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Banned in Boston, and also the Net for past 10 yrs., by 1st Amendment FaceBook & Twitter socialists

SENTRYMAN .....Prop-86 FIRE THEM ALL Exposing Hypocrisy-101 Nov 8, 08 - and 2.0 below!
My Banned Book on Freedom in our new Socialist US World
In closing - SLAVERY; consider Cause & Effect from the Flip of a Coin
JV vs VARSITY Dec 7th Dream Team
FIRE THEM ALL: Book Videos Blocked-Addresses Re-established
LIARs & TRAITORs - Loose Lips Sink SEAL-6, Pakistani Doc, Ambassadors & America
You've been O'BAMB'd - Borrowed Dime til 2016 and Agenda 21
Barack or Obama the Muslim? ... Thoughts! ... Feb 2011
Barack, Fire the Military? Thought for the Year: Kick The Can Down The Road. Mar 2011
America: Obama's Private Joke? ....... RUSH said WHO LIED? ...2-22-11
Conservative America, Rangel, Spin, START, Poor Illegals ALERT. ...12-6-10
NASA's new mission: Islam, Racism, Nationalism .... The New OBAMERICA? ..... 7-6-10 to 7-17-10
US Oil ; Spills or Tears of our Fathers ......... NAZIS, Warf Rats and Pyrates. .......... 6-1-10 to 6-12-10
Prop 86 will RESTORE America. PROP-86 Congress
Bailout Europe? ..AGAIN? Sentryman DEMAND YouTube VIDEO
SCHOOL SHOOTINGs ...Unintended consequence 2-27-12 again 12-14-12
America 235 years old. ... 12-18-11
Valley Forge. 11-11-11
sentryman : Defend America With Too Little Military Equipment? ......... 10-2-11
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Romney ; Obama got his man ......9-13-11..... Stranger than fiction?
Earth to Hollywood; what do you mean People Of Color, Janeane?...9-3-11
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American Idol -- American Tragedy? 4/11 .. Osama Online 5/11
Obama can solve anything Hollywood. Thoughts For The Day! - 1/2/11
Dancing with Stars, and Fences - 11-17-10
LIBERAL TOLERANCE .......1860 to 1917 to 1935 to 2006 to 10-24-10 to 11-14-10
* RACISM in AMERICA * 10-16-10
BUSH's Stupid...Gee, Never hear that stated often enough! Yah RIGHT! ..... 9-9-10
Terrorists, Now we're Coming For You! .......... Aug 25th to Oct 8th, 2010
SUPER Heroes Or GODs? ... HISTORY Always Repeats! 8-19-10
American Common Sense. .. Happy Birthday ........ JULY 4th, 2010
SOCIALISM : The Gateway Drug......... Jun 14 to July 2, 2010
Obama's Unemployment Fix: Dismantle Our Military? ...America will destroy itself from within, yada, yada.... 5-30 to 6-10-2010
Communists & Jihadists thank Dodd/Frank & McCain/Feingold for destroying AMERICA
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A few kind REVIEWS left as crumbs by Amazon, after stripping the rest and blocking all future Reviews, ever since!

“ I walked in a pair of comfortable well-worn shoes. A different read. "

October 27, 2010

Format: Kindle Edition

I appreciate different points of view and I have never considered some of the issues and solutions that he entertains. I learned some things and was reminded of much I had forgotten. This is also a resource guide for some very chilling videos that I have not seen before.
This is sometimes as subtle as a sledgehammer and then other chapters are slow and gentle and sneak up on you. Sometimes this man is so glib I missed the sarcasm and then the light bulb goes off in my head. He is very passionate about what he thinks should be obvious to all of us and is straightforward with his criticisms and specific recommendations.

It took a few chapters to get in to his rhythm. A book would probably be easier to follow. It is sometimes a wordy litany but then like having a conversation on the porch with an uncle, there is some old pain there. I kept thinking, is this history book or a diary? He provides a different perspective to examine sore subjects and some old wounds. An armchair philosopher with more than enough sage advice from a simpler time when problems were solved with a candid discussion and a handshake, and men kept their word.

Reading was like listening to those broadcasters late at night on the radio years ago; he goes off on five different tangents and weaves them all together by the end to make his point like a Rubik's cube. His impressions on abortion were surprising and moving and made me wince and the part about being rewarded with virgins made me laugh.

His 20 Demandments would work in a perfect world but I am afraid our government is not that interested anymore in making America work that well for everybody.

Like listening to my grandfather at the kitchen table, things would all work out right if I would just listen. His main idea could work if we would all talk to each other and work together again. God bless.”

“Larry Underwood, Author

Washington, DC's Follies

November 12, 2011

Format: Paperback


Most Americans probably agree with the author, who loves his country but doesn't trust the government running things. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are so preoccupied with trying to make a decent living to take care of their families, they have little time to think about changing the system.

Government bureaucracy is a flawed but unstoppable force. If you'd like to get a better idea about the widespread abuse and inefficiency taking place in Washington, DC on a regular basis, grab a copy of this book. If nothing else, you will be more enlightened.”


Jan. 27, 2019

1st my book was rejected by Amazon for their Marketing Dept., and my money returned…

 Once published, Amazon striped all but 3-Reviews in 2011,

then BLOCKED any future Reviews since…

 Though re-sales of FIRE THEM ALL?? is a cottage-industry,

not a single Review (good or bad) since their moratorium.

My Twitter feed & Page has been chopped 3-times with each variation of my name,

now I’m banned for good!

My FaceBook Page met same fate twice, and presently is blocked for comments,

but today apparently a last straw for the F/B Freedom-of-Speech Censors

 with a little jab at the Tiffany Network’s SUNDAY LIB-FEST for some tough-love quips,

 and my 1st Amendment Rights were breached and banned yet once again;

Rescued and re-printed below on my only free, open and public-avenue left…Enjoy!


. This comment posting by me was also BLOCKED by FaceBook 3/12/19

WATCH: Crisis on southern border is not 'manufactured,' Nielsen says


* "Why pay their salaries, which includes;
superior healthcare their employers can't have,

superior job security, that associates and slush-funds protect,

superior retirement their employers can't afford for them or themselves,

superior bank-owner's hours, bankers can't afford,

superior 5-star cafeterias unavailable to most Americans,

superior working conditions, with security United States wants & needs 
            with open-borders they condone, authorize and ignore,

superior lack-of-accountability only teenagers & felons wish,

superior minimum-wages ballooning to million$ baffling their employers,

superior future job-opportunities and PERKS, unknown & unrevealed,

and a history to LIE 100% during Job Interviews & no one remembers!"


**This POSTing has been banned on CBS Sunday Morning Site, including my own,
by American 1st Amendment terrorists on FaceBook;

Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa Claus and his real last name was Kuralt, but I digress.

How did CBS-SM compete with its own NATURE segment?

CBS has by stealing precious seconds from Charles K’s once touting “a couple minutes”, to then “a Minute of Nature”,

to the current selected 20 to 30 seconds of real-art, maybe 40 seconds if lucky, I complained about being shortened 8 or 10 years ago!....

PS, in your “1979 OPEN”, November eventually ushered-in the Iranian students in a “year-long” stand-off…. NO, was the beginning of the “40-year Stand-Off” that’s changed the planet,

which (1) weak US President birthed when bailing on the Shah and not confronting their Millennials,

that (1) strong, lone US President has now been trying to END for the entire earth’s benefit,

with little or no help from contemporaries in-or-out of politics, or the self-anointed MEDIA!!

Nice retrospective though, thanks….. The sun will come-up tomorrow,
though maybe for only 12 more years according to our own “un-confronted millennial” revolutionary Ayatollah!


FACEBOOK was afraid for CBS Sunday Morning by my innocuous little criticism, ahhhh!
The bright star in the new US Socialist-Democrat Party, AOC, can compare the United States to
but my quip is one freedom too-far!

... ha ha ha, that’s real 
NAZISM, Yellow-Journalists all!


Rather not be an American,
 or change America more like "from whence you came",
  or think you may have all the answers with a better idea than;

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.




And why does the world want to break-in to America, not break-out,
if some Americans feel it’s so bad to have been placed-here by dumb fate?...

Cursed or lucky, and why does anyone owe anything to anybody,

or to whom for what?

.... How about not having been progressively-aborted, ha, ha!

 “Don’t let the door hit you in the back”

to where-ever you’ve found that’s better!!

Perhap in a new Green Reality on some alternate universe?


The Leader of the Democrat Party, and possible future “leader of the free world”
if illegal-aliens are gifted the “Right to Vote” by Socialists in the US Congress some day! 



BANNED FACEBOOK POSTS: “This comment goes against our Community Standards on spam
No one else can see your post.”

How we make decisions;  We define dangerous as things like:

• Terrorist activity

• Organized hate or violence

• Mass or serial murder

• Human trafficking

• Criminal or harmful activity

*What would you like to do?

Because your comment goes against our Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organizations, no one else can see it.


Accept Decision

No one else can see your comment and you'll no longer be able to request a review.

Here's a recap of what happened:

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If you violate in the future, we may restrict your account again

You accepted our decision

*If something you post doesn't follow our standards in the future, your ability to post or comment may be restricted.

We have Community Standards to encourage people to express themselves and connect with each other in a way that's respectful to everyone.

As a reminder, you still won't be able to post or comment for 24 hours.


FEB. 16th, 2020



MI SOS Appoints Zaineb Hussein As Deputy Chief Of Staff


FEB. 2020

Everi Mann;

HEIL sista's: Closing from all sides, and we sit, picking our noses, picking leaders of the Free World, from a gaggle who couldn't qualify as middle-managers for Walmart Corporate Offices; We've all heard: "You can fix stupid"!...

This country used to be fairly quick on the draw when "barbarians in our midst" were discovered and the smoke finally cleared; (Trump did nothing wrong, has been cleared of false and erroneous charges....


He was, and still is, and will soon still-be the legal and official, only 45th US President in 2021!)

All while the US Deep-State, DNC, Clinton’s cabal, Obama’s Intel Community, certain US Ambassadors, and the DOJ, are all complicit in committing treason, involved in 2015 with an official Coup d'état of the future standing Government of the United States from 2017 - 2020, and heads will soon-roll!!!


But, socialist-DEM Educators have so capably propagandized, censored, edited, plagiarized, ridiculed, controlled, bribed, and made a mockery of 1/2 the nation’s children and young adult’s proper educations for 3 decades,
 making “dumb & dumber” a partisan requirement, plus a resume' enhancement for advancement, controlling Coronavirus may seem easier! Geez-Louise, $#!%, what the hell is going-on?...

We’ve also all heard: “they know-not what they do!”… Damn straight, all stupid snotty little twerps!

Our President, beginning his 2nd term, after cleaning-out America’s Yellow-Journalists, next,
better require every American student be (put-back 2-grades!)

Re-certify their “subject” high-school and lower-school teachers, who befell the same communist brain-diseases after taking an Oath,
and instead turned-to-the-dark-side, forgot why they originally wanted to teach, and failed to instruct US Constitutional history and tenets that made this nation what, why and how it became “The United States of America” 244 years ago!

Though unfortunately, through their own frailties and inadequacies, and captive-brainwashing on par with Hitler Youth training from tenured pink & red instructors, professors and superiors,


a new US Executive Order prerequisite should apply; if they refuse to use 1950's Civics and Ethics text books, and parochial-school: Ancient, Western and American history books, and World Religion texts, they can look for new professions, or wait-tables and bar-tend with all the commie & socialist actors!!....

Reminding everyone: America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and tenets, and ( the US is not and never has been a Muslim Nation),
as (only-1) deranged US president ever espoused!!




Dim arrow threatens Trump & supporters again!


Yah, we're look'n at You,

but not much longer if can help-it....

Can't watch your movies any-longer!.. Pity, unpatriotic-mook!...

I said-it many times over fewer years; You are a fantastic actor,

and only because you can so easily hide the fact you're not as discerning, smart, heroic, magnanimous, or courageous

 as any character you've ever played.

Except, characters that are vicious, bloodthirsty, back-stabbing, shallow and vacuous: Bravo, thespian!!



How did we Americans get ourselves into this inescapable predicament:

 gullibility, malaise, ignorance, happenstance, purposefully, or deceived?

...Seems now, there's "only one man" who thinks otherwise, and

wants to reverse and change all that!

U-TUBE: Tucker Carlson & Marco Rubio Shine Light On Shady McKinsey & Company,
 Who Gov Cuomo Just Hired



At 22 minutes in video
Mark Levin teaches Americans a valuable history lesson about Progressivism, DEMs, IRS, MEDIA,
 and actual collusion with US enemies to undermine the US Constitution...

YouTube continues to be delete LINK, so search:
Sean Hannity 3/29/19 | Sean Hannity Fox News March 29, 2019

SEARCH: sean hannity mark levin 3/29/19 interview



Racist American’s “white-man’s privileges” over illegals, usurpers, terrorists, malcontents and disenfranchised, the entire planet’s “people of every other color including 50 shades of white,
and especially those ever-so-kind, descent, gentle, misunderstood and totally innocent Indigenous-Peoples, who had ventured forth from beyond this continent’s shores 24 or 25,000 years ago, give or take a century or two for margins in human hubris,

to be officially the 1st in-line for Squatter’s Rights and Rites from distant hinterlands, tainted and tinted by time & tides, temperatures and sun exposures, homogenized and amalgamated into a new substrate,

well, they apparently were just “plain old-folks” like every-other cave dweller since the beginning of “those crazy neighbors next-door”, whatever color they are, they never bathe!

Mummies Unwrapped

Published on Apr 11, 2019
A mysterious underwater grave is investigated by mummy expert Ramy Romany who studies the world's dead to uncover their secrets. Locals think the grave is guarded by a Mayan serpent deity. When Ramy dives in, he uncovers evidence of biological warfare.


& then, there's always those pesky
"white guys" always showing-up, stirring the money-pot, and gene-pool again
and again; Spanish Conquistadors, Columbus, Leif Erickson, The Cloud People, even Atlanteans!!

Mummies Unwrapped

Published on Apr 28, 2019

Deep in the Peruvian jungle, dozens of mummies have been found in cliffside tombs. These remains could be the first Europeans to settle the new world. Mummy expert Ramy Romany searches for undiscovered bodies to unlock the mystery.


For those who see only evil, hear only evil, and repaet ONLY EVIL = LEARN first hand instead!
President Donald Trump's rally on Saturday night in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 27, 2019


Logic is an enemy, and Truth is a menace = WE are all obsolete!




Hillsdale College Online Student Learns the Simple Truth:
Liberalism Never Works


Tucker Investigates:
Yale - Harvard – Stanford admissions OPEN to all?

Tucker Carlson: 
Is college still worth it?...101

Tucker Carlson calls on congress
 to reform student debt laws


Tucker Carlson; Schools Lowering Standards
 & Dumbing Down Students @ $40,000+ yearly,
 via uncommitted, uninvolved, unconcerned parents!

College costs are out of control:
 Mike Rowe




For context, the new movie “The HUNT”, it’s about a Game Preserve,

where conservatives are kidnapped, held hostage, and then hunted to the death for sport by rich liberals…

“A movie showing liberals stalking supporters of President Donald Trump is slated to be released in September, but has lost an advertisement on ESPN in the wake of two mass shootings on August 3 and August 4.”

Basically, this is a movie where white liberal elites go hunting with guns for Trump supporters for the people Hillary Clinton called “deplorables.”


Can you imagine being ashamed of what you are and have it be a virtue? What must that do to somebody’s mind? To be ashamed of who you are and at the same time try to make it a virtue.


I don’t know how viral this has gone. Some of you in this audience no doubt will know the name Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue. Have you seen this? I only want to share this with you as an adjunct to the discussion yesterday. This falls right in line with the discussion we had yesterday on this movie, The Hunt.


By the way, going back to the movie The Hunt, I keep thinking my original point about this remains true. Remember Nick Searcy sent us a note and said, “Rush, this may backfire on ’em because the way this movie is set up, the conservatives are gonna end up being the sympathetic good guys, and it’s the elite liberals who are going out and hunting them after holding them hostage that are gonna be seen as the villains.” I don’t think so.


I think the audience for this movie is never going to find conservatives sympathetic and never going to look at… I think the people are gonna go to this movie are gonna applaud conservatives being hunted and shot! I think that’s how upside-down everything is in our culture today, and this is just one little bit of evidence why.


Tommy Lee, net worth reportedly to be around $70 million, a heavy metal rocker. He’s got all kinds of swastika tattoos, a long history of violence against his wives and substance abuse out the wazoo.


“You ‘Trumpsters’ better pray that liberals never gain control of the [White House] again because we are going to pay you back so f—ing hard for all this s—.


Planned Parenthoods on every damn corner. We’re going to repaint Air Force One [vagina] hat pink,” only he doesn’t say “vagina,” here, “and fly it over your beloved Bible Belt 6 days a week, tossing birth control pills, condoms & atheist literature from the cockpit.


“We’re going to tax your mega churches so bad that Joel [Osteen] will need to get a job at [Chick-fil-A] to pay his light bill.


Speaking of [Chick-fil-A], we’re buying all those and giving them to any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy. Have fun with the new menu, you bigoted f—s.


Try the McPence. It’s a boiled unseasoned chicken breast that you have to eat in the closet with your mother. We’re going to gather up ALL your guns, melt them down and turn them into a gargantuan metal mountain emblazoned with the face of Hillary Clinton.




“ALL parks will be renamed Rosa Parks asap.


We’re replacing Confederate statues with [Black Lives Matter] Leaders & Mexican immigrants. Every single public school will be renamed after a child that was kidnapped by [the Trump] regime.


And after we fumigate the [White House], we’re repainting the whole thing rainbow. Fox News will be taken over and turned into a family refugee shelter. We’re turning Hannity’s office into a giant unisex bathroom with changing tables & free tampons.


And every single time a ‘Trumpster’ complains about any of the changes, we’re adding an openly gay character to a Disney movie.”


 1st and 2nd edition COVERS, NOW 3rd edition LINK on Amazon


Carrying my share of water = "On the edge of Societal-REVOLUTION";

In case you’ve lost Count or SCORE in this Rubik's board Game, here’s all you need to bring-up-to-today!




** and PROP-86 to save America....








Mark Levin schools America on a corrupt government 10/31/19

So why is RUSH always ahead of every DEM Curve,  even FOX NEWS?...
And CORRECT 98% of the time!

 RUSH: Whistling-leaking-SPY = His name is Eric Ciaramella.

 RUSH: How to Respond to the Democrats

 RUSH: NSC Official’s Testimony Contradicts the Impeachment Premise

 RUSH: Pompeo Turns the Ukraine Scandal Around on Obama and Biden

 RUSH: The Democrats’ Articles of Impeachment…..Oct 31, 2019

*Hannity: GOP must find out if whistleblower is a deep state operative

 **Mark Levin quotes US Law, and Congress couldn’t care Less!

**These YouTubes of Hannity and Levin will be hard to find, or impossible
 and be BANNED very soon, in our new 1st Amendment nullified USA in 2019!


The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes
 Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History


Trump Focuses on Results, Not Process….Jan 9, 2020

Rush Limbaugh….
“Trump is a results-oriented person. He’s not “PROCESS”!  


And bureaucracies are not, by definition, results oriented. It is not an exaggeration to say that many bureaucracies do not want solutions. Solutions mean that there’s no longer any need for process. And bureaucrats love to do things to sustain the reasons for their own existence.

The worst thing, in some respects, for bureaucrats is a solution to problems.

Trump is a results-oriented person. He’s not process  — and that, I think, is one of the big disconnects. Process is an art form. Process, in Washington, is an art form. It’s where nothing gets done but everybody is fooled into believing that progress is being made, that there are things being accomplished. Process is where people get to show off their brains. They get to show off their knowledge. Process is where people get to show off the awareness of the intricacies of how a bureaucracy operates.

Trump doesn’t care about any of that.
Trump is purely “RESULTS-ORIENTED”.


Trump's entire 2020 State of the Union address, DEM’s hated!

President Trump speaks following acquittal in impeachment trial – 2/6/2020


Conspiracy Theories galore, what do you think?

Spare the rod, beat the parents into submission, take the child!...
A Public Announcement, paid for by the DNC, DEEP-STATE, Gate's Foundation,
and a frightening majority in the US Congress!

Familiar popular idioms, with a twist of lemonThis ain't your grandparent's country any more!

You are-not in Kansas anymore, and haven't been for longer than you know!

                                <COPY AND PASTE ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE>

                                                 < DOROTHY ?.... DOROTHY ! >






I warned 11 years ago, what can I say?....
The Supreme had it within its power to protect democracy, and chose to “hide on procedure",
but unwittingly have shot themselves “in the foot and lady Liberty in the head”.... Now,

it's a whole new socialist world; re-writing World History,


no teaching any American History, Marxism is now supreme,


Trump’s Border Wall is coming-down to welcome millions and millions of new dependents,


Government Healthcare will email you when’s your turn to see their doctors for Chemo,


you’ll be working more months for Uncle Stalin before you can keep some of your money,


volunteer-military will be replaced by a DRAFT for endless Military Industrial Complex Wars,


gas autos are doomed antiques, US energy-independence will end: Hello Iran,


guns are collected by Biden’s military, and police are obsolete,


TPP & Paris B/S Accord should subjugate and bankrupt US alone,


DEM Doctors will rule our declining economy and FINE those leaving homes,


$15.00 minimum wage should finish-off the 50% of restaurants still cooking,


Commercial Zoning will destroy suburb’s values to our new slums,


Christianity will be diminished, as Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day,

will soon be replaced by US national Federal Holidays:
Fat Tuesday, Earth Day, May Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Ramadan and Chinese New Year,

and Conservatives will all have targets on the heads
 when the DEM's add 9 more liberal judges to the "Supremes", when China tells President Harris what she can say or do daily!

A new national sport reality-show my just be “GET THE TRUMP’s”, an unjust tragedy tale,

we Americans will be powerless to help!

Those 3 new useless coward Trump Judges can (phone-it-in) from the kitchen tele-conferences
 to make room for socialist-newbies, because they're all shit-out-of-luck for justice in America,

since Thomas and Alito will retire with all the HONOR the Supreme Court once held!

God help US all, and a special place we will always remember; the United States of America!!

Try reading: FIRE THEM ALL??.... PROP-86 can still save America!

Remember; Masks don't do dick, and Covid-19 death numbers are government propaganda.


So, ask daily: "How many dead were offered or given Hydroxychloroquine?

And answer every argument with 2 words = SWEDEN, S#!%head! 




Jan. 21, 2021

And now, with a bogus Presidency, with an engineered Socialist regime in-place like the designer China VIRUS,
and bordering on Nouveau riche-Communism without real borders or civilized rational Constitutional constraints,
we play the same age-old useless-failed games of another mindless Millennial effort,
 like Iran 1979 to “reinvent the wheel”, yet with Totalitarianism this time for full measure,
just because (we reject authority and everything that came before us, blah-blah, and because we are smarter!
…..Mine-mine, me-me, gimme-gimme, Old farts!!)....... Oh, how novel and enlightened......

 “Nothing’s new under the sun”, Kiddies…..
…...Unfortunately, but most definitely now bound to never be quite as good ever again...... 

Oh, how novel and enlightened, Dolts!!......

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