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Obama got his man; so states Bill to Mitt !

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Tonight on The Factor...Sep.13,2011

on FOX, as Bill O’Reilly challenged Mitt Romney as to exactly
what had President Barack Obama done wrong,
or ineffectively in Foreign policy on behalf of the American people, according to Mitt,

Bill expounded that the President fulfilled two significant, most worthy accomplishments,
primarily dispatching Osama bin Laden and keeping most of George Bush’s nation protection devices in place
within the Homeland Securities charter,
I wondered for a millisecond and thought to myself;
had Mr. Obama any real choice in the matter?..... Oh Really!

I would think, had he his druthers or the real conviction of his beliefs,
the President just might destroy our military capabilities besides just totally hamstringing them
 along with our country’s economy and our sovereignty,
as well as our national standing on the world stage and the US dollar
if he actually possessed those real powers, along with those that he usurps.

However, the little guy in a room filled with men of steel,
festooned with honor and heritage, brass and chrome, duty and destiny,
could he have served up an order like a Commander-in-Chief to stop the pursuit to kill,
or capture the World’s #1 Terrorist?

.…Well, could he, punk?......

And coupled with the President’s own perception of personal indignities and the cruelties necessary to keep the nation safe,
what with Guantanamo, Military trials, rendition, harsh interrogation, wire tapes and Internet tracking,
and confiscating the securities and domestic holdings by foreign enemies, the NSA, CIA, FBI, ATF,
Secret service, US Marshalls, military intelligence,
and the
Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Coordinating Center,
could any President, even one that’s actually Christian,
halt an 8 year mission that the entire globe was cognoscente and every American wanted completed?
.....Oh Allah, would'a if he could'a, but don't blame me brethen.....alas....
The Mission Completed!

After all, Bill O’Reilly will make sure Barack Hussein Obama gets all the credit anyway,
so how can this great American patriot fail for reelection in 2012?
........Well, George Bush’s military might not have found bin Laden in time
before Barack pulled all our guys out, like he’s been trying to accomplish for two and a half years
before the real mission was accomplished,
and the bad guys return to America to finish their mission Clinton ignored!.....

You make your point Mitt, Newt’s got your back!

obama2.jpg   37obama-terrorist1.jpg   NewYorker-Obama-Cartoon_1.jpg
(*   (*   (*   (*   (* IF THE TURBAN FITS  (*   (*   (*   (*  (*

Ask yourself this question and try to be honest with yourself;
out of all our 44 US Presidents of these United States of America over 235 years,
from Washington to Bush II, how many of our new presidents would have ever thought
to give their very 1st television interview to any News Organization that wasn't American,
or at least to a loyal valued ally,
much less one that is the main propaganda news engine of the Middle East?
Well, how many?,8599,1874379,00.html

follow-up on 5-2-12 - VOTE the warrior Prez again

Restores the Economy & Jobs,
Solutions For A Renegade Government and Confronts Terrorism.

**MY Book Can Restore The National Economy & Jobs,
Demonstrates Solutions For Our Renegade Government
and Confronts Terrorism For Permanent Results,
With The Power & Authority All US Citizens Possess
To Initiate Simple Legal Procedures To Sidestep Endless
Do-nothing Self-serving Congresses and Take Our Country Back,
No Matter Who’s Living In OUR White House!


Truth is stranger than fiction?

Sure, with a little help from Hollywood!

The Green Mile = the predator cuts the screened window on a hot summer’s eve,
puts a knife to the baby sister’s throat and says: if You scream I’ll kill your parents.
(Then he steals her big sister, “Elizabeth Smart”)

Unbreakable = the predator beats the father in the doorway of his upscale home.
Then attacks, binds and rapes the mother and their daughters, etc., etc.
(Then the “Petits” burn to death, unfortunately without the hero to save them like the movie.)

In Cold Blood
The Boston Strangler
The Silence of the Lamb
Kiss the Girls
The Lovely Bones
The Road

etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,
and 100s more I'm certain you could remember....

How about Jennifer Lopez in "The Cell",
or "Out of Sight"?


All fodder for fertile minds left to rot.
Not only to explore aberrant behavior,
but to refine and train future deviants with “Case Study” on
"how not to get caught". 

How.. . . . . progressive.

We can’t celebrate Santa or say a prayer in school,
or use vouchers or uniforms,
or testing standards or fire incompetent teachers
when the subject matter is supple and young,
but we can fill the prisons with old latch keys kids,
illiterate graduates, drop-outs, fatherless waifs and gang pledges.

Who will each again graduate with their "Master’s Degree in Crazy"
someday from the US Penal System where children’s minds grow into old men on Death Row
in decades to come.

But, at least they get CABLE!


Thank you Hollywood for filling-in the gaps in the education for those uncreative,
uninitiated, unimaginative imbecilic morons our Education System ignored
and lost to Union priorities,

and that our Justice System will create and perpetuate:


No, no, we can't have any patriotic war films celebrating
the courage of those volunteers who keep us all safe,
including thankless entertainers, fighting on foreign shores today
looking at future budgetary Obama cutbacks.....

Yes, yes, harvest the fruit 50 years of liberalism hath wrought.
This isn’t what the “Greatest generation” fought and died for,
or what the Boomers squandered in the name of peace and idealism.

Nor what X,Y & Z’ers have no reference to understand the wisdom.

Oh, I forgot; "Rendition, Syriana and Green Zone", how foolish of me!

And the upcoming 2012 Campaign movie epic:
Killing Osama bin Laden, by Rambo Obama.

(a fantasy, loosely based on fact)

Merry Christmas Matt!



Morgan Freeman states the Tea Party is racist and “It’s all about getting the black man”…

I’ve even stated in my book 2 years ago that “Morgan Freeman” would make a better President
than “this guy“, coincidently.…

It Was Never About The Black Guy, It Was About "That Guy"! 

The Tea Parties are made up of all people, from all persuasions….THEY  AREN’T  THE  RACISTS! 




Is that all you’ve got?... I thought it was Bush’s fault?... Enough already!  

Why don’t “our guys” ever, never reiterate how Condoleezza or Judge Thomas,
or Bush’s Sec. of State, or Cain, Steele, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams
are incessantly treated by the LEFT’s anti-racist party members?



Courses President Obama obviously didn’t take

in any of the three socialist institutions of learning he attended.

Thomas Sowell started out like many civil servants idealizing that society
and government owes them, and was an avowed MARXIST!

Fortunately he saved his soul and educated himself to the realities of life.

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative

SEVEN PART dissertation by Thomas Sowell and Marxism
Part #1




Race has been a 3rd Rail  “RED”  herring for decades and our side never broaches the subject
to put it to rest! Puck, puck, puck, pah-chaw!...

Maybe our chicken s#!t guys should play their game and question why “the LEFT” trusts “the white guy”?
....He is both.
Because we don’t think that way and that’s all they’ve got! 

Old bankrupt socialist / communist lies and our men of integrity don’t possess the courage
or backbone to attack them on their merits or the facts.
….Try my book, it indicts them all and puts the power back into the hands of whom it belongs.



Who do those "Tea Partiers" think they are?
They don't know how to really

 truthwhencecamefromnorthernskies.jpgSENTRYMAN..truth whence came from northern skies

Hey, Harry Reid has stated this day, Nov. 27, 2012, he already cut over a Billion dollar$ out of the Federal Deficit, and Harry wants everyone to remember that and give Democrats credit for it….Oh boy, “CREDIT”, the Key Word here.

If you truly believe that our elected congressional geniuses will  adequately S-O-L-V-E  the “fiscal cliff”,
a problem that CONGRESS personally  in-concert created
and/or irresponsibly sat-on-their-hands while their contemporaries ritually dug the US taxpayer into this deep grave,
 which is inevitably only addressed on Christmas Eve like every other “back-against-the-wall holiday recess,
then you obviously must also believe that our current President,
with his EPA poised to regulate every phase of your existence starting  January 2013, coupled with our aging nuclear-deterrent being handed over to his buddy-pal Putin after Inauguration Day 2013,
he couldn’t possibly deserve any criticism for this $16 Trillion+ negative balance catastrophe, and you are equally confident that this Man-From-All-Reason will indeed single-handedly solve our financial holocaust as he professed before your children and your grandchildren inherit this plague, irrespective of the Black-Hole his Obamacare will spawn once realized by 2014,
Barack Hussein Obama-Barry
will most assuredly
blame his tragically inept failure on the House Republicans,
 and not the Senate Democrats who have yet to pass a federally mandated budget in over 1000 days, right?

Positioned yourself pretty well haven’t you Barack. My way or my highway!
Well, if our President wants to play the Leader instead of the would-be arms-length negotiator while touring the country campaigning for sycophant grassroots allies to apply the necessary pressure on his make-believe adversaries, “The Republicans” of course,
he might begin by trying his “chew gum and walk over to Washington’s pressure cooker at the same time”, roll-up his sleeves and hammer out an old fashioned deal like an old fashioned politician,
genius that he claims to be.
We already know he can bow on command and knee by instinct, and bloviate thanks to his umbilical teleprompter, but “lead”,
that’s a new skill we’ve yet to actually see while he’s tutored a master-class in “pass-the-buck” over his last four years.
I think the proper idiom is now: time to get real, Dude!

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