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NASA's new mission: Islam, Racism, Nationalism .... The New OBAMERICA? ..... 7-6-10 to 7-17-10
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A Lib friend said I was crazy since his NASA Buddies
loved Obama
......Allah Akbar


Apology unnecessary, we're friends.

But, since we last broached the subject last fall
when You told me I was crazy,
and your contacts in Titusville told you that all would be well
for the Starship Enterprise,
Deep Space Was Moth-Balled Along With Mars & the Moon

and NASA's new mission was "Global Warming Surveillance",
thanks Al and Barack,

until this popped up yesterday:
a Newer Mission for NASA has been created;

(Befriend the misunderstood guys
that want to kill us.)


NASA's new mission:
Building ties to Muslim world

By: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent
July 6, 2010

When I became the NASA administrator, [Obama] charged me with three things,"
NASA head Charles Bolden said in a recent interview with the Middle Eastern news network al-Jazeera.

"One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math;

he wanted me to expand our international relationships;
and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a
way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations
to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering."

Oh yah,

and don't feel bad about;

the Bomb attempt in 1993 to blow-up the World Trade Center,
the 1st time, but they'll get it right eventually if you let them,

the Embassy bombings,

the Cole bombing,

2000 Millennium bomb plot on LAX airport,


Saddam Hussein ignoring 16 UN Iraq sanctions,

killing those American Contractors, burning their bodies
and hanging their charred corpses from a bridge, so
their families could see them one last time in the newspapers,

the grenade in the soldier's tent,

chopping heads-off kidnapped victims on camera to share with friends,

firing 3000 rockets every year into Israel from land Israelis gave to Arabs,

Afghanistan turning against the US after We supplied them
to help kick-out the Russian-annexation of 10 years,

the brilliant Shoe-bomber,

the bomb attempt on Sears Tower,

Pakistan not helping to catch Bin Laden,

the Fort Hood massacre,

NYC subway failed bomb attack by Al Qaeda, part of a larger plot,

Christmas Day airplane "Underware" bomber's attempt,

Manhattan Times Square car bomb attempt,

and finally suckering Obama (?) and the UN (?)
as Iran continues building nuclear bombs. Oh, alternative energy,

no, please, don't feel bad about it,


the Moorish Empire trying to conquer Europe twice,

changing Constantinople to Istanbul,

the necessity for the 1st and 2nd Crusades,
the monumental choice of it's exact location for building
"The Dome of the Rock"!......
(location, location, location)

or really,
don't feel bad about

taking over Denmark, Germany, France & England's populations today,
with Europe tomorrow,

pushing American politicians to accept "Sharia Law"
over the US Constitution for all Muslim-Americans,

and certainly don't feel bad about
stating to the world that the infidels in Israel and American
will be wiped from the face of the earth by the scimitar,
as Islam takes over the planet.

Really, don't feel bad about any of it either,
because our President and NASA are now
going to make everything alright
and even-up the playing field!
Might be a little hard though for our astronauts to knee-down
on a prayer rug in those spacesuits?

Sorry bud, I added this last part because the reporter forgot them
and excuse me if I neglected to remember 20 or 30 other examples
in recent memory for our Muslim brothers "not to feel bad about".

later, SM

Say, did you catch these new ones?'s bad enough we've got the Muslims hating us,
we've got this guy wiping-up a frenzy over, dare I say it, COLOR:

and this poor selfdeluded soul.

Comment by SENTRYMAN on July 8, 2010 at 1:58pm

A Comment from libertybell:
"I have indirect connections with NASA...
I wonder what Physicists think about this."

Did you mean Physics or a physic? ha ha


Because they aren't protecting Science, the counrty or the children.

 Comment by libertybell on July 6, 2010 at 10:53pm

I have indirect connections with NASA...I wonder what physicists think about this.
 Comment by Audrey Ihrig on July 6, 2010 at 9:09pm

The Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama is using NASA to promote Islam.

On the other hand, God has been driven out of the class room.
The Nativity Scene can no longer be set up on the courthouse grounds
or in the town square.

Obama insists that all Christian symbols be covered up when Obama speaks
at religious Universities such as Georgetown and Notra Dame.

Elections do have there consequences.


 I'm very curious,
when HIS final choice comes down to siding with
Race, Nationality, Islam or America????  ...........
........................................................... Allah Akbar!

In case you’re missing this on FOX today,
since it probably won’t be on any other LIB news outlets,

#1 The Justice Dept. “whistle blower” testifying today at Congressional committees hearings
stated that the department has been ordered not to proceed under current Law
to remove all presently known illegal and ineligible voters from voter registration rolls,
like; dead people, duplicates and those found ineligible,
or illegally registered by ACORN in the 14 states indictments
from last election cycle.

"Not to enforce the law and NOT to remove names for future eligibility"!


He previously stated that the order had come down for Dept. Attorneys “not to investigate”
or “prosecute” any law violations that involved “Race” as part of any offense,
to the advantage of whites over blacks.

That order followed the Justice Dept. dropping the suit against the Black Panthers
charged and found guilty in a Civil Suit for Voter intimidation at polling precincts,
from any prosecution now or in the future and
they dropped the case.


#2 The President has just by-passed the Congress for confirmation hearings
for the top administrative position for his new healthcare plan
and has given the post to a Harvard Professor
that embraces the “socialist healthcare system in England”, that employs rationing
to pay for their plan,

and the professor stated in 2008 that the “redistribution of wealth is a necessity”
to properly service the presently 70 million uninsured in America;
"to take from the Haves and give to the Have-Nots."

“The question is not to “Ration care or Not”,
the question is “do we ration care with our eyes open”?

The Republicans fear the only place left to raid the system for the necessary funds is from Medicare
and with the Baby-boomers coming on board
there can’t possibly be enough funds even there,
which will guarantee rationing.

The Professor was further quoted
that he believed that No more than $22, 000. should ever be spent to extend life.



In the Video the (fair & balanced) reference to the “GOP does it too”, is apples and oranges,
referencing John Bolton being appointed as temporary UN Ambassador by Bush
and eventually might be kept in the post permanently.

The Democrats thought Bolton was too strident with unfriendly governments and nations to America
and Bolton was not capable of the necessary compromise required in their estimation.



Which differs as a rationale since the Single-payer Government healthcare system of the United States
will comprise 1/6 of the National Budget.

We can’t afford to protect the country, supply the troops or seal the borders,
but now under the authority of a Harvard professor that never made it to even one committee hearing,
much less Congressional approval, the sky's the limit.

Bush would never have been allowed to pull that one off!


This is a little bonus of things to come when Sharia Law is main-streamed
in Europe, England and America

in the not too distant future

and Hollywood and Women's LIB are a thing of the past.



Warning: extreme violence!




Comment by
Grandma7 on July 12, 2010 at 8:37pm

Race & Islam!!! 

 Comment by
SENTRYMAN on July 12, 2010 at 11:06pm
No, no, you picked 2.....I'm not being frivolous.

"One is a Red Herring", there really are 4 choices..

I need you to pick "only" (1)......

I think it will be a monumental realization for all the other choices
and will surprise the sycophants "Who He Really Is"!



SENTRYMAN Chicken or the EGG?...
NASA and Gold Stars for Everyone in Class
so We All Feel Good Today! notations in RED!



The Prophet Muhammad appeared in the seventh century A.D.
with the message of Islam.
(that’s the 600s for the algebraic challenged)

His Arab followers soon spread the new faith in the West, across North Africa into Spain and France,
and in the East, to the borders of China.
These Muslim believers rapidly founded a new and dynamic civilization that for centuries was the only bright light
in an otherwise culturally and intellectually stagnant world.
(Hmmm…if it was stagnant it must have been previously flourishing!)

Indeed, while Europe was experiencing its "Dark Ages," the Arab/Islamic civilization was at its apogee.
It was this same Islamic civilization, with its many contributions to science and the humanities,
that paved the way for the rise of the West to its present prominence.

(Funny, I thought it was the autonomous Christian Churches hoarding knowledge,

holding Europe together
until vanity and the Black Death played through the fairway

and then Gutenberg’s movable-type Press.

Well, maybe just "The Plague" till the Renaissance stepped to the plate.

Vanity will never leave the planet.

All that contaminated clothing,

from millions of dead souls stacked like cord wood,
were collected, boiled & chopped into mulch, drained, pressed
and finally produced cheap paper stock for the 1st mass produced Bibles and world Literature,
sharing "The Word" and the words with the masses for the first time,

thus finally educating the great unwashed.

I guess the NEA and AFT unions had their origins in the church back then



The Arab nation in the twentieth century is a region in transition— developing, modernizing,
and building the foundation for its own renaissance. Its great and ancient cities—Cairo, Damascus
and Baghdad— with populations well into the millions, are rapidly expanding their municipal services,
communications systems and other facilities.

New construction is evident everywhere as high-rise buildings replace the covered bazaars of former times.


Historians disagree on both the birthplace and birthdate of Arabic writing,
but the most widely accepted theory is that it developed from Nabataean,
a west Aramaic dialect which served as the international language of the Middle East
from about the fourth century, B.C., until the seventh century, A.D.

As the new Islamic faith emerged and spread,
the Arabic of the Arabian Peninsula replaced Aramaic as the lingua franca of the area.

(and when were those pesky Dead Sea Scrolls written?


...Lucky the Hebrews found them,
lest they'd be burned, rewritten in Arabic or never see the Light of Day again!

Strange how the heavens protect TRUTH!)

The Dead Sea Scrolls remained hidden in caves for nearly 2,000 years,
until they were discovered, in 1947, by a shepherd.

Israeli archaeologist yuval peleg halts his jeep where the jagged Judean hills peter out
into a jumble of boulders. Before us, across the flat-calm Dead Sea,
the sun rises over the mountains of Jordan. The heat on this spring morning is already intense.

There are no trees or grass, just a few crumbling stone walls. It is a scene of silent desolation—
that is, tourists in hats and visors pour out of shiny buses.

They have come to this harsh and remote site in the West Bank, known as Qumran,
because this is where the most important religious texts in the Western world were found in 1947.

The Dead Sea Scrolls—comprising more than 800 documents made of animal skin,
papyrus and even forged copper—deepened our understanding of the Bible
and shed light on the histories of Judaism and Christianity.

Among the texts are parts of every book of the Hebrew canon—
what Christians call the Old Testament—except the book of Esther.

The scrolls also contain a collection of previously unknown hymns, prayers,
commentaries, mystical formulas and the earliest version of the Ten Commandments.

Most were written between 200 B.C.
and the period prior to the failed Jewish revolt to gain political and religious independence from Rome
that lasted from A.D. 66 to 70—predating by 8 to 11 centuries
the oldest previously known Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible

this was a transcription, a Xerox so to speak,
of much, much older stories dating back at least 5000 years ago.) 

Read more:


Mathematics and Astronomy

There is no doubt that mathematics and astronomy owe a great debt to the Arabs.
As George Sarton, the great Harvard historian of science,
wrote in his monumental Introduction to the History of Science:

From the second half of the eighth to the end of the eleventh century,
Arabic was the scientific, the progressive language of mankind...

When the West was sufficiently mature to feel the need of deeper knowledge,
it turned its attention, first of all, not to the Greek sources, but to the Arabic ones.

(and what were the three languages on the Rosetta Stone again?)

In the twelfth century, Europe became aware of the scientific achievements of the Arabs
and embarked upon serious translations of their rich legacy.
A special college for translators was founded in Toledo, Spain, and it was there,
and in other centers,
that some of the great Christian scholars translated most of the Arabic works on mathematics and astronomy.

In most European universities, Arab treatises formed the basis of mathematical studies.

The history of Arab mathematics began with Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarazmi who,
in the ninth century, journeyed east to India to learn the sciences of that time

He introduced Hindu numerals, including the concept of zero, into the Arab world.
This number system was later transmitted to the West. Prior to the use of "Arabic" numerals,
as we know them today, the West relied upon the somewhat clumsy system of Roman numerals.
Whereas in the decimal system, the number of 1948 can be written in four figures,
eleven figures were needed using the Roman system: MDCCCXLVIII.

It is obvious that even for the solution of the simplest arithmetic problem,
Roman numerals called for an enormous expenditure of time and labor.
The Arab numerals, on the other hand, rendered even complicated mathematical tasks relatively simple.
(so are we talking the “invention and convenience of a new cuneiform like font”

“taking credit for all the creations one’s intellect can manifest”
when using it to express anything?...

So Shakespeare owes all his sonnets to the inventor of the written language
of that day

he happened to be using at the time, right?)

The scientific advances of the West would have been impossible
had scientists continued to depend upon the Roman numerals
and been deprived of the simplicity and flexibility of the decimal system
and its main glory,
the zero.

Though the Arab numerals were originally a Hindu invention,
it was the Arabs who turned them into a workable system;
the earliest Arab zero on record dates from the year 873
whereas the earliest Hindu zero is dated 876.
good thing they took such good records back then
so the proper guys could get the “copyright” within that 3 year window!...Isn't it?)

For the subsequent four hundred years,
Europe laughed at the method that depended upon the use of zero, "a meaningless nothing."

Had the Arabs given us nothing but the decimal system,
their contribution to progress would have been considerable.
In fact, they gave us infinitely more. While religion is often thought to be an impediment to scientific progress,
we can see,
in a study of Arab mathematics,
how religious beliefs actually inspired scientific discovery.
(Oops , church and state again...oh,
that's just with Christianity!)


Because of the Qur'an's very concrete prescriptions regarding the division of an estate
among children of a deceased person,
it was incumbent upon the Arabs to find the means for very precise delineation of lands.

For example, let us say a father left an irregularly shaped piece of land—seventeen acres large—
to his six sons, each one of whom had to receive precisely one-sixth of his legacy.
The mathematics that the Arabs had inherited from the Greeks made such a division extremely complicated,
if not impossible. It was the search for a more accurate, more comprehensive,
and more flexible method that led Khawarazmi to the invention of algebra.

According to Professor Sarton,
Khawarazmi "influenced mathematical thought to a greater extent than any other medieval writer."
Both algebra, in the true sense of the term, and the term itself (al-jabr) we owe to him.
Apart from mathematics, Khawarazmi also did pioneer work in the fields of astronomy,
geography and the theory of music.

(Where was the Abacus all this time, speaking of concise convienence?)

It was due to another exponent of Arab civilization, Omar Khayyam (1040-1123),
that algebra made an enormous leap forward, two centuries after Khawarazmi.
Known in the West as the author of The Rubayat, a poem made famous by Edward Fitzgerald's translation,
he was admired in the East mainly as a mathematician. In his use of analytical geometry,
he anticipated the geometry of Descartes.

Commissioned by the Seljuk Sultan Halikshah to reform the Persian calendar,
he prepared a calendar said to be more accurate than the Gregorian one in use to the present day.
Whereas the latter leads to an error of one day in 3,300 years,
in Omar Khayyam's calendar that error is one day in 5,000 years.

(what ever happened to those; Mayan calendar and the Hebrew calendar
and the Chinese calendars?)


Because of their Islamic faith,
it was essential for the Arabs to obtain a more precise knowledge of astronomy
and geography than was already available:
a Muslim is obliged to perform a number of religious observances
with distinctly astronomical and geographical implications. When he prays, he must face Mecca;
if he wishes to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca,
he must first know in what direction and what distance he will have to travel.

(Whoa, wait a minute),

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The largest pyramid ever built, and the oldest (and only surviving) Wonder of the World,
the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by Snefru's son Khufu. It rises to 481 ft (146.59 m)
and its slopes have an angle of around 51 degrees.

It contains around 2,300,000 blocks of stone, each weighing an average of 2.5 tons.
The base of the pyramid is level to within just under an inch,
and the sides are almost exactly as long as each other -
the greatest difference is just under 2 inches.

It is believed the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu
(Cheops in Greek) and constructed over a 20-year period concluding around 2560 BC.
The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

(Hmmmm, pretty good without Algebra)


OK , so let me get this straight.

After borrowing this from the Greeks and that from the Christians,
who borrowed it all from the Hebrews,
the Arabs added the ZERO and that’s why we owe them our existence!

I guess we could play “who did it first” and “who begat what”, all day!

And, here’s the culmination of all those contributions and mathematic:
“Learn how to just steer a jet,

like a boat, right into the pier!.......Amazing!


They can also borrow IED technology from a traitorous American corporation
and they can buy half the world with that black stuff those evil white guys
brought up from under 1000s of years of sand dunes!...Amazing!

So, my only question is:

in all that time what were the Chinese doing without the innovative gifts of the Arabs,
one people with some 50 recognized languages, building Dynasty upon Dynasty
and some of the greatest structures known to man, still intact,


all within their own vast borders that have lasted the test of time,
right up to today?


The GREAT WALL from Outer Space

History of China


See also: List of Neolithic cultures of China

The Neolithic age in China can be traced back to between 12,000 and 10,000 BC.
Early evidence for proto-Chinese millet agriculture is radiocarbon-dated to about 7000 BC.
The Peiligang culture of Xinzheng county, Henan
was excavated in 1977.
With agriculture came increased population, the ability to store and redistribute crops,
and the potential to support specialist craftsmen and administrators.

In late Neolithic times, the Yellow River
valley began to establish itself as a cultural center,
where the first villages were founded; the most archaeologically significant of those was found at
Banpo, Xi'an.
The Yellow River was so named because of loess forming its banks gave a yellowish tint to the water.

The early history of China is made obscure by the lack of written documents from this period,
coupled with the existence of accounts written during later time periods
that attempted to describe events that had occurred several centuries previously.
In a sense, the problem stems from centuries of introspection on the part of the Chinese people,
which has blurred the distinction between fact and fiction in regards to this early history.

By 7000 BC, the Chinese were farming millet, giving rise to the Jiahu culture.
Damaidi in Ningxia, 3,172 cliff carvings
dating to 6000-5000 BC
have been discovered "featuring 8,453 individual characters such as the sun, moon, stars,
gods and scenes of hunting or grazing." These pictographs are reputed to be similar to the earliest characters
confirmed to be written Chinese.
Later Yangshao culture was superseded by the Longshan culture around 2500 BC.




(Thank you for giving America NASA guys. Now the credit is yours,
along with the Agency.)

"Now - Algebraic - Space - Arabs"




But, then there’s those pesky ignorant COPACABANA and
Machu Picchu cultures and ruins

that we still can’t seem to reproduce today, even with the "ZERO"!)




To Be Totally Honest With Full Disclosure,
I Must Credit All That I Am & Any Accomplishments I've Ever Enjoyed

To The Inventor Of This:

Tee Hee




Comment by libertybell, 2 hours ago

        Thanks, this is good. Appreciate you putting this out there.
Islam also just took over the veneration of the Ka'aba,
the black stone that was a pagan symbol that Muslims,
(not supposed to be worshiping idols), they still kiss today.
It has Hindu roots.

Comment by libertybell, 2 hours ago

Oh, and let's not forget the Minoans who invented plumbing at Santorini and Crete,
had sophisticated writing,
and had more regard for women than any other civilization in the world until the 20th century.
Unfortunately, it fell with the most severe volcanic eruption in human history.

The Greeks did a 3,200 year-old smear campaign against them
(reference the myth of the minotaur and the queen's supposedly committing beastiality).

Comment by SENTRYMAN just now

I sent this note to Rush yesterday on another topic and here's a portion of my text;

Hello Rush;

I heard you today (7-14-10) make a reference about certain black Americans
fearing they'd be the new minority, again, in Terrorist-School this time!....

I asked the same question of our fellow Americans with the "big chip"
in my Blog some 3 months ago,
Do yourself a favor and stand-up on your own two feet
and stop looking for people to blame and reasons to fail
by letting their own racism dictate reason and common sense and spoiling a God given opportunity,
as they are probably more “American” than many of us,
since they’ve been here longer?!
And, to look inward for why you can't seem to do what every other minority has successfully done
(most of different colors)
for themselves and their families in this great country like all of our past enemies.
I.e. Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Germans (west & east), Russians and from a variety of Arab countries, etc.

Go ahead, do a national survey for yourself.
The government will give you $50,000 for it I’m sure.
“Who owns
and are running the Convenience Stores and gas pumps
even in Low Income neighborhoods across the Fruited?”

Further, why sell yourself short?

Do You really think Abdullah is going to welcome any black man marrying into their Wahhabi family,
since all they’ve gotten to do is deliver bomb Straight-jackets and Underwear to Hell?...

Why do we never see Arabs palling around and standing with their brethren Black Panthers or Black Muslims?
...Arabs probably even segregate themselves in prisons like Latinos,
though I fortunately don’t know that personally.

Geez, just wise up and get over the “hate Whitey" thing
before you destroy yourselves and your Race,
though I’ve never seen a study yet about; " how many “African” Americans are 100% black?"…..

I.e. Our President,
 or Tiger!... He can’t even cheat with oriental surrogates. hypocrisy?

Would they rather their ancestors had never come to the Americas,
and they’d be living in Africa today instead,
assuming they hadn’t been slaughtered by Hutus or Tutsis, Somalia pyrates

or be Somali pyrates, or have died of AIDs,
or had their ancestors captured as Slaves and
been sent to any number of other countries buying Slaves hundreds of years ago,

thus missing the chance to their have descendants growing old as NBA or NFL stars, movie stars,
or millionaire Rappers or musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, professors, food stamp recipients, drug dealers, felons and working for the Government,
or be getting a nice Union pension today!

Oh yah, and Marrying WHITE PARTNERS !!!

So Shut-Up, Grow-Up and Get Over-It!......

Enough, is enough, is enough!...
We are probably the most diverse and integrated nation on the planet in the history of man.

Or should we all act like this?

Get-on with your lives and don’t squander an opportunity many other people
 are dying and killing to be able to have,
and you're foolishly throwing it all away wanting to be inept copycat terrorists,
or wishing to be welcomed into a Religion That Doesn’t Follow Its Own Tenets!

Another point I’ve made Rush with the philosophy of these Muslim’s hypocrisy:
 "If the 9/11 Terrorists spent their final evenings in Florida Strip Clubs,
wouldn’t that nullify their entrance into heaven
and disqualify receiving their 70 Virgin prizes?"

Thanks Rush for being there….
if your Radio show was on Cable the liberal sycophant population around the world would decease!!

There is a dedication to You in my book.
Congrats on the new live with a new wife!



We Becoming a More Racist Nation?‎...
"hockey puck!"



We’ve all discussed this till we’re BLUE in the face….Oh, sorry Pandorians!

“This” is exactly how ridiculous the entire issue, topic, subject, argument, debate,

has been, and will continue to be
if that’s how certain people, factions, groups, organizations, PARTIES and Congressional forces
wish to act
and ignore their Employers with their own priorities.

Are we serious,
being lead around by the nose,
arguing like children about the most basic adolescent schoolyard problems?
Are there No Adults left?

When they control the information, they control the agenda, they control the outcome, they control the masses.
There is nothing new here, We All Know This!

The only thing that surprises me is how easily they manipulate the hearts and minds of Americans
when they "own" your wallet and your appetite.

The financial takeover was so easy using Revenge and Payback.
As the brother that envies the Prodigal Son,
why should you care what someone else does with his love or his money?

I think that comes in at #6 on the 7 DEADLY!!....

For the millionth time, this has NOTHING to do with Color.

It Was Never About The Black Guy,

It Was About "That Guy"!

IT’s Attitude and POWER!......Plain & simple...
right Ms. Garafalo?

The Only power your 2 Year Old has over You
is the power You give them.

Why do we grovel...Why do we take the bait & the debate?
There are horrendous things going on all around us and all we see and think about
is what they permit us.

This man in the White House has ignored, and,

NO castrated the testosterone from the human psyche.

Just as the Bra Burners emasculated the American Male
and the DNC has done to the GOP for the last 40 years,

the inmates are not only running the asylum,
they own the building,

and the Fire Inspector,

the Union Boss,

the Police Chief and the Building Inspector,

the Zoning Board,

the Alderman,

the City Council,

The Judges, not to forget the school Superintendant,

and the Representatives and the Senators, especially in Maine, Pennsylvania and Minnesota,

and most of the other ones too including the Civil Servants who are neither civil or servile,

and You Can't Fire Them During Any Administration,

but all We can think and worry about is NOT Being Called A Racist, oooooo',
and that George Bush is at fault here once again because He ignored New Orleans for 3 days!
He wasn’t their governor!

The guy at the top has All Of Us to worry about
and that week "prior" He had (5) states to worry about and those that prepared did pretty good!...
The prodigal son strayed from the flock and got chewed-up, so it's Dad's fault?!

There wasn’t supposed to be anyone home when that Storm came a’call’n,
the same way NO ONE should have been in the 2nd Twin Tower when Death swung it’s scythe again
with a backhand.

Things happen, bad things happen, $#!% HAPPENS!
If there is a way to anticipate it so we’re better prepared, we are smarter for it and luckier too.
30+ years waiting for BP and No preparation?????
We certainly could afford a little more forethought with money we don’t have.

I seem to remember the "BIG Worry" not too long ago was all of our dilapidated bridges
were falling down across the nation, killing children....
Wasn't that Bush's fault too for 50 to 100 year old bridges?

Well, have all those ancient bridges been replaced now
with that $780 Billion Stimulus 1/2 spent,
but only 6% has been targeted for Shovel Ready Jobs???????
....HELLO NY Times, MSNBC?

Seems to me that if every Bridge was replaced in the United States
with that Chinese / Japanese
loan money,

the unemployment rate would be 0.12% and
We could actually use all those 12 to 20 or 40 Million illegal aliens hiding in the shadows.


with a massive US Building Project like that
"they could earn their citizenship",
just like joining the Military.

As well as the secondary benefits and Business created and generated by a "real" Stimulus,
those loans could be paid-off in this lifetime,
not in my great, great, great grandson’s, if ever!

Now there’s a FREE idea You Idiots in Washington can have and it solves most of our problems,
and better spent than the $20 Million Stimulus wasted on
Barrack’s “Work In Progress, Kiss Our Feet” signs
adorning LadyBirds deflowered roadways across the Fruited.


How We deal with adversity, strife, tragedy and those challenges beyond our control
and many within our control
is what separates the strong from the weak,
the wheat from the chaff,
the followers from A True Leader,

and Mister President, You’re no JFK, or FDR, Abe, Ronny or even a George….
You will never protect US as those men, THESE MEN, HAVE!

Barack Hussein Barry Obama destroyed the Gulf of Mexico
by doing nothing for 3 months,

and for a very specific Set of Reasons,

and does anyone have the testicles to exclaim: "The Emperor Has No Clothes?"
certainly not in the GOP, nor in Massachusetts!

Ask yourself (1) question;

Is there YET "a Plan" in place Today
if 1 more or 4 Wells POP during this hurricane season,
and none belong to BP,
but to us,

or even Mexico AGAIN?.....

What are you gonna do Jack?

I know Barrack has a warehouse full of lawyers ready,
but can any of them swim?

Remember the joke;

What do you do with 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

....It's a good start!

I think it was Sean Hannity that said;
“not willing to take any of the responsibilities, but happy to take all the credit.”
.....Guess Who?

There always used to be that kid like that in every schoolyard
and everyone
knew who they were,
but we were always too polite to confront them,
and they always grew up to be just that type of person, but none of us are kids anymore!


"The Emperor Has No Clothes!"


 Comment by Denise on July 17, 2010 at 4:15pm

Well said Sentryman.
Once again you invoke us to think on our feet and to do not react to...


added 8-25-12.


Hey Barack, how's that "hope and change" work'n out for yah?
Muslims like us any better yet since NASA's been mothballed
 with "your new mission"?

Here's a GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND who saw things in terms
greater than himself!


Who boldly went where no man had gone before, only dreamed!

Paused to remember the kind of people that helped put him there

And left his mark for Truth and Justice in the American Way!

Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012)
was an American
NASA astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, United States Naval Aviator,
and the
first person to set foot upon the Moon.


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