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Public Sector Unions:
Monopolies Organizing Against the Taxpayers
February 17, 2011
RUSH: This is Cory in Bryan, Ohio.  Nice to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Nice to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  All right.  I'm on a cell phone.  I'll pause as much as I can.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  I am a police officer.  I am part of a union, a public sector union, and I think what they're doing is hurting us more than it is helping us.  We should be allowed to collective bargain.  If we need to make concessions, fine, let's make concessions.  But give us the right to at least unionize. That sometimes is the only way we can keep our jobs after an election.

RUSH:  I think what the governor is proposing here is that contracts be renegotiated every year based on available funds.

CALLER:  That's fine.  Our contract where I work was up three years ago, and we extended it every year at 0% across the board, no raises, but yet our insurance would go up and everything else.

RUSH:  Here's the bottom line.  You know, I'll have to tell you something.  I have sympathy for a lot of rank-and-file union employees, and I always have had.  My beef with unions has always been the leadership and their reasons for collecting dues from members, their political activism and so forth.  But I've always had a bit of sympathy for unionized people. My whole life, I don't care what industry it is, union employees have been told that they've gotta give things back, airline pilots, stewardesses, flight attendants, whatever, nurses. It seems to be the plight of collective bargaining.  It seems to be that at whatever stage.

Union employment, private sector union employment, the percentages continue to drop.  Now in the public sector, government, state, local, federal, union workforces are expanding, of course.  But they can print money to pay people.  But in the private sector, businesses can't print money to pay people, nor can states, nor can cities, nor can towns.  You want the right to collective bargain, fine.  If that's what you want to do, that's fine.  Over the course of this program I've had people ask me, "What have you got against unions?"  Nothing!  I'm all for freedom of choice.  If you want to do a certain job and as a result you have to join a union, that's cool with me.  But understand what's going to happen when you do.  

I can remember countless discussions on this program over the years about teachers.  People would call here routinely and talk about the inequities of compensation. "How come some baseball player who can't spell and doesn't even know what school he went to is making millions of dollars, and yet the people in charge of teaching our young people make so little in comparison?" and I have attempted to answer that question.  It's very easy to explain within the context of free market principles.  It's also easy to explain that when you as an individual join a union, you are essentially saying good-bye to yourself as an individual.  You can work as hard as you want, you can be better than the next person on the line, better than the next teacher.

It  isn't gonna matter.  You're all going to make the same amount of money.  The difference is maybe you can become a foreman, maybe you can become somebody gets more overtime than someone else, but the basic wage is gonna remain what it is for whatever that contract says no matter how well you do your job -- or no matter how poorly.  Now, according to the Associated Press, Cory, Governor Walker wants to remove all collective bargaining rights except for salary for roughly 175,000 public employees starting July 1st.  So the unions in Wisconsin can still bargain for their salaries even if Walker gets everything he wants.  He's not trying to take the salary negotiation off the table.  

This is about pension and benefits, and the fact that there isn't any money.  I don't know what to tell people.  There isn't any money.  In your own home when there isn't any money, what do you do?  Do you go on strike against your own family?  What? What do you do?  Well, you go out and maybe you get a second job, or you cut back on expenses, or you change jobs and try to get a raise or what have you.  And, by the way, cops and firefighters unions are excluded from Walker's plan because he knows if they'd been included nobody would care about the teachers.  If he would have included firefighters and cops, then everybody would say, "Oh no! You don't want to take cops out! No, that'll make us unsafe and fires are gonna burn down our houses," but this is what happens when you run out of money, and when what you do individually does not matter a whit to what you earn.  That's what it is when you join a union.

RUSH: Arlington, Virginia, Sean, hi, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I just thought I'd call because I don't know a single rich teacher or a single person that's gotten rich by being a teacher, or a paper pusher at any state government agency.  Ironically, I do know plenty of people that have gotten very wealthy being cops who aren't under assault by this governor.  But I want to make one other point, too, because I went to a lot of Tea Party rallies and I heard a lot of people talking about they wanted their country back and I started thinking about what that meant, and what I thought it meant was maybe going back to a time like the fifties or sixties when one man could go out and provide a living for his family, and put a car in the driveway, and pay for his house, and provide his family with health insurance, and send his kids off to college.  And in the fifties and sixties, more people were unionized than ever before.  Since then, unions have shrunken in size, they've lost a lot of their power and now both parents have to work.  No one's teaching the kids any kind of morality at home. Nobody can afford insurance for their families anymore. I mean it's crazy how bad the status of the worker has gotten in this country since the fifties and sixties.

RUSH:  The maximum percentage of the American workforce that was ever unionized, and this is back in the forties, was 35%.  It's never been above that.  Even during the fifties and sixties, it was nowhere near that.  Are you trying to say that union membership is what led to the kind of prosperity you're talking about, you just described in the fifties? Because if it were, the unions would be the most powerful organizations in this country today, everybody would want to be a member of one.  It just isn't true.  Now, I don't want to spend time, you know, the Tea Parties getting their country
back.  It's very simple.  Reduce the size and scope of government.  It's get government out of people's lives; it's lower taxes; it's get rid of regulations; it's get the government to stop being an obstacle to freedom and prosperity and success. 

But I know what you're really getting at.  Your real question is what have I got against unions?  You just said it.  Unions, those people don't make any money, except the cops, who this guy is not targeting in Wisconsin. 

Let me put this in a political context for you.  I oppose liberalism wherever it is.  I oppose liberalism because liberalism is what has destroyed prosperity in this country. 

The rise of liberalism, the rise of public school education or indoctrination taught by liberal Marxist teachers is responsible for your precious lack of morality, plummeting morality, plummeting education scores, plummeting knowledge, your precious liberalism is responsible for it, and wherever it is,
I want it defeated, even if it is housed and headquartered in a union.

There's nothing to me sacred about a union just because it is a union, just because it may be the location of, quote, unquote, "the workers," which is a Marxist term I also object to when being applied to people who go to work in this country.  We have entrepreneurs.  We have employees.  We have associates.  Workers exist in China, in the old Soviet Union, in Korea and in Cuba. 

I think liberalism needs to be eradicated. 

And just because unions or whatever people think they are doesn't mean the liberalism of a union is hands off or untouchable to me.  If I'm gonna try to wipe out the Democrat Party in a political sense, if I think they ought to be relegated to minority status, then it only makes sense that their primary supporters also become minorities, in terms of power and status, and that would be unions. 

Does that help you understand?

RUSH: Before the 1960s, only a small portion of public school teachers were unionized.  Yes, this is in reply to the guy who called from Arlington, Virginia, who wanted to talk about how great it was in the fifties. Everybody was unionized! That's when people could have one job and pay for a house! The wife didn't work! Two cars in the garage, steaks every night on the grill.  The only problem is before the 1960s only a small portion of public teachers were unionized.  That began to change in 1959. Wisconsin, interestingly, became the first state to pass a collective bargaining law for public employees.  Over the next 20 years, most other states followed suit. 

Here's Dan in Albany, New York.  Dan, glad you waited, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

Back to Obamacare for just a second: Don't forget something else.  (These states all know this.)  Obamacare mandates massive new increased costs to the states, much higher Medicaid costs.  Remember, that's one of the ways they are able to play a budget game with Obamacare is shift Medicaid expenses to the states.  It's a massive increase in state expense.  It's a massive increase in government employment, federal and state levels.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is why all of this is reaching a tipping point.  You can't support Obamacare and support control over government spending and control over entitlements and control over public sector unions.  It simply isn't possible.  If you support Obamacare, you cannot support control over government spending, because Obamacare is all about control over government spending. 

If unions are so great -- we had a bunch of people call here today, a couple people try to make the case -- why aren't 90% of those who are not members demanding to be members?  Why is it the other way around?  The point that I made: If it was so great back in the fifties and sixties why isn't everybody a member of a union now getting one wage with two cars, the wife is at home padding around the kitchen waiting for the kids to come home from school? Why isn't that great picture of Americana reality if it was the unions that made it happen? 

This is why they want card check. Obama wants to change the rules so the ballot's not secret anymore, coerce people into joining unions.  If the unions are so great, why do they need card check?

Why do they need coercive elements, techniques, to get people to sign up? 
The 2nd Anniversary of Porkulus

RUSH: This is the second anniversary of Obama's Porkulus bill.  This is it today, folks.  Anniversary number two.  And in the two years of Obama's stimulus we have lost 2.6 million jobs.  Unemployment is higher than when the stimulus was implemented.  Unemployment, 8.2% in February of 2009.  It's supposedly 9% now.  Of course, the AP is just flummoxed here.  They can't figure it out because unemployment benefits jumped to 410,000.  "More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, one week after claims had fallen to the lowest level in nearly three years."  Now, the truth is that last week's new unemployment claims number was revised up by 2,000 as usual.  So we're not even sure if the last part of this is true.  "The Labor Department said Thursday that 410,000 people sought unemployment assistance last week, a jump of 25,000 from the previous week. The rise was much larger than economists had expected."  What, did it snow?  Well, they expected it to go up.  Why is that?  After it was plummeting they expected it to go up, but just not this much?  Hmm.  Second anniversary of the stimulus.  

Obviously Obama has BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder.  It's akin to Attention Deficit Disorder.  It's a condition where a person is easily distracted, has difficulty staying focused on an individual activity for any period of time, and I've looked here, I think the symptoms of BDD, Budget Deficit Disorder, may include being easily distracted, you miss details, you forget things, you frequently switch from one activity to another, have difficulty maintaining focus on one task.  You become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless doing something enjoyable, and you have no ability to listen.  I think that pretty much sums up where we are here.  (interruption)  No, I'm not gonna get into whether there's a drug therapy for this.  No, no, no.  I'm just telling you, I think we've got a disease here, Budget Deficit Disorder, and it's clear now.  Two years ago to this day Obama promised us his stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%.  Has anybody noticed it's not been under 8% since Obama implemented the stimulus?  It was 7.8% in January of 2009 when the immaculation occurred.  It was 8.2% in February of 2009.  It has not been below 9% since April of 2009, and if you go back and look, unemployment really ratcheted up after the '08 election, when businesses said, "Uh-oh," and were expressing fear of what was coming.

Obama Has Made America a Joke
February 22, 2011
RUSH: This is the leader of the regime today in Cleveland at Cleveland State University.  State-Run MSNBC, the only network covering this and they cut away shortly after the president said what you're going to hear here.
The entire nation is focused on Wisconsin. 
The entire nation is focused on debt. 
The entire nation is focused on four Americans shot by Somali pirates. 
The entire nation is focused on this country is a target of everybody and everything, including members of its own government. 

And the leader of the regime, who is the architect of all of this indebtedness, the president of the United States, who is responsible for four trillion of the $14 trillion national debt, who is responsible for one and a half to two trillion-dollar annual deficits, the president of the United States goes to Cleveland and says...

OBAMA:  I've spent the last month since the State of the Union sharing my vision for an America that remains the best place on earth to do business, an America that competes aggressively for every job and every industry that's out there, an America that wins the future.  And part of that means making sure that government lives within its means, just like you do.

RUSH:  Now, this is making a fool of yourself.  The president of the United States, a leader of the regime, in Cleveland, talks about making sure that government lives within its means
while organizing the opposition to living within its means in Wisconsin,
while organizing the opposition to fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin,
while organizing the opposition to sensible budgeting in Wisconsin,
while organizing the opposition to doing the right thing. 

Barack Obama goes to Ohio and says we have to live within our means.  That's when MSNBC cut out.  They figured not even their pundits would be able to spin this with any kind of credibility.
RUSH: Public sector unions are so big, they don't think they have anything to worry about.  They don't have to be liked.  FDR knew the minute most people started hating government, it was not good for the Democrat Party. 
That's what he knew,
and that's why he didn't want government workers to be unionized. 

There's a lot of unusual number of negative events that are happening, folks, that are overlapping.  Now, that you know I am the epitome here of upbeat.  I'm also a resident of Literalville.  I live in Realville. 

Somebody has to. And
let's take a look at some of these negative events, just as individual items.  
Some of them overlap, making them even more dangerous. 

We have a president who is hostile toward the private sector of this country.
We have a president who is hostile to the engine of wealth creation.
We have massive regulations, which are punitive and designed to hamper and harm those who create things in the private sector. 
We have policies that punish success. 

We have above 10% unemployment, if statistical games are not being played by the regime. 

We are attempting to nationalize health care, even after a court has declared the whole bill unconstitutional. 

We are printing money!  

We have a $14 trillion national debt, and the impact of that on inflation is just now starting to be felt. 

We have unsustainable budgets presented and promoted by the White House. 

We have no leadership from the White House on unsustainable entitlements

We have a budget blueprint that's offered that doesn't deal with one challenging, tough thing, because it's nothing more than a political document. It's a game, it's a trap.

The leader of the regime wants the Republicans to go first on that

We're shutting down oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico specifically, and throughout the United States generally.  How is that gonna impact energy costs?

We have Middle East unrest, roil like we haven't seen in a long time.  
Nobody knows what the end result of all this is. From Bahrain to Libya to Tunisia to Egypt, Jordan, Iran, nobody knows where this is all going to end up.
Not even the royal family of Saudi Arabia feels safe. 

we are shutting down our own oil and gas development in light of a potential Middle Eastern disaster, which will no doubt affect the price of oil and in turn inflation. 

Sharia law is gaining traction in multiple countries.

Countries which have had multicultural, open border policies are now (after it's too late) saying it doesn't work. 

Israel is being squeezed by its neighbors, by the United Nations, and now the United States joins the United Nations in squeezing Israel over the building of homes for its citizens.  
Not even military action, not even military defensive action is being taken by Israel, and the United States joins in condemning Israel with the United Nations.

We have a significant decline in American power

We clearly have lost the will to project American power and influence abroad.  Instead we are projecting pronounced weakness during a time of great turmoil.

Mobs in the streets of Cairo are openly mocking the president of the United States despite the best efforts of a State-Run Media reporter, Nic Robertson, to get them to sing the praises of Obama.  Remember that? 
Nic Robertson in the streets of Cairo? (paraphrased exchange)

"I'm here with Mustapha! Mustapha, what is your message for Obama?"  

"Who?  He doesn't have anything to do with any of this. He's been all over the ballpark."  

"Thank you, Mustapha. Achmed? Ahmed what is your message for President Obama?"  

"Well, he's kind of been all over the ballpark, we really don't know where Obama's standing."

"Well, you can hear! These late arrivals to the scene both appreciate very much the work of Obama." 
No, they don't.  They're laughing at him! The President of the United States is being laughed at. 

And why?  Because the people doing the laughing understand that they were attempted pawns.  They understand the president of the United States trying to take their movement, whatever it is, and incorporate it into his own presidential campaign of 2012.  They know he doesn't care about them. 

We have a decline in morals and ethics in this country that continues. 

We have doctors now lying about the health of their patients.  Doctors actively lying, caught on television lying about the health of teachers in Wisconsin, writing them phony medical excuse notes, and doing so with defiance and pride.  

We have Democrat politicians cowardly fleeing their state to short-circuit elections and votes and democracy. 

We have a president who actively works to create class warfare and civil unrest.

We have a president who is promoting the unethical behavior of these doctors, a president who is encouraging the cowardly fleeing of Democrat senators. 

We have a president who is encouraging the intimidating, lawless behavior of public sector union leaders. 

We have, with all of this, a State-Controlled Media...


Now, if you take all this as a whole, it's bad.  How bad?  Don't know. 
 But there clearly are positive signs on the horizon.  

The election of November 2010 was deep, the victory profound. Results are already starting to be seen, but we are accumulating a growing number of escalating problems, and nothing's being managed.  Very little of it is being checked off the list. 

This is how organizations become overwhelmed.  Instead of getting a handle on problems, this regime is sinking deeper into chaos and confusion.
(I happen to think by design, but we can debate that later.)


Instead of admitting mistakes and correcting them,
the regime has chosen to spin, cover up, and lie. 

They're lying about jobs and the number of them. 

They're lying about budgets. 

The regime is lying about its own health care plan.

The regime is lying about inflation.  

They're lying about resolution regulations. 

They're lying -- the regime is lying -- about living within its means,

lying about the stimulus bill and what it did and didn't do. 

They lied about "Recovery Summer." 

They lied about Egypt and their role in it. 

They're lying about the dangers of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. 

They're lying about things we don't even know about yet, deceits by virtue of withholding information.


The Republicans who are in Congress -- and who are governors, who have been elected to state office have their hands full -- will be rewarded if they put their country first, if they hold the regime's feet to the fire.  So far they are. 

In case you're just joining us, Indiana Democrats are the next to have fled their state to Illinois and Kentucky, to avoid voting.

I mentioned earlier that there seems to be no fear of the United States around the world anymore.  Now, maybe some of you who have been through conflict management courses might blanch at the notion of "no fear."  You might want to hear me say that they don't respect us out there. 
Either way. We're not feared, we're not respected -- and wasn't it supposed to be just the opposite? 

None of these problems were gonna be happen.
Remember Obama was gonna lower the sea levels and everybody was gonna love United States?

Everybody's gonna love each other! 
All we had to do, all the United States had to do was admit its guilt. 
All we had to do was admit our guilt, that our existence has been a lie
, that we were not a beacon of hope and freedom.

We were nothing but racist, sexist, bigot homophobes and we looted and stole from poor people all over the world, and that's how we built the American empire -- and all we had to do to make the world love us was to elect somebody whose election would translate to us admitting that guilt, and that's what the election of Obama was supposed to be. 

"Elect Obama and the message to the world is, 'The American people ask forgiveness!
We understand our transgressions.
We understand that we've stolen.
We understand that we've colonized.
We understand that we've been imperialistic.
We understand that we have created our own wealth by virtue of stealing it from the poor people of the world,
and electing Obama means we know this."  

So that was to be the message; the world was supposed to once again love us.

What's happened is the despots of the world are looking at us and saying,
 "I cannot believe they're actually giving up. I can't believe the United States is actually buying all of this BS we've been saying about them!"

They can't believe their good fortune. 
Despots, thugs, dictators around the world cannot believe their good fortune, that the American people have elected an administration who really believes the United States is the problem in the world. 

The result of this: The Somali pirates have now killed four Americans with the US Navy nearby.  

No fear. 
In Mexico, drug cartels ambush US ICE agents.
College students, tourists are murdered in recent weeks. 
They're not afraid, not worried.
Pakistan holds a CIA agent.  They have gone public with his identity.  We are not unhappy about it.  Panetta may not even know yet.  Has CNN had this story?  Panetta may not even know that a CIA agent is being held by Pakistan unless CNN has reported it.  So Pakistan's holding the CIA agent who defended himself and others from attack.  They refused to release him despite diplomatic immunity.  

No fear.

Iran is holding two American hikers and just sent warships through the Suez Canal as a provocation.

No fear.  

North Korea is begging us to send food again despite their recent attacks on a South Korean island, violating nuclear agreements with us.

No fear.

Moammar Khadafy, this guy is still speaking. He ignores our weak statement calling for the end of violence.  Obama was laughed at -- trust me, don't doubt me on this -- in the streets of Cairo.  Bahrain.  So what if our Fifth Fleet is based there.  We're not having any impact on events.  

No fear.  

South America:
Venezuela and Bolivia have nationalized our companies, have nationalized American companies, have shown severe disrespect for American leaders -- and our own president hovels up and laughs with the architect of all that: Hugo Chavez.  Cuba?  The idiot Fidel Castro still railing against us.  

No fear.  

Hu Jintao still ignore our demands for currency adjustments. They still steal our intellectual property at will.  The Navy expands.  They don't answer common communications from our ships in the Pacific, try to steal our technology for stealth fighters -- and they're not afraid because they know they hold so much of our debt.  You take all these things together.

Any of you Democrats, are you aware of the precarious nature you have plunged this country into?



Read the Background Material...

LA Times: Obama Talks Small Business in Cleveland - But Avoids Talking About Libya, Scott Walker


Obama Joins Side of the Takers
February 22, 2011

Excerpts from RUSH 24/7

The competing desires Obama faces are the desire to be a socialist, but not look like one. 

That's the "competing desire."  To be a socialist but not look like one at the same time.  "The battle in Wisconsin over public employee unions has left President Obama facing a tricky balance between showing solidarity with longtime political supporters" i.e., the unions "and projecting a message in favor of deep spending cuts to reduce the debt."

Sorry, you're losing it, Mr. President.  You are siding with the budget busters, budget busters who don't produce anything.  The dirty little secret now is up.  It's a transfer of wealth is all that's gone on here.  Union wealth is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from producers to government employees.  Not one thing's produced, not one thing is made.

"Before Mr. Obama complained late last week of an 'assault' on the unions by the Republican governor in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the Democratic Party had alerted its volunteers in Organizing for America to support the protests there and elsewhere, seeing an opening to show solidarity with the labor movement and rev up the party's liberal base ahead of the 2012 elections."

The union base, union money.  This is another thing that's plain as day for every Democrat to see.  It isn't about you!  It isn't about your kids! These guys are not walking off the job for you. 
How do these guys walking off the job, these senators from Wisconsin, help America? How is that helping the state of Wisconsin? How is that helping the average state of Wisconsin resident? 

It isn't.  Who's it helping?  Who's it designed to help? 
People who are really not doing all that great a job teaching your kids.  Union people. Union money. 
The Democrats are showing what really matters to them, and that's their paymasters, not their voters. 
This is Armageddon for them.  They know it.


The battle's gonna be bloody.  Folks... (sigh) How can I explain this to you?  You know. You know that money's the driving force, especially to people who say it's not, and what is this really all about?  This is... (sigh) I need to think of a really good analogy here for you.  The closest I can come up with here on the fly is bank robbery is legally for 20 or 30 years, and all of a sudden it isn't -- and if the only thing you know that puts food in your kids' mouth is robbing banks, what are you gonna do when they all of a sudden say, "You can't rob a bank anymore"?  It's about money and it's about not having to work very hard for it.

It's about getting it via intimidation.  Literally, folks, I don't know about you, but I don't even think it's somebody else's responsibility to pay for my retirement.  I've never thought it was somebody else's responsibility to pay for my health care.  I've never thought it was, especially, anybody's responsibility to give me anything once I stopped working for 'em, but there are a whole lot of people who expect it.  They've been told to.  Their forefathers have gotten it!  Their forbears have gotten it.  Now, all of a sudden, they're gonna be told, "It's over for you." That's all they know.  That's all they know!

It's not the best of analogy because I'm not sure they don't work.
Don't misunderstand. 

But it's like telling somebody who's never worked
 that if you want to eat tomorrow you're gonna have to go out and get a job. 
What are you gonna do?"  "I don't know. 
I don't know how to do anything else."  I mean, come up with your own analogy. 

None of this has been real. 

Most people do not get their health care paid for by everybody else for the rest of their lives!

Most people do not have their retirement paid for by everybody else. 

Most people do not have their groceries paid for by other people. 

Most people do not earn twice as much as the people who are paying them.

At some point, the tipping point is reached where it can't go on anymore. Even with fake money, even with printed money, even with borrowed money, even with ChiCom money, it can't go on anymore.

Well, if you're one of the ones who are told, "Guess what? It's over," and if
part of the reason you've been able to keep this gig going is because members of your group go around and beat people up at town hall meetings to make sure the status quo remains the same
, what are you gonna do?  Furthermore, you don't really have to do your job all that well!

Your students, basically in eighth grade do not have to know how to read,
 and you're still gonna get paid,
and you're still gonna get your retirement,

and you're still gonna get your health care for as long as you live!


If you're in New York, you'd be stunned. 
I read the number of public workers who retire at age 50. Some of these leaders of these unions are making $600,000. a year in their pensions.

Sorry, that's not how the little people live. 
Plus they got disability. 
Half of the retirees do so with disability, which adds even more to it.

The problem is that the people who don't have and never have had that kind of deal are the ones paying it. 

Once they figure out that they are "the government," that they are "the Treasury," that they are the source of all this money, hello! 


Hello, November of 2010. Hello, election results.
Hello, Democrats losing 700 seats in state legislatures. 
Hello, Democrats losing the House of Representatives.
Hello, Scott Walker.
Hello, John Kasich.

Hello, all these Republican governors who now are going to fix this -- and into the fray who joins the side of the takers?  The president.


RUSH:  Well, now, how about this.  Here we have the country just in dire economic circumstances. 
There are genuine wars going on in several states here over budgets and who's gonna be paid what. 

There are fires all over the Middle East, and Obama's talking about breakout sessions on small business in Cleveland,
and they had so much fun they're gonna do it again, they're gonna have even more breakout sessions. 

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, in terms of the president and who he is siding with, remember, now, another reason that the states,
another reason that Governor Walker is doing what he's doing and some of the other governors, is because they know that if Obamacare ultimately is ruled constitutional, that most Medicaid gets transferred to them, that federal Medicaid -- maybe it's Medicare, whatever, is gonna be transferred, it's gonna become the states' responsibility to pay for it.

Obama is helping the states so much that 26 of them are suing him to prevent the enactment of Obamacare.  He's helping the states so much he's forcing 26 governors, AGs to sue, forcing legislation to protect the citizens. 

And here's another headline.  This is from Capital Media Services:
"The president of the state Senate introduced legislation Monday to ban illegal immigrants from state universities and community colleges, make it a crime for them to drive in Arizona and include new public school reporting requirements that could induce the parents of children not here legally to keep them home."

Arizona moves to officially ban illegal immigrants from schools.  The state is already being sued by President Obama.  So you can see how all this is shaping up.

Read the Background Material...
New York Times: Wisconsin Puts Obama Between Competing Desires

LA Times: Obama Talks Small Business in Cleveland - But Avoids Talking About Libya, Scott Walker


The Iran Deal Is Worse Than We Thought

July 17, 2015


RUSH: It's even worse than we thought, the deal with Iran.  If possible, it's even worse than we thought! (interruption) What do you mean, "How can it be worse?"  Try this: "Iran Bans US Inspectors From All Nuclear Sites."  There's no 24 days. There's no nothing.  We do not and cannot get inspectors into Iran.  How many of you people are aware that thanks to the New START Treaty... Strategic Arms Reduction Talks. That's what START stands for.

There's a New START Treaty Obama signed with the Russians in 2009. 

Do you know that as a result of that, the Russians have been inspecting our nuclear sites at will?  You didn't know that. I can tell.  The Russians have been visiting our nuclear sites at will.  We allow Russian inspectors into America to inspect our nuclear sites up to 18 times a year.  You know why?  'Cause Obama wants to de-nuke!  He wants to show our enemies that we're good guys, that we're not the bad actors we used to be under the cowboy Bush and the cowboy Reagan. 

That's right. 

So Russian inspectors get into the US 18 times a year, at will, with our cooperation, but we have been banned from inspecting Iran nuclear sites. 

That's just tip of the iceberg.  It's even worse than you thought. 


the rest of the dialogue


“Flipping the Left's Narrative on Who's to Blame for Planned Parenthood Shooting”

“December 02, 2015

Listen to it Button



RUSH: I had this story.  There's a lot I didn't get to yesterday.  You know, I must tell you, folks. I must be honest. I went home yesterday with pangs of guilt.  There was just so much. 

There was so much that had accrued news story-wise over the days I was out that it was never covered. I was never gonna be able to get it all in yesterday.  I left here thinking, "Ah, I left a bunch of stuff on the table I should have talked about."  I didn't get to the Cruz Stack as promised.  But that was okay because I knew it would be added to, and it has been. So the Cruz Stack is there today with additional audio sound bite support, so that's gonna be okay.  But I had this story on Obama and this idiotic thing he said. 

It was so idiotic that even the media and other attendees at this circle whatever it is over in Paris -- even they -- were sighing and incredulous and in disbelief.  Obama was talking about the mass shooting, the Planned Parenthood example, and he said, "Things like this just don't happen in other countries! They only happen in my country." This happened just before the program started yesterday, and I had it, and I just didn't get to it. And I went home yesterday feeling guilty all the stuff I left on the table.  I do.

If I think that I have not met the audience expectations, I go home and I feel bad about it.  The thing that rescues me is I know I've got the next day to get it right, fix it, apologize, what have you.  But in Paris yesterday, Obama had a press conference as part of the Paris global warming hoax when he said something so monumentally insensitive that it had even fellow attendees in shock.  French reporters were stunned at Obama's ignorance.  There were people in the audience calling him names after he made the claim that he made.

And the stories worldwide about this, you would not believe the headlines. 

"Obama Just Said the Most Stunningly Idiotic Thing EVER." He was talking about the murders that took place last week in Colorado Springs, and he made the following assertion: "I mean, I say this every time we got one of these mass shootings, it just doesn't happen in other countries." It just doesn't happen in other countries?  He's in Paris where it just happened!  He's in Paris where a mass murder just took place as his own secretary of state said, randomly. There wasn't any rationale for this one like there was Charlie Hebdo.

I mean, they were incredulous at this, and they then started talking about how detached Obama seemed, and slouching and looked bored and tired and uninterested.  All of that's probably true, and most of it's probably true because Obama was just part of a gang.  It wasn't all about him.  And when it isn't all about him, 100% about him, he sulks. He pouts like a little kid, gets petulant.  And that's when the guard drops, and that's when the real Obama begins to surface.  And so when he said, "I mean, I say this every time we got one of these mass shootings. This just doesn't happen in other countries," there it is on full display, his opinion, his attitude about this country and how rotten he thinks it is and how uniquely flawed, uniquely flawed Obama believes this country is.  


RUSH:  I have a question.  I have a question about this Planned Parenthood shoot-up out in Colorado.  You've got this lunatic that lives in a shack much like the Unabomber lived in.  I mean, a literal shack.  My shack in Overland Park, Kansas, wasn't that bad.  I had running water and electricity in it, but this guy had no running water, no electricity. He was genuine, full-fledged lunatic.  And the only thing anybody can recall him saying at any point during all this was "no more baby parts." 

My question's very simple: In this ongoing leftist effort to blame Christians and pro-lifers... By the way, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how come there aren't more of these type of shoot-ups at Planned Parenthood?  I mean, if the left is right about these crazy pro-lifers.  Do you realize that Islamic terrorists have killed many more Americans than pro-lifers? I mean, pro-lifers can't even get close to the number. 

It's absurd on its face. But my question is, since the guy's running around shouting "no more baby parts," why doesn't Planned Parenthood get blamed?  They're the ones chopping up babies.  They're the ones been caught on video bragging about chopping up babies, and selling the parts for profit. How do they escape any complicity in this?  I understand.  It's a rhetorical question, folks.  The Drive-Bys circle the wagons to protect them.  But to me, it's a rather logical question.  And that then asks another.  Hang on.”

READ the entire post at:





I inserted the cartoon commentary above that were not on Rush's site.



**No truer words have been spoken in 50 years capsulizing what the DNC, The Democrat Party, Our KEEPERs are all about to keep POWER in their manufactured declining American Status Quo;

I've Been Properly Credited for Coining the Term
"Undocumented Democrats"

December 22, 2015

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RUSH: The Weekly Standard has a piece in it that, very, very rarely has this ever happened to me.  In fact, I can't ever remember it happening.  I'm sure it has, 'cause it's been 27 years I've been doing this.  The headline of this -- and it's not a hit piece.  It's not a criticism.  The headline's gonna mislead you.  The headline is:  "No, Ted Cruz Did Not Invent the Term 'Undocumented Democrat.”

Rush Limbaugh is progress:

“But I'll tell you what it is.  It's a subtle move by Cruz because it's the only reason that the Democrats support this.  It's not compassion.  It's not humanitarianism.  It's none of that.  I'll say it again.  The Democrat Party requires a dependent and permanent underclass.

Now, people in that underclass can improve and move out of it, but they need to be replaced. 
The Democrat Party cannot survive if the population as a whole improves itself economically to the point of not being dependent on government. 

If that were to ever happen, it'd be the end of the Democrat Party as we know it today.  So they need a permanent underclass.  They need permanent poor people, uneducated people, and the greater challenge speaking English, the better.  The more dependent, the less educated, the less worldly, the better.  It doesn't matter what the impact on the country is.  All that matters is keeping Democrats in power.  'Cause the Democrats know they're never gonna live where these people live.  So they're never gonna be affected by this, in their own thinking, in their own minds. 

They're never gonna live in barrios. They're never gonna live in ghettos. They're never gonna live in inner cities. They're not gonna live where these people that they bring in the country are gonna end up being.  And they're not gonna hire them, not gonna be around 'em at all.  That's for the rest of us to deal with.  They're gonna be insulated, but they need that permanent underclass.  That's why I proposed, "Hey, look, I would support amnesty, I will join the Democrats, I will join, I will change. In fact I promised to do this, I promised to guarantee a shift in support among my listeners, sizable number, if amnesty had a lasting provision in it that no recipient of amnesty could vote for 25 years."  Call it a poison pill, I wasn't doing anything other than illustrating the truth. 

You put in a provision that the newly amnetized, for lack all of better term, can't vote for 25 years, and, bingo, Democrats stop caring about them.  There's no compassion.  There's no humanitarianism.  Not one person, Republican or Democrat, ever called me on that.  And let me tell you something.  If I were at any day in the future to announce that I've changed my mind and now support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship with no provisos, they'll be all over me.  They'll call, they'll ask me to join them doing things here, they will celebrate; all of a sudden I become one of the greatest guys in the country.  But when I threw in the requirement they can't vote for 25 years, I was universally, totally ignored by everybody, Democrat, Republican, independent, communist, fascist, socialist, you name it, I didn't hear from one.”





**My book can help avoid and resolve many of the current problems we all face in the very near future.

**You have all the power, just believe in it and then use it before You have none!

It's your best "last chance" and maybe your "only chance" at this moment in time,
as Big "O" will no longer defend traditional marriage, 1000's of years and the US Constitution be damned,
an imperious Big "O" and his own Justice Dept.
think otherwise!......

And as his DOMINOs continue to falllllll///_ _ _ _ _
 NASA gets re-cycled into sewage pipe and the scientists bone-up on their missionary's Islamic assimilation and complicity,
and your FIREARMs are next on his list! 

What can you do about it ?



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