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Rumble on the quad!

Another shooting at a high school this morning!

Another mindless tragedy in an endless series at another academic mediocrity-institute where over-jealous Principals without the principles or discretion toss 1st Graders for drawing a gun during crayon-time, but unfortunately miss the artillery in Home Rm. 222,
what are we to think?
What can we do as a society to at least curb, much less totally eliminate these senseless expressions of violence and insane chaos where teaching minimum values and integrity, on curves of learning, are but secondary to Union demands and benefits that perpetually pay thousand$ of furloughed bad-teachers in NYC alone "full pay" for the duration? Now that’s a Union Label to be proud of?

The unintended consequences of a free society or in any democracy they’ll say, where once again thousands of current gun laws are virtually ineffective, impotent to stem the tide, a government police-state will become our only salvation, the preferred alternative. Oh please, save us from ourselves, a cataclysm only government ineptness wrought!

Or could it be simpler than that, just the rejection of America's Judeo-Christian traditions? The very foundations of a once great country where now liberal judges continually try to “reinvent-the-wheel” in their own socialist utopian ideal by circumventing our sainted Constitutional laws of this land making “new law” with the secular gavel of Thor from their exalted thrones, hence where killers walk and pedophiles freed to dance on the souls of their dead captives, children lying trapped in garbage bags under shallow earth; a complicit justice system after the fact.

And in these newly secular beginnings the spearhead, a totally liberal progressive educational system, righteous Church’n State hypocrites who fearlessly accommodate Islamic prayer-time and tax-paid footbaths chosen, 
the preference over Christian school prayer at assembly, graduation, the sporting event, or wen renting “weekend” classroom space for “Bible Study” anywhere within a thousand feet of any campii grounds,
forever questioning “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or even “The Pledge” for that matter,
all lobbying against Christmas carols a seasonal sport, Santa is the real enemy.

No wonder the president doesn’t give his daughters Christmas presents, a vile tradition;
stoning females, who thought that one up?

Or, perhaps the complete break-down in communication and responsible parenting, there’s nothing new here. The NEA, always squeaky clean hands, as they revamp the 3R’s and Home-Ec Sally with two mommies who neither cook, too busy painting picket signs for Jonny with two daddies. Ever think about gay adoptions? Every child surely needs a parent, preferably one of each sex, natures way.
Don’t we all love and revere nature above all, except here of course. Oh, but that’s an argument for a different day. My concern would be restricting “same sex adoption” especially by
NAMBLA devotees for instance, for even the possibility of nurturing an in-house sex slave! Naahhh!...Impossible?

No.... then there’s the old Health Class with its etiquette and VD prevention filmstrips now replaced by “The instruction of proper handling and use of the Condoms 101” in Jr. High? Whoa, certain teachers will now personally perform individual instruction, and groups can also be accommodated at no additional pay. How benevolent, and I thought teachers always complain about their harried work schedules. I guess not if with Harry and then of course there is “Abortion 101”, the academic favorite that’s the new Means Test overruling any outdated, outmoded candid discussion about the dreaded abstinence?

  If the school’s Coke & Yoo-hoo & Yo-Yos & Twinkie vending machines can be converted to peas, carrots and Brussels sprouts, well then Trojans are an easy fit. Of course in California now condoms are direct-mailed monthly to 12 year-olds in a brown wrapper for extra credit and FREE coupons to Planned Parenthood; a taxpayer paid perk.

Hey, maybe it’s a total lack of respect for life in general, debasing woman in popular song, glamorizing and glorifying weed on TV and in the movies, but you can’t smoke a tobacco cigarette in your own back yard without a $fine. A genuine step-up from the schoolyard rumbles of the 50s….oh yeah!

But always those pesky “unintended consequences” of natural progression, thank God for Darwin, oops, like PONG for instance. Getting lost in today’s virtual reality of “LIVE, real-time" sniper war-games and killer-assassin video games. That sure beats Golden books and reading Catcher in the Rye bread, dude.

Tweeting: “Death to All during 5th period Lunchroom”, what? 
Columbine raised the bar with MATRIX clad killers when Moore’s expose’ missed the mark on (who trained them?),
with Hollywood’s 3D-HD realism mirroring our new society,
 and then helping create this violent degenerate society when even their own Rules are skewed by NC-17 and PG-13,
as useless as California's 18 grades of gasoline for the Greenies skewing common sense, decency and common sense simple truth.
Their God: the Box Office.

The Academy Awards; a self-serving homage to .10 cent popcorn and .25 cent double features, H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D missed the inspirational mark and lost their faith, an unlimited source of fresh inane insane ideas for energetic, bored, illiterate kids with lazy minds, now banned from expressing natures normal aggression with dodge-ball and kickball during formative years recess, when throwing a baseball, the distant memory of Cosner and James Earl, now a foreign skill only interpreted by Wii, where the alternative excessively violent killing game skills are inevitably the preferred diversions.

So much for parental supervision as the ultimate Stop-Gap either, they already gave up when spanking became a felony, they’re too busy viewing The View, “E” Fashion Police, The Kardashians, Jersey Housewives, Ellen and Oprah reruns!

Were there metal detectors at that High School? I know random searches, random checks and random testing’s are so un-American.

Islamists would just chop the kids hands-off or behead him on TV and it would never be repeated, there must be a middle ground for the same result?
Maybe Casey Anthony’s attorney can think of one! 

May GOD watch over all the children and quickly heal these small victims.



Unintended Consequences!...
What’s the old saying that best describes what the GREENIEs and LIBs do so well when illuminating politically charged "pollution issues" in order to eliminate those pesky problems,
thus making everyone’s lives oh so much better and cleaner, but at the same time saving the planet from parasitic hosts,
those very bad humans with their extremely bad habits,
because they all know better than most of us homo sapiens and these chosen few have all the answers,
like with Eco-conservation for instance, right?

that old saying: "Screwing with a good thing!"

I.E. Save the Trees, Save the Rain Forests, Save the Earth; replacing
the eco-savage paper cup & waxed paper cartons with then new enviro-savior plastic water bottles,
Earth mother Gaia forbid we should continue those old fashioned "refundable" filthy glass containers, expect,
along with closing down the logging and lumber industries and losing those
ancillary jobs,
shipping the manufacturing GDP to Japan while advance their economies instead of our own,
thus increasing the cost of every home built in the USA with that unnecessarily inflated lumber expense,
and littering the forest floors with quick kindling for lightning fires
decimating millions of acres and entire forests, animal habitats, adjacent homes and businesses, destroying people’s livelihoods and lives,
not to mention the consequential carbon and carcinogens generated by these incinerations, plus exposing now striped lands for topsoil displacement,
phew, and
after all of that more than a few un-returned, non-recycled, neglected cast-off forgotten plastic empties
have been deposited along roadsides, lake shorelines and pristine beaches, and 
from just (1) yearly production "in order to save the planet's trees" could circle the earth 190X’s,

aside from what we now learn is all the heat-tainted bottled drinking water waiting to poison us in our unattended automobiles by that very plastic that was supposed to change our lives for the better and save the planet, gosh darn it =
Unintended Consequences!

Nice work Environmentalists
RIGHT.... Screwing with a good thing, like a simple prayer!

Terrorism is terrorism, is ter-ror-is-m....
"Individual freedom" does not mean an indiviual is "free to dictate" to others! 

In an unjust country with its fractured society where one single mother,
armed with the ACLU,
can ultimately ban “Father/Daughter and Mother/Son” school dances for everyone
at their "public, all taxpayer's-paid" school,
a traditionally peaceful communal gathering, nurturing family values and love all around, free of fights and drugs and guns,
this unfortunate ex-partner who finds herself temporarily unattached either by circumstance or design should perhaps consider attending said “father/daughter or mother/son” dance festivities where she may inevitably find an unwed-mate to thus help create a healthier environment for her deprived child and herself to both be happier people themselves for a more enriching fulfilled life,

unless her intent is to remain a selfish, vicious, bitter harpy,
sentencing her own baby to suffer as she, while dictating to all who must follow her unloved example…

Could this possible be some communistic country,
some cloistered Muslim society, or in the nation of California?

Certainly not the “land of the free, home of the brave”, etc....
.....Oops, I slipped and already said "ACLU", it is already a socialist country!

….The greater tragedy is her cowering neighboring citizens that don’t tell this code-Sad individual, their school, the ACLU and their tyrannical state government to go take a major hike.

….hey, go rent “FOOTLOOSE” honey, and you parents; grow some!
.....better to go to the mats and also have a "bake sale" on this one if you’re going to jail for Liberty and Justice!
That is why our soldiers volunteer to fight and maybe die to give you those very rights...cluck-cluck, puck-puck   

truthwhencecamefromnorthernskies.jpg SENTRYMAN..
truth whence came from northern skies



Go ahead Leftists, take another opportunity to try and micromanage human behavior with your personal agendas,
inevitably ignoring the bigger picture and greater issues in our declining society failing to;
teach personal responsibility, the sanctity of religion, making real judgments and demanding respect for life: the new as well as the old,
requiring strict teaching standards with testing and necessary benchmarks for a proper education from tax paid educators of our children, and imparting the values of humility and charity as important virtues over SELF to those in our charge, and how we indeed conduct ourselves as well.

But we know all this or some of us still might, but what can we do immediately,
ban all the scissors and knives, clubs and rope, box-cutters and airplanes, because I guarantee if one or two authorized teachers, or parents were carrying a hand gun in that Connecticut elementary school, we wouldn’t be burying 20 babies next week,
you sanctimonious pro-regressive tight-ass elitist liberal twits!

Peace Through Strength
not only brought down the Soviet Union, it works on rogue governments, tyrants, dictator, terrorists, and morons and idiots as well.

Do You Really Want To Stop This Violence, Or At Least Curb What’s Been Happening To Our Beautiful, Once Free Democratic Dream?
Well, we are a very, very  long way from those prudent and always necessary lifesaving lessons once learned and lived by our pioneer frontier ancestors,
but it ain’t 1955 anymore either folks, and Lucy and Uncle Miltie, Bud and Kitten’s father who knew best and Ozzie and Harriet are all unfortunately long gone too.

So, do you finally have the courage, the stomach and the fortitude to become proactive instead of reactive with our democracy in order to defend your waning freedoms?  
A simple analogy from the Muslin countries to make my fine point;
Steal = Lose Your Hand = No More Theft!

*Start with weak, liberal, repetitive ineffective laws and legislators, those habitually sympathetic judges who slap wrists of rapists and pedophiles with cycloptic justice, rein in equally compliant prosecutors and complicit defense attorneys “quick to plea to ease tedium” who allow these tragic travesties perpetuated upon the populous, and finally slam-shut the barn doors;
if “an eye for an eye” does not apply in a situation:
I.E. when a Thug buries alive his small tortured child captive in a garbage bag below the ground, barely screaming from her shallow grave
 we do the same to him,
else we apply mercy with some righteous blind-justice and allow the perpetrators to choose their own poison and then “publically televise” their preferred object-lesson hanging, or guillotine, or electrocution, or firing squad,
or the time-tested ancient “Drawn n‘ Quartered” that always makes an instructive impression for specific candidates since “lethal injection” the Libs now deem too lethal,
yes, any of the yesteryear outmoded modes should instantly dissuade and deter this progressive Hollywoodesque senseless mayhem and ritualized murderous carnage very quickly, perpetrated by savage predatory beasts looking for their evil celebrity on TMZ!

Too civilized are we
God forbid if this evil comes-calling you'll find God in that fractured moment of terror, too late for proactive measures, I only hope an Angel appears to defend your hubris! 

Civilization has always possessed to power to stop this madness, yet greed and pride always seems to intercede. I guess that's where personal character and faith come in, usually too late for 50M Russians, 25M Iraqi, 6M Jews, the Killing Fields,
Serbian and Rwandan genocides, some 3k on 9-11 
and 20 babies and 8 adults from Connecticut.

Peace Through Pontification by Neville Chamberlain,
who ably delivered “Peace for our time” it took for his plane to get from his audience with Herr Hitler and back home to England before the world blew up,
which is what you get with Albright in Korea, Clinton sampling wines in Australia instead of Benghazi,
 and Obama with the Iranians, Libyans, Sudanese, Egyptians, Syrians, Koreans, Chinese, Venezuelans, Columbians, Cubans, Mexicans, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and soon to be the Iraqis, etc...... Now that's world-class gun control.
Gosh, I feel safer already!

You better wise-up and step-up before the U.N. and Obama take away your muskets, Citizen!

Mass Murder = Lose Your Head, Terribly = Less Mass Murder!
Well, it would be a good start anyway......

may the closest and dearest who love those touched by these tragedies help hold the fragile hearts to ease the pain and fear that will never cease,
and if there be a higher power please send guardian angels sooner next time,
the one that was sent arrived only in time to turn the gun before more met God all too soon


Oooo guns, AR-15, Bushmaster, etc., etc., so what’s wrong with this picture???

“William Spengler's Note Before Killing Webster Firefighters:
'Do What I Like Doing Best, Killing People'
By GEORGE M. WALSH 12/25/12 04:36 PM ET EST AP

Police Chief Gerald Pickering said 62-year-old William Spengler, who served 17 years in prison for the 1980 hammer slaying of his grandmother, armed himself with a revolver, a shotgun and a military-style rifle before he set his house afire to lure first responders into a death trap before dawn on Christmas Eve.”

Answer: what unjustly civilized system of Jurist Prudence let this
 demon-of-death out of his cage, unfortunately prematurely, before he naturally succumbed to a life granted-too-long because our liberal Judges failed society once again??

Are you getting tired of this yet?
Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will times this tragedy by 10X! 

Education – Deterrents – Retribution - Faith - Peace

God protect our First Responders.


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