpetuating that same-proclaimed lie for the following years about containing Al Qaeda-lite-ISIS and terrorism at large just hours before Al Qaeda-lite set Paris ablaze with gunfire and blood
 with fewer men than it takes to play baseball, but these dedicated players, no JV, have an agenda just as serious, manipulative and deadly as Hussein and Barack-lite, the Clintons wish to continue beyond 2016,

and “what Sarah should have said” to that sycophantic liberal reporter was:
I can assure you though
that our world would look entirely different today had Senator McCain and myself won the election because we’d still be in “keeping the peace” just like the United States has successfully accomplished in Germany, Japan and Korea for decades,

there wouldn’t be an ISIL, Dash, ISIS, the Al Qaeda-lite JV operating across the planet,

that difficult but correct promise George W. Bush made to keep America safe
would be continuing today,
and all the sacrifice of our valiant brave soldiers and their parents made and paid in that pursuit on behalf of all Americans, conservative and liberal,  wouldn’t have been squandered and tossed in the Progressive’s trash heap, sorry, compost pile,

thousands of Muslims wouldn’t have fled their homelands flooding into Europe and America laying the foundation for future world conflicts and violence,

no one would have died in Paris two days ago on Friday the 13th,
Et vive la liber
and Iran wouldn’t be getting the Nuclear bomb for Ramadan to eliminate Israel from the planet earth in a very few years for
Yom Kippur
as assuredly as ISIS has done in only one year by eliminating 3/4ths of the 1 million Christians in Iraq and Syria who have believed in a different God for 2000 years!

And Hussein and Hillary wouldn’t be falling-all-over themselves trying to take credit for dropping-a-dime on Osama bin Laden after 10 years of hunting him down, which they had nothing to do with setting-up, like that would have been the hand-wringing tough call they both made it out to be.

What would have been tough would have been passing-on Osama just like Bill did twice, and then trying to explain that one and take credit for it!
Then that would probably have been Bush’s fault too, but crediting Bush for his well-oiled US Armed Force machine who LIBs have been screwing-up and wasting ever since, well that’s another matter for another useless interview in the future!!!

Do you really think in your wildest imagination that US Senator John McCain would have ever traded 5 radical Islamic terrorist detainee Generals for 1 lone "turncoat" Private,
or make every effort beyond the US Constitution to close Guantanamo
and free all the terrorists to endanger America and the world?

Well, do yah honey?....And what newspapers or magazines do you read to find these goofy questions to ask me?
But thank you Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and whatever your name is, sweetie!......

That’s what Sarah should have answered to this Roadie’s inferences and innuendos








Go ahead ISIS and Co., kill everyone and subjugate whoever is left on this sorry spinning ball in space, and you’re instantly back-in-the-8th century, but for good!
See how that works out for you especially during the salad-less days of life returning to those great times of medieval savagery!

I’ll make this point real simple
as you’re praying for help 20 times a day to-the-winds at that point:
no one’s ever coming to save you, Jack!
Why, because when the real climate-changes come with "The Four Horsemen",
 as it always has and always will,
the very fragility of the Digital Age with all eggs in a few baskets, the very next major failure in the power grids, drought, earthquake, epidemic pestilence and every other earthbound natural disaster eventually befalls you,
and you’re all hang’n by your fingernails sick and dying, or buried-up to your sparkling personalities soon to be dead,
better count your chances in minutes on this planet, Jack!

The Americans aren’t ever coming to save you geniuses again,

Here’s a wild thought, how come
 since all that radical Islamist’s can ever do today and after 1300 years of world conquest, defeats and death is to bushwhack innocent civilians either in the East or in the West, torture, defile and kill them in the name of the “Holy” Prophet,
no matter if men or women, mothers, children, babies, unarmed or the elderly,
supposedly directing every action so there’s no personal responsibility, Brigitte Gabriel- Truth About Islam.

which sounds more like Liberals on abortion or Death Panels for the aged,

how come those evil Americans keep sacrificing their own lives trying to pry your rigid humanity out of the depths of depravity up into an enlightened 21st century
 have never kept Muslim-lands after every victory like the Moors,

and those evil Americans didn’t take the oil as tribute or retribution,
like any proper Roman Army,

and those evil Americans don’t maim and slaughter the vanquished,
like too many to list,

nor raped, burned-alive or hung their defeated foe, like any ordinary ISIL brigade,

and those evil Americans would stop a WAR on a dime
and let everyone go home to their hidden AK-47s under their beds,
 and Americans tend to your sick,
built You hospitals and schools enabling females to learn in safe, clean and free environments for the very first time in their poor unfortunate lives,
and without payment, or enslavement, or systematic indoctrination,

only bring your people out of desperation, Dictatorships, torture and rape rooms
and give all Muslims hope and a tangible opportunity to advance from the Middle-Ages for themselves and their families, to live FREELY on this earth
as America did for Germans and Japanese and Koreans, and the USSR for that matter,
and under their own Democratically elected governments, left to their own devices,




Understanding Radical Islam
"Former Disney Workers Prepare To Sue After Losing Jobs to Foreigners On Visas."

You really think Walt would backdown to TERROR?



Happy Thanksgiving, and watch your back!...GOD BLESS the USA



BLACK FRIDAY, 11-27-15

Since America had their chance and took-a-pass on Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney,
all of whom would have left US peace-keeping forces in Iraq, like Japan, Germany and S. Korea, ISIS just wouldn’t exist to exterminate most of the Christians in Iraq, and exponentially expand across the planet spreading death and terror throughout the globe,

and brave men like these above would be home eating Thanksgiving dinner with their families,
and the Parisians would be alive and not entering into darkness again like 1942!


***As reported today on Fox News, BLACK FRIDAY, sarcasm editorialized by moi;
least (1) Allied LEADER has declared his country’s national WAR on radical Islamic terrorism:
Vive la France!!!  

There’s the
Vladimir Putin and François Hollande Coalitions on the side of one reality, along with Germany and England who are finally getting onboard since they got the memo: “We’re all in deep caca-doodie, thanks Barack”!  

Then there’s the Emperor B. Hussein Obama’s Master-of-the-Universe Plan for a World War on Glacial Erosion
which is causing all this current global strife and unrest, since we’ve been told the world finally loves the USA again.

….What a warrior President, we feel better already, thank you,
and thank the Lord or Allah, or windmills, or dinosaur death, or something!

Now that that’s over, Hussein can get back to mandating his final curse of 2,224 government regulations he’ll weasel into his uncommonly stellar economic landscaping-design for the once most powerful capitalist business engine model in world history.

Since his coronation that will approximate some 3500 total additional US governmental environmental and business regulatory edicts that Hussein said he’d change America with,

henceforth costing the US Taxpaying-suckers who will keep writing new bum checks to the tune of $80 Billion annually of yet to be earned US dollars,
not to mention some estimated 25,000,000 annually wasted US entrepreneur and independent contractor man hours just trying to comply with said Hussein’s new insane restrictions,
 supplying the last nails-in-the-coffin required to strangle America’s GNP,

compared to that evil George W. Bush’s (277 regulations) he thought necessary to help America during his 8 years in office…. but who’s counting? Who, no one!

This will at best fulfill most of Hussein’s original campaign promises;
short of any real jobs for Americans, of course, outside the Federal Union,

“screw-U Keystone”,

or “opening drilling” on Federal Lands to save America and additionally totally collapsing the entire Middle-East and TERRORISM en-masse,

or closing US borders to protect the citizenry paying for his exalted Reign!....Oh wait, he pledged to keep-them-all-OPEN, sorry…Check-mate!
....Some wartime consiglieri!....It's good to be KING....

Oh, oh, oh,
and letting-out all the Crazies from the Guantanamo Asylum upon the world communities, though he still has time. You can’t keep a good Alinsky Socialist down, but then again there’s always Hilly to deliver Hussein’s 3rd Term final death blow as the stop-gap to prosperity!

...Enjoy Christmas shopping.
That’s “Holiday” shopping for you Leftists, Socialists, Communists, Atheists and Progressive Democrats.….But still watch your backs, the Terrorists didn’t get your memo!...

The decadent LEFTISTs were the 1st to populate the CAMPs and hit the Gas Showers in NAZI Germany before the Jews were totally collected into cattle cars for the 1-way trip East!....Sound familiar?

....Merry Christmas….and splurge, serve Ham for the holidays
in honor of all the pork Washington buys on our credit cards


For the sake of discussion, let's just suppose that if someone wanted to take over the United States of America without a shot being fired,

 and with no one knowing about it or even questioning it, "Book of Secrets" stuff, like, oh let's say;

 "taking-out Kennedy", well there was a few shots but I'm speaking in terms of secret WAR, or,

Adolf Hitler actually living-out his life undiscovered in South America, earth-quaking clandestine secrets, how would they do it?

Or further, how better and more quickly to accomplish it?.....Hmmmm?

......Maybe seal their own personal records, but with the authorization and help of whom,

......put key people in specific Cabinet positions to remain unchallenged and undiscovered,

......create law from unconstitutional thin-air with the stroke of a pen, totally side-stepping the other 2 branches of the US Government,

......every decision made in a manner contrary and opposite of any other US President to the point where journalists, legislators and 1/2 of the citizens of the US who utter the words: "why would Barack Hussein Obama want to do this, or that" becomes so commonplace that it is now a rudimentary daily norm and unspectacular,

…..utilize deception, illusion and misdirection with such magician-worthy mastery and guile to rival Houdini and Copperfield, but this “no cheap trick” with real life and death consequences,

…..issue Executive Actions and edicts to extinguish and nullify the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the US Constitution, with such regularity that no one’s surprised or astonished that such an event would be even considered or debated,

…..what further could be done to accomplish this unquestionably monumental coup de tête any better? Does it take a child to declare: The Emperor has no clothes"?.....

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?......Journalists all!

Start with his 3 college transcripts before 75 years passes and your grand children's children turn to the East 5 times a day and Arabic is the official language of the United States,
because the US Congress hasn't the strength or smarts to make it English,
 but an Ayatollah will!







**No truer words have been spoken in 50 years capsulizing what the DNC, The Democrat Party, Our KEEPERs are all about to keep POWER in their manufactured declining American Status Quo;

I've Been Properly Credited for Coining the Term
"Undocumented Democrats"

December 22, 2015

Listen to it Button



RUSH: The Weekly Standard has a piece in it that, very, very rarely has this ever happened to me.  In fact, I can't ever remember it happening.  I'm sure it has, 'cause it's been 27 years I've been doing this.  The headline of this -- and it's not a hit piece.  It's not a criticism.  The headline's gonna mislead you.  The headline is:  "No, Ted Cruz Did Not Invent the Term 'Undocumented Democrat.”

Rush Limbaugh is progress:

“But I'll tell you what it is.  It's a subtle move by Cruz because it's the only reason that the Democrats support this.  It's not compassion.  It's not humanitarianism.  It's none of that.  I'll say it again.  The Democrat Party requires a dependent and permanent underclass.

Now, people in that underclass can improve and move out of it, but they need to be replaced. 
The Democrat Party cannot survive if the population as a whole improves itself economically to the point of not being dependent on government. 

If that were to ever happen, it'd be the end of the Democrat Party as we know it today.  So they need a permanent underclass.  They need permanent poor people, uneducated people, and the greater challenge speaking English, the better.  The more dependent, the less educated, the less worldly, the better.  It doesn't matter what the impact on the country is.  All that matters is keeping Democrats in power.  'Cause the Democrats know they're never gonna live where these people live.  So they're never gonna be affected by this, in their own thinking, in their own minds. 

They're never gonna live in barrios. They're never gonna live in ghettos. They're never gonna live in inner cities. They're not gonna live where these people that they bring in the country are gonna end up being.  And they're not gonna hire them, not gonna be around 'em at all.  That's for the rest of us to deal with.  They're gonna be insulated, but they need that permanent underclass.  That's why I proposed, "Hey, look, I would support amnesty, I will join the Democrats, I will join, I will change. In fact I promised to do this, I promised to guarantee a shift in support among my listeners, sizable number, if amnesty had a lasting provision in it that no recipient of amnesty could vote for 25 years."  Call it a poison pill, I wasn't doing anything other than illustrating the truth. 

You put in a provision that the newly amnetized, for lack all of better term, can't vote for 25 years, and, bingo, Democrats stop caring about them.  There's no compassion.  There's no humanitarianism.  Not one person, Republican or Democrat, ever called me on that.  And let me tell you something.  If I were at any day in the future to announce that I've changed my mind and now support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship with no provisos, they'll be all over me.  They'll call, they'll ask me to join them doing things here, they will celebrate; all of a sudden I become one of the greatest guys in the country.  But when I threw in the requirement they can't vote for 25 years, I was universally, totally ignored by everybody, Democrat, Republican, independent, communist, fascist, socialist, you name it, I didn't hear from one.”






Everi Mann on FaceBook: Hey, ban all Public schools permanently!

There's nothing that isn't insulting about the entire system for the past 40 years;
inflated taxes that don't go to our children and are misappropriated by bureaucracies,

no uniform baselines of proficiency short of their NAZI salute to the Unions,

no teacher’s internal standards of personal decency or oath to positions of authority, including failing on Sex Education and LIFE, short of condom dispensary and instruction to 5th graders. to a National mum’s the word & blind eye to selling baby body parts, much less children having children and all that that entails,

no duty to the Flag and country, or duty to their profession and craft, forget about building strength of character or physical strength, these kids are just plain stupid,

for accepting mediocrity and passing through their own failures to their Charges that eventually cost all society trillion$, destroys futures and dreams to fill prisons, or die from drugs or bullets on American city streets,

for providing dangerous environments impossible to support learning, or teaching for that matter,

Meccas’ of prayer, but to only 1 God & No GOD,

can’t even teach 3R’s at minimum for the State as well as they propagandizing for their own state-of-mind,

too afraid to kick a baseball, short of kicking kid’s lunches into the basket,

and here’s the best part, win, win, win,
the money saved from No School Taxes will afford “School Choice” for parents to all the new and better Private schools for a “net savings and return on investment” for everyone, including the GOOD teachers!

Some can play “You’re-It” at recess and
 dress their kids as angels for the Christmas Play,


and other can pray or prey and strap suicide-vests on
 for whatever ceremony they’d like
= The American Way!


With a good American education you wind-up with this!

Maybe the Muslims could teach us one or two things, without removing heads or taking-over the world?

Dodgeball or Tag anyone?



Why We Fight: War Comes to America


Why We Fight: War Comes to America [1945] Frank Capra


Beating the: “Fix-is-in-the-bag”, odds-on DEM’s nasty Dynasty;
TRUMP / RUBIO? = The Party faithful

TRUMP / CRUZ? = The Party unfaithful

TRUMP / KASICH? = Unions, Indys, DEMS and Illegals

TRUMP / CARSON? = Other Party's faithful

TRUMP / FIORINA? = maybe everyone? 




Facts by Bill Shelton, paraphrased:

"Try to keep this in mind; Donald Trump did not steal your money.

Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazzi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

Trump did not betray Israel.

Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Trump did not give our military secrets to China.

Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.

Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans.

Trump did not cripple our economy.

Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.

Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.

Trump did not double African American unemployment.

Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.

Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans.

Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamo bay.

Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason 100’s of times.

Trump is not stirring a race war;

Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, the criminals occupying our government, and the MEDIA are the Democratic Party.





Trump; an easy choice for DEMs
 if you want your family and your country to be safer in 2017 than yesterday,
today or the day after November 4th, 2016, if Hillary or another Democrat invades the White House,

and also if you’d like a real-paying 40-hour min. jobs again to regain your self-respect
by finally working for America’s private Investors and Entrepreneurs,
not US Government Green-Boondoggles and soul-controlling Welfare handouts,
and for your personal integrity with the economic-security for your family once again
to contribute to the once greatest country in recorded history, the United States of America,
plus, in order to keep a lion’s share of your hard earnings for yourself!

As far as the DEM’s and/or Hillary’s “only chance” to capture the Presidency
with once again: “destroy thine enemy”,
rather than just tell the American people “exactly what” she can do to save America’s economy
after years of following her husband’s Second Term efforts,

that’s after the genuine achievements of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America juggernaut
forcing his hand to the center-right,
and with Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State’s great wisdom and accomplishments
to restore America’s greatness, sovereignty and security as the most powerful,
well-staffed, well-trained and well-equipped military nation on this earth again,

as she simultaneously escapes her Achilles’ Heels with Benghazi offences
and jeopardizing US National Security with her “personal Server”
designed to hide Clinton Foundation “direct-influence, slush fund, Quid Pro Quo” donations,
with other than her Clintonian Sticks’n Stones campaign as usual,
 if that’s all she’s got LEFT!


Hussein Obama yet again commutes another 58 Choirboys, totaling 306 gangsters,
(double that of the last 6 US Presidents combined),
in addition to thousands of ex-cons, illegals and illegal alien-felons
given Hussein’s DOJ “Get-Out-Of-Jail” cards over the past 7 years from Federal and State facilities,

in all humanity,
Hussein’s DOJ will ditch the terms; Felon and Convict,
which hurts the feelings of these unfortunate and unlucky, misunderstood miscreants
who made their personal choices to steal, commit heinous mayhem on minors and American society,
including murder,
to: “person who committed a crime”, or “person who was incarcerated”.

So hide your loved ones, your wallets, your guns and your dog!
Another liberal tsunami is about to engulf and wash-away
the last vestiges of America’s heritage and unique greatness.




Go ahead, you finicky-farty GOP establishment Whigs, you poor-sports and Republicans ne'er-do-wells,
who sat home and voted for Hussein maybe twice, you dolts,
just sit it there and help put another Commie into the White House,
as if a Muslim Marxist-mole wasn’t bad enough,
you really need the barbarians-at-the-gates to wake-up and pay attention…

….It’s actually already too late you twits, now put the last nail in your own coffins
because you don’t like something about Trump?.....Boo hoo, stick yourself with a fork, you’re done!  

It’s never been about Trump, it’s about a miracle gone and you’ve helped!

FYI: there’s never been a “Free Lunch”,…
your neighbor and his dead patriot-soldier son paid for it!




The very fact that in 2016-United States of America there’s even any rational discussion
of the logical choice for President of the World necessary,
most aptly illustrates just how screwed-up America is right now;

1) an opportunistic, under-achieving, unaccomplished carpetbagger,
continually riding upon her husband’s shoulders
while selling-influence and selling-out the American people,

2) or a socialist, in America no less, enough said,

and 3)
a successful billionaire businessman who doesn’t need the money
or the hassle of a thankless job
that always adds 15 years to one’s hair color,

for the insurmountable task that only a businessman could perform
the complete renovation and restoration of an economy in such tenuous peril,
$19 trillion in RED ink, awash with $220 Trillion +  “unfunded liabilities”,
where’s the unquestionable question?

Talk about an “Underground economy”,
Benghazi Rose and her slick husband’s: ‘we were broke when we left the White House’,
have nothing to show for specifically how they amassed $100’s of million$ for doing what,

aside from pilfering 80% of their supposed “charity” foundation piggy-bank,
this is a “surreptitious clandestine economy” built on treachery, guile and deceit,
and most assuredly through espionage and treason
against the uninformed and/or uneducated apathetic and fed-up “taxpayers” of the United States of America!

[Hillary Clinton Shapes Potential New Role for Bill Clinton …
Mrs. Clinton told voters in Kentucky on Sunday that Mr. Clinton would be “in charge of revitalizing the economy,
because, you know, he knows how to do it,” especially “in places like coal country and inner cities.”]

The New York Times

Where’s the unquestionable question?

PS, Bill’s 1st Term was Republican Newt Gingrich’s brainchild,

and Bill’s 2nd Term was his own,
too busy checking-out other figures in the Oval Office,
 and his DEMs who handed-over an economy headed-south into the RED

 to the Republican George W. Bush, whose "Bush Tax Cuts" saved our assets again!



Soldiers Got Stuck At Airport,
Learned Secret About Trump That No One Knew

Posted on May 20, 2016 by Alisha Rich

During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, two-hundred US Marines were put into quite the predicament
when their flight home was cancelled. They were stuck at an airport in North Carolina. However,
while they were there, they learned about one of Donald Trump’s secrets that no one seems to know,
but thankfully, one of those Marines is now speaking out.

Corporal Ryan Stickney and 200 other US Marines were stranded in North Carolina after their fight home was cancelled
due to a logistical error. As a result of their delay, they were unable to get to their home state of Florida as they had hoped.
However, Donald Trump heard of their problem and quickly stepped in, doing something that no liberal would want you to know.

At some point, Donald Trump heard about the Marines’ situation, and he immediately stepped in to help.
Instead of going on with his day, he devised a plan that allowed for one of his private jets to go to the North Carolina airport
and transport the stranded service members home. In total, the plane made two trips to Florida in order to transport all of them home.

“The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us,”
Stickney explained, according to Biz Pac Review.
“And that’s all we knew….I remember asking ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ I truly didn’t know anything about him.”


Stickney is now speaking up and thanking Donald Trump for his kindness on that difficult day for so many men.
“It may not seem like much to most people, but it was very important to a bunch of jar heads
and more importantly their families waiting for them on the hot tarmac,” said Stickney, according to Hannity.

“I have not seen a Clinton or Sanders plane, or anything else for that matter, sent to support the troops,” Stickney added.

I feel it should be pointed out that Trump provided this kind gesture to these Marines fifteen years ago,
but he kept what he did private. It just goes to prove that he may be a bit more understanding of God’s word than liberals would like to admit.
As Matthew 6:1 states, “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them.
If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”

Donald Trump could easily be called a hero for doing what he did for those Marines on that day.
Although he may have a few secrets in his closet, as everyone does,
this was by far one of the kindest things any presidential candidate has ever done for service members 
– far before a campaign was ever even considered.

I think that should show America how Trump has the character a president should have.

New York teen who vanished in 2009 likely held captive, killed - FBI

The ills of a progressive, weak, permissive liberal society, that condones and allows this rampant perpetual carnage and insanity
all in the name of free choice, free will, free love, free murdering of unborn, no judgements, no moral authority = progress,
can all be solved in the simple "pull of a lever", or the "mire threat",

else your daughters or wives may fall prey to the same endless depravities NEXT......WHY must we tolerate this?

Spit gum of the streets of Singapore = 40 lashes = no gum on the streets.
Rape a little boy or girl, or woman in America = 3 months confinement or suspended sentence.
Be a celebrity murderer or assassin = get out of jail card!

Be an illegal alien-murderer, sheltered in a sanctimonious city, caught by ICE thru bad luck = released into general society,
move to California, get a driver's license and vote for Hillary Clinton and any Democrat on the ballot.

Judeo-Christian Ethic, US Constitution, 10 Commandments and Rule of Law in America is dead
depending on how DEMs interpret it, or who you know in government; It just depends on what (IS) is?


Eye for an eye, Life for a life = safe women and children = PROGRESS!


Amnesty for all in a "Borderless World"...Ya sure, long as DEMs & RINOs liberally spend US Taxpayer's money
to pay for everyone and anyone, inc. criminals crossing US borders
who continue to "VOTE DEMOCRAT" for all the freebies....



  A few "Pearls of Wisdom" from Rush Limbaugh...
June 20, 2016

Email Question:
How Can Liberals Hate Us More Than They Hate the Terrorists?

June 20, 2016

RUSH: Here's the email.  "Dear Maha:  I need you to explain this to me.  I don't get how any American can actively lie to themselves and to us about the obvious threats of Islamic radical Muslim terrorism.  I know that you've told us that liberals and progressives hate us more than they hate the real threat of terrorism, but that doesn't fully explain their behavior.  I know the number one tenet in their playbook is to never let a crisis go to waste and advancing their agenda. But that pales when we are considering lives of Americans." Well, it should, but it doesn't.

What else do you think else is happening here? "Mr. Limbaugh, they're now scrubbing the 911 calls made by the Muslim who killed homosexuals in Orlando.  Loretta Lynch goes on Sunday shows and -- as the attorney general -- blames the guns and the gun sellers. ….


"All elected Democrats are deflecting the real issues to get us all focused on guns.  The FBI, the CIA, ICE, Homeland Security, are as in the dark and hamstrung from stopping anything as we were when we were attacked a decade ago on 9/11.  They're able to totally ignore the fact that Muslims hate us.  They hate homosexuals.  They hate women.  They abuse children.  They hate Jews.  They want us all to die.  By doing so, they put every American's life at risk.  Islamic terrorists.  I do not get that all Democrats, every single person within the government, the entire Drive-By Media are in agreement with this." …..


 And that's when things were collegial. You know, when the Republicans didn't run the House for 40 years, had 135 members, and no matter what, they didn't have the votes to stop anything.  Of course everybody got along.  And that was when the Republicans agreed to be the minority party and everybody in the establishment got to hunker down and be in their little elite club with their assigned roles.  All of that changed with Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was actually the beginning of the change. 

Conservatism was implemented, which created magical economic conditions.  Everything Reagan succeeded at, disproved every liberal theory there.  That scared the heck out of them.  When Reagan was in office throughout his two terms -- and afterward to this day -- the efforts to revise what happened in the 1980s have been ongoing.  All of the great job creation, the reduction in debt -- deficit/debt -- the reduction in interest rates, the rapid rise in unemployment, wage increases. People accruing wealth, people's standard of living skyrocketing upward. 

That scared the heck out of the left!  They had to say that that wasn't really what happened.  They had to portray that as false and phony and it didn't really happen, and so that's when we started hearing things about, "We had too big a party! Our life was too good! It was so good; it wasn't real. It was all fake, and now the bill has come due, and we have to have this major credit card payment that we've gotta make."  That's how Sam Donaldson and the media kept portraying in the eighties. 

There has been a constant effort, never-ending effort since then to diminish, obscure, lie about all of the prosperity, all of the great things that happened in this country in the 1980s. And after Reagan left office, the Berlin Wall coming down, the implosion of the Soviet Union.  The hits just kept on coming. And every one of them, if they'd have been allowed to stand and if they had permeated the body politic, it would have been the end of liberalism as a dominating ideological, political force.  They couldn't abide that!

They set out on a policy of personal destruction of every potentially successful conservative.  Robert Bork is the first name that comes to mind.  And since then, any conservative, any Republican who has shown any ability whatsoever to persuade large groups of people has summarily been targeted for destruction and has been, in many ways -- image-wise, reputation-wise -- destroyed.  What this has produced is a 40-year drumbeat, never ending of total degradation of conservatism and Republicanism. 

People have not been able to escape it.  It was all over the Drive-By Media.  It dominated Democrat Party policy, politics, and statements.  Bill Clinton on to this day. It's just worsened under Obama than it's ever been, but it's been cumulative.  Now you add the advent of this program and talk radio, the creation of the so-called conservative media. It just scared the death out of them.  This conservative blogosphere, websites and so forth. Newspapers begin to lose audience; traditional network news shows started losing viewers. Ad revenue in both places plummeting.  Sheer panic set in. 

They doubled their efforts to destroy anybody who had any credibility in the conservative side of things and because there was a lack of response to a lot of this throughout all of these 40 years.  Now let's add to it social media.  Fakebook, Twitter, you name it. If you are not familiar with what goes on there, you need to somehow familiarize yourself with it, because every day it is a nuclear explosion on how rotten, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and all the other horrible things conservatives are and conservatism is. 

And when you have low-information people, low-information voters -- average, ordinary people not steeped or devoted to political matters -- each and every day reading that stuff, they can't help but absorb it, because it is an explosion every day.  It's a never-ending assault. …..

**** Read Rush’s entire brilliant and impassioned Post transcript;
learn, copy and keep handing-out copies to everyone you care about until and before
the DEMOCRAT Party has irreparably and irrefutably changed and destroyed our free United States of America forever,
so many before us have suffered and died to defend and protect for 240 years.

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Donald J. Trump


Today I‘d like to share my thoughts about the stakes in this election.

People have asked me why I am running for President.

I have built an amazing business that I love and I get to work side-by-side with my children every day.

We come to work together and turn visions into reality.

We think big, and then we make it happen.

I love what I do, and I am grateful beyond words to the nation that has allowed me to do it.

So when people ask me why I am running, I quickly answer: I am running to give back to this country which has been so good to me.

When I see the crumbling roads and bridges, or the dilapidated airports, or the factories moving overseas to Mexico, or to other countries, I know these problems can all be fixed, but not by Hillary Clinton – only by me.

The fact is, we can come back bigger and better and stronger than ever before --Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Everywhere I look, I see the possibilities of what our country could be. But we can’t solve any of these problems by relying on the politicians who created them.

We will never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who rigged it in the first place.

The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and in the money.

That’s why we’re asking Bernie Sanders’ voters to join our movement: so together we can fix the system for ALL Americans. Importantly, this includes fixing all of our many disastrous trade deals.

Because it’s not just the political system that’s rigged. It’s the whole economy.

It’s rigged by big donors who want to keep down wages.

It’s rigged by big businesses who want to leave our country, fire our workers, and sell their products back into the U.S. with absolutely no consequences for them.

It’s rigged by bureaucrats who are trapping kids in failing schools.

It’s rigged against you, the American people.

Hillary Clinton who, as most people know, is a world class liar –

just look at her pathetic email and server statements, or her phony landing in Bosnia where she said she was under attack but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers, a total self-serving lie.[1]

Brian Williams’ career was destroyed for saying far less.

Yesterday, she even tried to attack me and my many businesses. But here is the bottom line: I started off in Brooklyn New York, not so long ago, with a small loan and built a business worth over 10 billion dollars. I have always had a talent for building businesses and, importantly, creating jobs. That is a talent our country desperately needs.

I am running for President to end the unfairness and to put you, the American worker, first.

We are going to put America First, and we are going to Make America Great again.

This election will decide whether we are ruled by the people, or by the politicians.

Here is my promise to the American voter:

If I am elected President, I will end the special interest monopoly in Washington, D.C.

The other candidate in this race has spent her entire life making money for special interests – and taking money from special interests.

Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft.

She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund – doing favors for oppressive regimes, and many others, in exchange for cash.

Then, when she left, she made $21.6 million giving speeches to Wall Street banks and other special interests – in less than 2 years – secret speeches that she does not want to reveal to the public. [2] [3]

Together, she and Bill made $153 million giving speeches to lobbyists, CEOs, and foreign governments in the years since 2001.[4]

They totally own her, and that will never change.

The choice in this election is a choice between taking our government back from the special interests, or surrendering our last scrap of independence to their total and complete control.

Those are the stakes.

Hillary Clinton wants to be President. But she doesn't have the temperament, or, as Bernie Sanders' said, the judgement, to be president.

She believes she is entitled to the office.

Her campaign slogan is “I’m with her.”

You know what my response to that is? I’m with you: the American people.

She thinks it’s all about her.

I know it’s all about you – I know it’s all about making America Great Again for All Americans.

Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people first.

We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy.

We reward companies for offshoring, and we punish companies for doing business in America and keeping our workers employed.

This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats.

This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs.

We need to reform our economic system so that, once again, we can all succeed together, and America can become rich again.

That’s what we mean by America First.

Our country will be better off when we start making our own products again, bringing our once great manufacturing capabilities back to our shores.

Our Founders understood this.

One of the first major bills signed by George Washington called for “the encouragement and protection of manufactur[ing]” in America.[5]

Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned us by saying:

“The abandonment of the protective policy by the American government will produce want and ruin among our people.”[6]

I have visited the cities and towns across America and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton supported Bill Clinton’s disastrous NAFTA, just like she supported China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization.[7]

We’ve lost nearly one-third of our manufacturing jobs since these two Hillary-backed agreements were signed.[8]

Our trade deficit with China soared 40% during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State -- a disgraceful performance for which she should not be congratulated, but rather scorned.[9]

Then she let China steal hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property – a crime which is continuing to this day.[10]

Hillary Clinton gave China millions of our best jobs, and effectively let China completely rebuild itself.

In return, Hillary Clinton got rich!


 The book Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweitzer, documents how Bill and Hillary used the State Department to enrich their family at America’s expense.

She gets rich making you poor.

Here is a quote from the book: “At the center of US policy toward China was Hillary Clinton…at this critical time for US-china relations, Bill Clinton gave a number of speeches that were underwritten by the Chinese government and its supporters.”

These funds were paid to the Clinton bank account while Hillary was negotiating with China on behalf of the United States.[11]

She sold out our workers, and our country, for Beijing.

Hillary Clinton has also been the biggest promoter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will ship millions more of our jobs overseas – and give up Congressional power to an international foreign commission.[12]

Now, because I have pointed out why it would be such a disastrous deal, she is pretending that she is against it. She has even deleted this record of total support from her book – deletion is something she is very good at -- (at least 30,000 emails are missing.)[13]

But this latest Clinton cover-up doesn’t change anything: if she is elected president, she will adopt the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and we will lose millions of jobs and our economic independence for good. She will do this, just as she has betrayed the American worker on trade at every single stage of her career – and it will be even worse than the Clintons’ NAFTA deal.

I want trade deals, but they have to be great for the United States and our workers.

We don't make great deals anymore, but we will once I become president.

It’s not just our economy that’s been corrupted, but our foreign policy too.

The Hillary Clinton foreign policy has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars – and unleashed ISIS across the world.

No Secretary of State has been more wrong, more often, and in more places than Hillary Clinton.

Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.

Among the victims is our late Ambassador, Chris Stevens. He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed -- that's right, when the phone rang at 3 o'clock in the morning, she was sleeping.

Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Libya made hundreds of requests for security.[14]

Hillary Clinton’s State Department refused them all.

She started the war that put him in Libya, denied him the security he asked for, then left him there to die.

To cover her tracks, Hillary lied about a video being the cause of his death.[15]

Here is what one of the victim’s mothers had to say:

“I want the whole world to know it: she lied to my face, and you don’t want this person to be president.”[16]

In 2009, before Hillary Clinton was sworn in, it was a different world.

Libya was cooperating.

Iraq was seeing a reduction in violence.

Syria was under control.

Iran was being choked by sanctions.

Egypt was governed by a friendly regime that honored its peace treaty with Israel.

ISIS wasn’t even on the map.

Fast forward to 2013: In just four years, Secretary Clinton managed

to almost single-handedly destabilize the entire Middle East.

Her invasion of Libya handed the country over to the ISIS barbarians.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is now the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East, and on the road to nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton’s support for violent regime change in Syria has thrown the country into one of the bloodiest civil wars anyone has ever seen – while giving ISIS a launching pad for terrorism against the West.[17]

She helped force out a friendly regime in Egypt and replace it with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian military has retaken control, but Clinton has opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam.

Then, there was the disastrous strategy of announcing our departure date from Iraq, handing large parts of the country over to ISIS killers.[18]

ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made.

ISIS also threatens peaceful Muslims across the Middle East, and peaceful Muslims across the world, who have been terribly victimized by horrible brutality – and who only want to raise their kids in peace and safety.

In short, Hillary Clinton’s tryout for the presidency has produced one deadly foreign policy disaster after another.

It all started with her bad judgment in supporting the War in Iraq in the first place.[19]

Though I was not in government service, I was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war, and yes, even before the war ever started.[20]

But Hillary Clinton learned nothing from Iraq, because when she got into power, she couldn’t wait to rush us off to war in Libya.

She lacks the temperament, the judgment and the competence to lead.

In the words of a Secret Service agent posted outside the Oval Office:

“She simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office
…from the bottom of my soul, I know this to be true…

Her leadership style – volcanic, impulsive…disdainful of the rules set for everyone else – hasn’t changed a bit.”[21]

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is that she refuses to acknowledge the threat posed by Radical Islam.

In fact, Hillary Clinton supports a radical 550% increase in Syrian refugees coming into the United States, and that's an increase over President Obama's already very high number.[22]

Under her plan, we would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on Earth – with no way to screen who they are or what they believe.[23] [24]

Already, hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorist activity inside the U.S.[25]

The father of the Orlando shooter was a Taliban supporter from Afghanistan, one of the most repressive anti-gay and anti-women regimes on Earth.[26]

I only want to admit people who share our values and love our people.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death.

Maybe her motivation lies among the more than 1,000 foreign donations Hillary failed to disclose while at the State Department.[27]

Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.

Here is some more of what we learned from the book, Clinton Cash:

A foreign telecom giant faced possible State Department sanctions for providing technology to Iran, and other oppressive regimes. So what did this company do? For the first time ever, they decided to pay Bill Clinton $750,000 for a single speech. The Clintons got their cash, the telecom company escaped sanctions.[28]

Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while 9 investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.[29]

Hillary Clinton appointed a top donor to a national security board with top secret access – even though he had no national security credentials.[30]

Hillary Clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei when she was Secretary of State – plus millions more for her foundation. The Sultan of Brunei has pushed oppressive Sharia law, including the punishment of death by stoning for being gay. The government of Brunei also stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Hillary’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she would absolutely approve if given the chance. [31]

Hillary Clinton took up to $25 million from Saudi Arabia, where being gay is also punishable by death.[32]

Hillary took millions from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and many other countries that horribly abuse women and LGBT citizens.[33]

To cover-up her corrupt dealings, Hillary Clinton illegally stashed her State Department emails on a private server.

Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments – perhaps even by her financial backers in Communist China – putting all of America in danger.[34]

Then there are the 33,000 emails she deleted.[35]

While we may not know what is in those deleted emails, our enemies probably do.

So they probably now have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be President of the United States.

This fact alone disqualifies her from the Presidency.

We can’t hand over our government to someone whose deepest, darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies.

National security is also immigration security – and Hillary wants neither.

Hillary Clinton has put forward the most radical immigration platform in the history of the United States.

She has pledged to grant mass amnesty and in her first 100 days, end virtually all immigration enforcement, and thus create totally open borders in the United States.[36]

The first victims of her radical policies will be poor African-American and Hispanic workers who need jobs. They are the ones she will hurt the most.

Let me share with you a letter our campaign received from Mary Ann Mendoza.

She lost her amazing son, Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, after he was killed by an illegal immigrant because of the open borders policies supported by Hillary Clinton.[37]

Sadly, the Mendoza family is just one of thousands who have suffered the same fate.

Here is an excerpt from Mrs. Mendoza’s letter:

“Hillary Clinton, who already has the blood of so many on her hands, is now announcing that she is willing to put each and every one of our lives in harms’ way – an open door policy to criminals and terrorists to enter our country. Hillary is not concerned about you or I, she is only concerned about the power the presidency would bring to her. She needs to go to prison to pay for the crimes she has already committed against this country.”

Hillary also wants to spend hundreds of billions to resettle Middle Eastern refugees in the United States, on top of the current record level of immigration.

For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.

Hillary’s Wall Street immigration agenda will keep immigrant communities poor, and unemployed Americans out of work. She can’t claim to care about African-American and Hispanic workers when she wants to bring in millions of new low-wage workers to compete against them.

Here are a few things a Trump Administration will do for America in the first 100 days:

Appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution. Hillary Clinton’s radical judges will virtually abolish the 2nd amendment.

Change immigration rules to give unemployed Americans an opportunity to fill good-paying jobs

Stand up to countries that cheat on trade, of which there are many

Cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas

Lift restrictions on energy production

Repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare -- it is a disaster.

Pass massive tax reform to create millions of new jobs.

Impose tough new ethics rules to restore dignity to the Office of Secretary of State.

There is one common theme in all of these reforms.

It’s going to be America First.

This is why the stakes in November are so great.

On Election Day, the politicians stand trial before the people.

The voters are the jury. Their ballots are the verdict. We don’t need or want another Clinton or Obama.

Come November, the American people will have a chance to issue a verdict on the politicians that have sacrificed their security, betrayed their prosperity, and sold out their country.

They will have a chance to vote for a new agenda with big dreams, bold ideas and enormous possibilities for the American people.

Hillary Clinton’s message is old and tired. Her message is that can’t change.

My message is that things have to change – and this is our one chance do it. This is our last chance to do it.

Americans are the people that tamed the West, that dug out the Panama Canal, that sent satellites across the solar system that built the great dams, and so much more.

Then we started thinking small.

We stopped believing in what America could do, and became reliant on other countries, other people, and other institutions.

We lost our sense of purpose, and daring.

But that’s not who we are.

Come this November, we can bring America back – bigger and better, and stronger than ever.

We will build the greatest infrastructure on the planet earth – the roads and railways and airports of tomorrow.

Our military will have the best technology and finest equipment – we will bring it back all the way.

Massive new factories will come roaring into our country – breathing life and hope into our communities.

Inner cities, which have been horribly abused by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, will finally be rebuilt.

Construction is what I know -- nobody knows it better.

The real wages for our workers have not been raised for 18 years -- but these wages will start going up, along with the new jobs. Hillary’s massive taxation, regulation and open borders will destroy jobs and drive down wages for everyone.

We are also going to be supporting our police and law enforcement -- we can never forget the great job they do.

I am also going to appoint great Supreme Court Justices.

Our country is going to start working again.

People are going to start working again.

Parents are going to start dreaming big for their children again – including parents in our inner cities.

Americans are going to start believing in the future or our country.

We are going to make America rich again.

We are going to make America safe again.

We are going to make America Great Again – and Great Again For EVERYONE.


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Secret Service Agent Said 'Good Morning' To Hillary, Check Out Her Nasty Response
Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne's book
"Crisis of Character" hits bookshelves on Tuesday. The book details his experience with the first couple during his tenure as a secret service officer during the presidency of Bill Clinton. Byrne offers dozens of accounts of obscenity-filled rages and violent behavior of the former first lady, but one story in particular stands out as a prime example of the contempt in which Hillary held those who worked for her.

Hillary's Response to agent's "Good morning"

During his interview on Monday's Sean Hannity Show, Gary Byrne told a story that "always bothered him the most" about his time with the Clintons--a polite gesture from a fellow secret service agent that was met with an incredibly nasty response from Hillary...(
continue reading)



Select Committee on Benghazi Releases Proposed Report

July 2, 2016

Judge Jeanine: “Does Loretta Lynch think we're stupid?”
“For the 1st time in the history of this great nation the person about to become the
democratic nominee for President of the United States was interrogated by the FBI today
as part of an ongoing, yearlong, Federal criminal investigation”,



"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political,

economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,

for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

-Joseph Goebbels

The best the DNC provides US for next Commander-in-Chief...Now our enemies will fear US!







Unless you are an effete elitist on either side or in either Party,
if Sheriff Clarke, Chris Christy, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, the Trump kids
and Donald Trump didn’t open your eyes, heart and mind with an epiphany
to the only person who can Save America now
you are already lost and hopeless!

And if the traitorous imperious usurper wins
enjoy your mediocrity and permanent danger for your lifetime!! (7-21-16)

Hide your guns and what money you may have left, she is coming for them
with the HELP of her Supreme-less Court!!!


FULL Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida (7-27-16)
Donald Trump Florida Rally Speech, yet Hillary hiding from Press for 235 days



The 13th amendment, which formally abolished slavery in the United States,
passed the Senate on April 8, 1864, and the House on January 31, 1865.


On July 28, 1868, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.
The amendment grants citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States"
which included former slaves who had just been freed after the Civil War.

The 15th amendment granted African American men the right to vote
passed by Congress February 26, 1869, and ratified February 3, 1870.

                          DEMOCRAT   VS.  REPUBLICAN
13th Amendment  Vote               GOP: 100% SUPPORTS  IT

14TH Amendment Vote                GOP: 100% SUPPORT S  IT
"US CITIZENSHIP and                 DEM: 100% AGAINST  IT

15TH Amendment Vote                GOP: 100% SUPPORT S  IT
he RIGHT TOO VOTE"            DEM: 100% AGAINST  IT










The Shaming of the Never Trumpers

September 07, 2016

Listen to it Button



RUSH: I said earlier during the speech and in my momentary commentary during the speech that Trump's speech is actually a great introduction or transition for what I intended to lead the program or intend to lead the program with today.  And this is gonna be a real challenge for me, I have to tell you, because I have here a column that I would love to read to you in entirety and I can't because it is 10 pages long.  It prints out to 10 pages.  So I spent a lot of time this morning highlighting those parts that I really want to focus on. 

And, if I had to synthesize the description of this, the column appears at the Claremont website, Claremont review of books, Claremont University.  They are a highly respected conservative organization.  Dr. Larry Arnn, who runs Hillsdale College, used to run Claremont.  And there's a piece by somebody who is not using his name in the byline.  He's using the name of a famous Roman, Publius Decius Mus, seeking to be anonymous here.  This piece is a shaming of the conservative intellectuals that comprise the Never Trump movement. 

It is shot between the eyes of conservative intellectuals who say that Trump is beneath them. They can't stomach Trump. They can't possibly vote for Trump. It would be distastefully, personally unacceptable and so forth.  And the reason this piece appeals to me is because it validates so many of the instincts that I have had over the years, in recent months particularly,  and that I've shared with you about what is happening to the conservative movement and how conservatism's being defined, and who seeks to define it and what it means going forward. 

And there's even a term used for the conservative Never Trumpers. He calls them "the Washington Generals."  I wonder where he got that?  That happens to be my term for our side.  Specifically, the Republicans in Congress, I think I named them the Washington Generals, happy to be on the field, happy to wear the uniform, but supposed to lose and happy to do so.  And that's just a flavor. 

The piece is so good. It is just a home run, every paragraph.  So I'm gonna... Folks, this is on a par with Dr. Angelo Codevilla's ruling class versus country class piece from the American Spectator a few years ago.  The title of this piece, by the way, is "The Flight 93 Election."  What does that mean, "The Flight 93 Election"? Yeah.  I'll explain that when we get back. 


RUSH: continues……….

RUSH:  You remember Flight 93.  That's the plane on 9/11 that the passengers rushed the cockpit and captured the cockpit from the terrorists but the plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania……… 

Read Rush’s entire post at:
to recognize exactly what my book has been about and what PROP-86 will empower US citizens to save America for themselves and their children.


RUSH: continues……….

"A Hillary presidency will be pedal-to-the-metal on the entire Progressive-left agenda, plus items few of us have yet imagined in our darkest moments. Nor is even that the worst. It will be coupled with a level of vindictive persecution against resistance and dissent hitherto seen in the supposedly liberal West." 

What he's saying is, with this, is that, look, it's not bad enough that they're advancing their leftist progressive agenda unstoppably.  What they're gonna do if she wins, they're gonna get into vindictive persecution, and they're gonna take out, they're gonna do everything they can to destroy any and all opposition.  And he cites evidence like Obama and the IRS and a couple of other examples. 

He's basically saying, you think that you're gonna continue to have your platform if Hillary Clinton gets elected, you think you're gonna continue to have your platform to continue to criticize Hillary, don't count on it.  They're gonna come for you.  They're gonna come for all of us.  They don't want any opposition.  They're tired of playing the game that they have a legitimate opponent.  They don't think they do, the left, this guy's opinion. 

They think they're on the cusp of getting rid of all opposition and the election of Hillary Clinton will tell them that they have gotten rid of all opposition, and they're gonna make it official by getting rid of any dissent.  That's what this guy's theory is.  And it's time people woke up and realized what's at stake, is what he's trying to do with -- my interpretation, but I think I'm fairly close. 

"We see this already in the censorship practiced by the Davoisie’s social media enablers."  We see it the way Google manipulates searches.  We see it the way Facebook manipulates their trending news items.  "We see it in the shameless propaganda tidal wave of the mainstream media; and in the personal destruction campaigns -- operated through the former and aided by the latter -- of the Social Justice Warriors. We see it in Obama’s flagrant use of the IRS to torment political opponents, the gas lighting denial by the media, and the collective shrug by everyone else.


RUSH: continues……….


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Do you want political correctness or truth?


Classy "Defender of her truth, her justice and her Pedophile";


Pull the lever for progressive-liberal GREEN world domination



US global dominance for liberty; truth, justice and the American Way!


11/7/16 ... 7:22 PM 

Is the FBI honest, the Pope Italian and the President an American,
no matter where he was really born?

the sun will rise tomorrow, with God’s help,
your mother loves you,
America was once the freest and greatest nation on earth in ancient and modern world history,

Hillary will lie and sell-out America to foreign entities, donors and governments,

Hillary’s international world-trade deals will allow foreign countries and enemies to continue to sap the economic strength, vitality and money out-of-America with her Job’s brain-drain,
making the “US brand” no better or prestigious than “Made in Micronesia” or “Made in China”,
if in fact America manufacturers anything anymore besides Solar Panels and Windmills in West Virginia,

Hillary will assign Supreme Court Judges to change the United States for generations thus making America just as strong and insignificant as Europe, Venezuela and Cuba,

Hillary will strangle “Choice” out of schools forever so your kids know better how to use a condom much better than math or science, or just embrace libertine promiscuity and liberally abort living healthy babies unabated with regularity,
Hillary will kill free-choice for your doctors and personal health decisions in favor of  her encompassing Obamacare/Hillarycare to condemn and  kill your elderly parents and eventually you too with Official objectified Death Panels,

Hillary will leave our veterans and active-duty military in perpetual “harm’s way”, the same way she left Benghazi radical Islamic Muslim terrorists, continually touted by she and Hussein as having been totally destroyed,
 to trap and murder her own employees,

Hillary’s DOJ, IRS and FBI will continue to protect her back with every anti-American radical action,
and target American conservatives, Republicans and any US citizens not Party to her image of America, with a total Commie’s against NAZI’s systematic slash & burn policy to purge every dissenting voice and vote from Talk-Radio, Cable-TV, conservative MEDIA, of which there’s little, and from the US Capitol and government and military so “Freedom of Speech” will be as obsolete as will the 2nd,  4th and 14th US Amendments as Illegal aliens and unvetted radical foreign nationals and refugees flood our nation and Voting booths,

Hillary “will not” alter, edit, correct or cancel the US-financed Iranian ICBM nuclear missile program “to erase the nation of Israel from the planet earth”, and someday we’re next as radical Islam spreads to the far reaches of the globe,

and finally Hillary’s MEDIA, paid-in-full with 30 pieces of silver,
will continue to lie, skew the true and propagandize as finally proven in black & white real journalism FOH WikiLeaks’s  (friends of Hillary)to keep the Electorate dumb, blind and deaf with a cacophony of Music Industry Celebrities to mesmerize uneducated America, amply remunerated with foreign blood-money and Quid Pro Quos!

 ….Like Killer Bees to honey, always “follow the money” embezzled and misappropriated by professional Liberal Socialist’s Charity-Fronts no more ethical than (Saving the Rain Forests, Feeding and saving the American farmers, ending worldwide hunger, fixing and ending decades of carpetbaggers in Haiti),
and turning a blind-eye to Terrorism around the globe stealing young girls, Human Trafficking, committing ethic genocide on a Hitlerian-scale to entire religious nationalities and people’s, destroying world heritage Sites and coddling, fondling and spreading a philosophy of death, the antithesis of Christianity, no longer tolerated by Liberalism, Socialism and Communism.


My cell phone just rang with a recorded message and for the very first time it was entirely in Spanish…..
Press 5 for English…..Goodbye America!

Warned you in 2008, 2009 and 2010:



11/9/16...2:10 AM

  1. In reply to Megyn Kelly
    SENTRYMAN@SENTRYMANorg 9h9 hours ago

    @megynkelly Hey,U& Juan = let it go, you lost & America won! Now concentrate on real enemies to the USA. Do You JOB like mature journalists!

  1.               In reply to Megyn Kelly
    SENTRYMAN@SENTRYMANorg 11h11 hours ago

    @megynkelly We don't know how Trump will govern? Really? Did U know how a Jr. Sen from IL would ruin US economy, start race war & kiss ISIS?

    1. In reply to Megyn Kelly
      SENTRYMAN@SENTRYMANorg 8h8 hours ago

      @realDonaldTrump @megynkelly Hillary, consider you’re FIRED ....and lucky UR not in JAIL!

      Donald Trump VICTORY SPEECH |
      Full Speech as President Elect of the United States


      11-9-16 Smartest guys in the room......Rush and paste links into new window









      The Usual Suspects: Henchmen and Hench-persons
      Karma: what goes around! Hillary's own basket of adorables!

    Imagine what the 2016 US Popular Vote and the Presidential Election Map would look like
     if the compromised hyper-partisan leftist-MEDIA, according to their own E-mails 
    thank-you WikiLeaks for doing the US Journalist's job,
     if the FBI and DOJ were honestly, ethically and Constitutionally doing their jobs also?......


    Solid Deplorables


    What is the title of my book?......
    .....Of "10,000" Syrian refugees, Hussein has given the Keys to our Kingdom,
    of whom more than a few will be rotten apples coming to America and
    only 56 are Christian.......hmmm......

    Ah ha, and what is the title of my book?


GOD BLESS.....KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY..... .......................................................................................................................................... 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I. B., EIB, Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years, James Golden, Bo Snerdley, Facts (Still) Don't Care About Your Feelings: The Brutally Honest Sequel to the National Smash Hit by Ben Shapiro, American Marxism by Mark R. Levin, Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam by Vivek Ramaswamy, How I Saved the World by Jesse Watters, For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey through the White House and Beyond by Kayleigh McEnany, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America by David Horowitz, Live Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink by Sean Hannity, United States,] Powered by .