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QUESTION: Does a DRONE KILL LIST protect our troops at the expense of Muslim collateral damage,
Or one man's collateral reputation with Muslims?

Michael Ramirez is the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for Investors Business Daily.
Please contact your local newspaper editor if you want to see Michael Ramirez's cartoons in your newspaper!


June 15th, 2012

Reporter Neil Munro Heckles President Obama’s Friday Immigration Speech
about Amnesty, that is NOT Amnesty!

As for this overly zealous reporter interrupting the president that can be debated,
but when this “news” reporter interceded on America’s behalf, as “our president” was committing yet another Friday travesty,
what Mr. Munro should have stated, not questioned, was;
Mr. President, you sir are breaking the law,
 and by going around Congress and blaming the Republicans for your inadequacies, when you held the House and the Senate for two years and did nothing for illegal immigration,
you cannot now bribe Hispanic Americans and illegal voters to help you steal a second term for yourself!....Debate that!


Apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom!

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, conquered from within while we sleep…..
but this is no movie....With the stakes this high you shouldn't go for popcorn!

Bigger fish to fry from enemies afar, enemies at the gate and from enemies within,
selecting “Free Contraception and Gay Marriage” as our pivotal priorities at this time certainly won’t correct the problem at hand.

Especially when we can’t even agree upon the simplest of things;
I.E. that we should officially speak English after 236 years, or that killing babies at any time isn’t a constitutional right for 330,000,000 people, so say 5 out of 9 Supreme people.

Perhaps we could at least consider the real unemployment rate is actually above 14% without the spin, or that every citizen is in hock $50,000.00+ to our enemies thanks to our beloved government!

Whether it be denial, envy or false pride, how can we fool ourselves again today that tomorrow will be better if we don’t make a real change?
“CHANGE” like removing the weak traitorous light-weights, such as the Vise President out of our White House, who personally identified the specific Navy SEALS: Unit-6 who took out Osama so that the Terrorists could very easily seek them out and cut them down.

Thanks Tokyo Joe. (Allies; please forgive the WWII reference analogy to make my point!)  

PS. and as to the warrior wisdom of President Obama with the ramrod spine,
thank-you again Joe,  
in order to give the SEALS the “OK to take-out Osama OUT”, .....really?.....

Do you really think that “any president” wouldn’t have said: "go
ahead" after George gave our military that mission 10 years ago? ….Well, maybe Bill. He passed on bin Laden twice, but as Sister Mary Margaret used to tell me;
"you don’t get credit for doing the right thing” young man!

Presidente’ Obama is about to CUT the military once again in the guise of bipartisan fairness, spreading the pain of fiscal responsibility across the board, laugh, except the United States of America will enter a new era with the smallest US NAVY since 1915,
the smallest US ARMY since 1940,
and the smallest US AIR FORCE ever….I hope that makes you feel real secure
 when you tuck your loved-ones into bed tonight….For Tomorrow May Never Come!
Thanks Barry……

Do you really think that's by accident???................Do your own homework while you still have a home, Democrats!


hey Netanhuya, sorry our Commander-in-Chief can’t fit you into his Blackberry in a few weeks, but he’s got a pretty full schedule for that week golfing before the frost sets-in, and shooting hoops, or maybe it’s a, um, a bowling tourney against the Press Corp for charity – “Mothers who no longer wish to be mothers”..….
No, I remember, it’s having beers with that hugging Pizza Guy. Sorry!......

Maybe after his reelection he'll stop-bye when he's in the neighborhood, dropping off some new Stars & Stripes and an ambassador or two to Libya, Egypt and elsewhere the middle-east
where the Arab-Spring Freedom-Fighter Democrats inadvertently burned-up all the American flags by mistake.
But then again, his itinerary will be pretty set for 2013 so we'll just have to get back to yah, OK?āmu `alaykum!
Gee, I thought they liked us now since our president has graveled and apologized for US for 4 years straight

As the MiddleEast explodes into flames and the fund-raising party plays-on,

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas......You hope, right Barack Hussein?
May the Lord hold our bushwhacked ambassador Stevens and his 3 patriot shields, 2 were SEALS,  in his hands.

Never fret America, the Vice President of the United States is back at the helm
with his security staff analyzing threats, protecting the nation, covering for the Prez!
“How’bout we ditch these inarticulate, dirty republicans and I’ll introduce you to
my friend Bill, then we’ll parte’! .....Ever hear what they say about Dunkin' Donuts?"



Déjà vu

Iranian Christmas ornaments
....apostates hanged in Iran

With our current Monarch: Barack Hussein Obama,
along with his inable vice-sidekick,
his entire administration and his whole Democrat gang;
Bell County Sheriff's Department shows Nidal Hasan, the Army
psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting

if it looks like a Terrorist,

   sounds like a Terrorist,

 and acts like a Terrorist, it's a DUCK!.......

Allahu quack!......
Oh, but Bush was a torturing terrorist, quack, quack!!

VOTE Barack Hussein Obama in our American Arab fall........


a fan of "Homeland."

CBS Sunday Morning….9/23/12

Our President apparently loves this TV show; about an American who is tragically empathetic to his captors, harboring secret sympathies for the “radical Muslim enemy” to the point of being so uncontrollably biased it compromises his most personal values enough to become a Homeland Mole against his own country, and as unbelievable as Hollywood could create it,
and the fates would have it he goes into U.S. politics….
.....Imagine that!

Further, our own President Hollywood invites the lead Actor of this hit series “HOMELAND” to our White House…..OK,
but assuredly the invite's for our own beautiful “American actress”
Claire Danes
who plays our CIA heroine, right?....NO,
it’s the tragically empathetic “foreign actor” portraying the Traitor Mole…..
.....Hmmm, Go Figure!

CBS SUNDAY MORNING site;;flexGridModule

“But Lewis never imagined who was talking about the show. Last spring, he was invited to a state dinner at the White House for the British Prime Minister. President Obama told him he was a fan of "Homeland."

"I said to him and David Cameron halfway through dinner, 'When do you guys get to watch TV?'" Lewis recalled. "'Because aren't you supposed to be running the free world?' And the president said, you know, 'Saturday afternoons. Michelle takes the girls to go play tennis and I turn on "Homeland."'"

(CBS News) "Homeland" received nine Emmy Award nominations for its first season. So what accounts for the show's success so soon out of the gate? Mark Strassmann has found some answers:

"Homeland" is a drama about demons in our post 9-11 world, the story of an American POW-turned-terrorist, and the unstable CIA agent obsessed with learning his secrets, and stopping him.

Its premise might seem unlikely for successful television. At first, even the stars weren't aligned with the idea of a drama about the war on terror.

This psychological thriller addresses some of the most troubling issues of our time. It's filled with moral ambiguities, hard choices, and complicated characters.;contentBody

Those famous inspirational words from the freeless leader: “You didn’t build that!”,
taken (1) step further;

The Mystery of Puma Punku


Truth is a stranger in Hollywood!..


.....and fiction mirrors reality?……

"If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror, Na Na"

You’re FIRED! ...... Vote RONMEY / RYAN


Lapses in judgment over affairs of the heart, & unpatriotic judgements

He betrayus going ALL IN for a broadwell…ba rump bump, bad joke,
and so is the old saying:
I'm not a real doctor but I play one on TV…

With "FEET of CLAY"…

some men are destined to be LEADERs,














and some just play one on TV…






one HE left alone.............................4 HE left behind

Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses Benghazi-gate with Hunt and Berntsen

13 hours in Benghazi
What your future DEM president doesn’t want you to know!



and some just play one on TV…

by the way, who’s got the courage to tell the Emperor: 
“and you’re also flat”!
Is America Seen Weaker Since Obama Came Into Office?

Keep your powder dry. You're going to need it!


Dec. 2, 2012
Why the Fiscal Cliff edges closer….ha ha ha,
our non-secular leader promised to solve before our non-secular Xmas;
read my lips: “It’s because he doesn’t know anything!”

This Rookie isn’t any CEO or a Commander of anything greater than his own ego, his ideology and Benghazi. He’s not even equipped for senior managerial positions at Wal-Mart. A pitchman for an Aluminum Siding Company has more practical savvy to sell malarkey than Mister Block Captain. Too harsh,
Barack Obama has ruin thousands of businesses, millions of lives and he’s not done destroying our nation’s economy.

He shoots from the hip because he has no backbone for hard work or dissenting opinions. "My way or the highway, I’m taking my ball and going home"; a schoolyard bully has better negotiation skills because he doesn’t have a hidden agenda;
“I’ll cut-up the ball and take your sneakers and you “F-Off”
 if you don’t give me what I want”…..

When is America going to take off the rose-colored glasses and politically-correct myopic blinders to admit that lightning can strike twice and this particular elected official is neither a proven leader nor a CPA economist, or an Accountant?...Heck, he’s not even a bookkeeper!

He delegates freakin’ E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G because he doesn’t have and never has had the innate or tangible experience in running B-U-S-Y-N-E-S-S or leading man or machine, Pisano!
Especially the once greatest economy in modern history, now in trouble that his associates erroneously inherited from President Bush’s wars, not “America defending herself and freedom” that all Democrats and party leaders once unanimously voted for before and after them taking total control of the Congress in 2007, except Barack.

So to recap, the Democrats and their Club junior president have now had since 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to fix this, and now the best their knot-hole club president “Butch” can conjure up for 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 is intimidation;
“give ME everything I want, unlimited power over the Debt Ceiling Printing Presses, unchecked borrowing and any future Congresses can figure all this out later, “trust ME”, or
it’s only the Republicans who will be totally responsible for any consequences, “trust ME””!.......
……..and I’m whispering: “your capital-gains and death taxes are going-up either way!”

Wow, perfect; paying attention you other 50% of America?
Do you like what’s happening around the planet and in Iran, Syria, Libya and in Egypt today while their leaders ignore their people and their constitutions? Well get used to it, they gotten the government they supposedly voted for and so have we.

Try Prop 86 before your Constitution is also entombed in a time-warp sarcophagus, citizen!

PS, Syrian chemical WMDs...hmmm,  Saddam’s hidden stash?
 Though I haven’t heard anyone wonder!
And by-the-way, running wars on a credit card doesn't give you a future surplus to use elsewhere to pay-down the debt, ha ha,
or blow on your GREEN freebies, genius!


Copy & Paste these while still posted.

Obama Nationalizing Your 401(k) and IRAs

30 Million Taxpayers Face (AMT tax), Alternative Minimum Tax Right Now

Avalanche of Obamacare Taxes Begins

Did Obama Voters Know What They Voted For?

Pressing Issues in Obama's America



The Tea Party on facebook
As the Obama's take another vacation in Hawaii for his 23rd vacation since taking office at a $4 million taxpayer cost for two weeks in Hawaii. All while the "fiscal cliff" is supposedly looming for America in days with no agreement on how to fix it.
"LIKE" if Obama should be back in the white house, truly working on a workable solution to the fiscal cliff, instead of adding $4 million to it so he can surf the north shore....Dude

Winning Team for 2016 against Hillary, or against
the Emperor's 3rd attempt to be King of the Planet





Been try'n to tell ya for 7 years, but 'Told Ya So!'




Do you miss him yet?....Too bad!



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