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  As the DEMs overtly take the words “GOD” and “Jerusalem” out of their 2012 Convention platform and then DEMs plead; “Don't read anything into it”
and "It's Not an issue”;
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

 But in this case: Beware
 the Democrat's wooden promises!


2-9-13 .....The wisdom of a loving mother always trumps a politician
Dr. Benjamin Carson Epic “Full Speech” at National Prayer Breakfast

Doctor Benjamin Carson lectures Obama on America's crippling debt

Summer 2012

....We couldn’t possibly be that dumb, then again! 

The simple fact that this presidential election isn’t a slam-dunk for any contender,
regardless of who is challenging the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,
is a blatant example of the serial apathy and rampant disinterest in the wellbeing of an imperative; the good health, proper care and feeding  of our nation’s political system and “Civics” in general.

As Nero fiddled while the Republic burned into degradation and eventual obscurity, our current CEO blew not just $787,000,000,000.00, but has little to show for it beyond spin and conjecture.

That’s the "misappropriation" of (12),
twelve number$
all of which helped perpetuate (42) forty-two consecutive months of straight unemployment above 8% and still growing! …Nice job!

That single seminal issue alone,
 disregarding our lost US world-prestige, making back-door deals with the Russians to disarm our nuclear deterrent after his reelection, selling-out of America’s sovereignty to UN usurpers,

using the US Treasury as his personal piggy-bank, being responsible for our national credit-rating downgrade, apologizing to our enemies and withdrawing our troops too quickly thus jeopardizing all the blood and treasure “volunteered” spent in good faith,

collapsing Medicare to create Obamacare, golf junkets, elaborate vacations, Kobe-beef parties, murdered ATF agents, cronyism, blocking all US fossil fuel production over Solyndra-type Green bankruptcy boondoggles, stealing GM from stockholders & gifting it to UNIONs and installing a Sun Roof in the Debt Ceiling,

using Executive Orders instead of the Constitution and gifting Illegal’s Amnesty, reintroducing “RACE” back into the political landscape and pandering to Islam at the expense of other religions and our allies, and turning the American Melting-Pot into divide & concur,
would normally be adequate to qualify for early dismissal at a minimum. …Right?

Look, I’ll make it real simple and easy for you: think (787) !

If an employee, your Busboy, palms a $7.87 tip off your restaurant table and rips–off your Waitress employee = he’s history! …Right?

If an employee, your Bartender swipes $78.70 out of your register = he’s history! …Right?

If an employee, your Asst. Manager skims $787.00 off your weekly receipts = he’s history! …Right?

If an employee, your Manager makes $7,870.00 disappear from your monthly accounting = he’s history! …Right?

If an employee, your Vice President doesn’t know where $78,700.00 worth of your Widgets went during the yearly inventory = he’s history! …Rights?

If an employee, your CFO siphons $787,000.00 off your books into his Grand Cayman account, well = he’s history too! ...Right?

So you’re the Chairman of the Board and your CEO of your Wall Street firm loses $7,870,000.00 = he gets an extravagant bonus and a Golden Parachute,
 but that’s another story for another Blog!

Let’s say, you have this employee with a nice smile who borrows $787,000,000,000.00 with a wink and a nod promise in your name with your signature, but you still have twenty-five million, (25,000,000) friends, neighbors, relatives and probably either you or your spouse are all still unemployed,
and = He is History too, RIGHT?...........................YOU DON'T FIRE THIS EMPLOYEE?
He Could Get Re-elected To Keep His Job In Your Company?.......REALLY?

WHY, because he's a nice guy, your wife's kid brother, saved your dog from drowning,
In A Country Where Your Children's Children Will Inherit That Employee's Debt Forever?

What is this Greece, Russia, Cuba, the Teacher Unions?


For what possible reason would you not "CAN" this guy?

.....So maybe a fellow-sister can have the luxury of killing, oops (aborting) an entity with a heartbeat, because someday a condom might NOT be handy?.....Brava!,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bpcl=35277026&biw=1067&bih=451&wrapid=tljp1350186003978054&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=gDR6UMuXFImnrAGdvICYBQ

.......Because Mr. & Mr. or Ms. & Ms. want to be Mr. & Mrs.?

........Because You might not get as much FREE stuff in the future?

.........Because you want airplanes to run with windmills? They already tried that and phased it out in the 50's but they still need fossil fuels pal and solar-panels don't stick well.

...........Because oil is oily and coal is dirty. You could stop all drilling and digging and India and China are still going to foul the air in your backyard
(without a Barbeque in California)
for the next 100 years anyway and it will still cost you $6.00 to $7.00 a gal. of petrol Pricilla which makes Iran very happy too....

You GREENs sure did a nice job closing the lumber industry, like Fonda with China Syndrome deep-sixth nuclear, in favor of letting nature and lightening burn-down hundreds of years' worth of forests and beautiful homes and lives, choking the rivers, oceans and the animal kingdom with your plastic bottles to protect paper cups and glass returnables. 

Plus making Japan and China really happy selling you building materials you could have provided your neighbors with much faster, better, cheaper and safer, and giving them a job to boot.... Brilliant!

Is that all you base your vote, the value of your nation and your liberty on?

[This employee just let your company, your country get flushed down the toilet?]
...........There ain't gonna be any more stuff, we're already broke, genius!
We've all heard it,
We all know it,
and Ryan just repeated it for those who never pay attention;
If the Government took 100% of everything "The Rich" have, has, had,
just like NAZI Germany did in 1938 from a select few,
it would not finance our, your, the government but for a couple months!

Just the interest alone added onto the
$16 Trillion Debt is approx. $4 Billion dollars daily,
and we aren't even keeping-up with that,
there is nothing going toward the
$16 Trillion
that your Obama Federal Government won't stop adding to with new spending, every day, because it's NOT their money and they think you're not watching and really don't care,
but your government is never going to pay it back...


Taking all the Fat Cat's Fancy Fiddles
only lasts a few months, remember,
and that's not even putting a dent in the "Interest" portion of the Debt, 
so the
$16 Trillion never
stops growing or won't slow down......Get It Yet??

Then what do they take away, and from whom next:
Jay Leno's car collection? They've already gotten that!
....Meryl Streep's Oscars, got those!
.......Bill Gates gate? He's not living there anymore!
.......We, You already owe some $50,000 dollars EACH

Why not try Freedom, Free Enterprise and Capitalism?

It WORKS everywhere it's tried, unlike Socialism that's always FAILED
everywhere it's ever existed, GOOFs!

Your Republic is burning-down into sixteen trillion ($16,000,000,000,000.00) smoldering cinders 
where half of your customers, your fellow citizens don’t care
or don’t understand, or BOTH!

In case you were wondering Emperor Nero, that's $50,000.00 each,
owed by every "legal" American Child, Woman & Man in our Republic! 

KIDD'N ME?.........THINK!

65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama


SENTRYMAN  8-23-12



If President Slick scores a slam-dunk in all 3 debates, what really changes?

And even if Govenor Romney runs-the-boards we still have so far to go, but
AMERICA will earn a second chance to make things right before it's all gone!

SENTRYMAN  9-19-12


Romney Ryan - America's Last Chance!
Finally, another war-time President arrives when America needs one most!

Quick Tip: The GOP should have available monitored listed phone numbers in every city's white-pages to answer vital questions on which “non-partisan, yah-sure” Judges should or shouldn't get your Party's Vote,
and tout the desired Yes/No on Props, continually and purposefully explained in Legalize
& Greek! ..SENTRYMAN   

And for those of you, “oh so concerned” citizens who can't walk straight worrying about this issue, many of whom but especially those who pay $0.00 in taxes every year,
who continually insist that Mr. and Mrs. Mitt Romney need to pay far more in taxes than the rest of us;

that the Romney's current 13% to 15% Tax Rate that they pay to Washington
 is the U.S. Government’s “double –dip”,  the “2nd bite of the apple”,
a second tax liability requirement  on any “possible profits” they might have earned from all their own investments that the Romney’s have risked over the years with “firstly earned monies”
on which they had already paid the highest U.S. Tax Rate
years earlier from his original salaries he worked for,
(excluding any legitimate deductions allowable to all American citizens under U.S. tax law written by Democrats).

This additional second punitive vampire bite from the I.R.S. would in fact put the Romney’s paying Washington around 50% and above on just Federal alone, thus contributing their "more than fair-share" providing vital funding for the U.S. BILLION$ earmarked to the vast cesspool of freebies for embezzlers, slackers, deadbeats, Green Innovators, and also to Foreign entities and governments friendly to Obama,

many unfriendly to the United States government and to you,
the American citizen.

There’s (3) categories of legitimate bloodsuckers
that you hypocrites should be preoccupying all your angst “oh so concerned” attention to;

1)      Foreign Aid to boondoggles, unfriendlies and out-right enemies (and you know who they are)
Predatory Tax Law
Citizens collecting checks, who didn’t originally work for it,
aren’t legitimately disabled, refuse to educate or reeducate themselves to be self-sufficient, and those who aren’t actively seeking employment while collecting checks.

I might remind you, the U.S. government makes nothing and has no money of its own;
it is money owned by the American citizens, and only from those American citizens who firstly earned it to be taxed, and then sent some of their own money to Washington, DC, for our U.S. legislators to disseminate it to our proper U.S. Agencies,
not to spread around at whim. 
Neither the Taxed Money, nor the Tax Money belongs to our 
government, or to those who didn’t earn it!

I realize this is a foreign concept to many of our citizens today, especially to those who aren't foreign!


Or a combination of the 2 TAX systems to spread the pain
since we'll all have skin in the game?

And why don't your hired-employee legislators consider
"passing" these alternatives to solve everything? 

??? dom dee dah dom, Jeopardy theme ???

Because without your TAX dollars to dole-out
your hired-employees have NO POWER,

and would actually have to work for a living,
producing results that could be measured!

1900 more reasons why to "Change the entire Bench in Washington!"

Even AARP stabbed Americans in the back when 14 to 1 rejected Obamacare!


All but 3 of my Amazon Book Reviews over the past 3 years have mysteriously disappeared just 3 weeks before this election.
My own publisher wouldn’t help market my book either. Censorship raises its ugly head in the most unusual ways.
Maybe this is the Muslin nation our rookie Commander-in-Chief claims or maybe with help from his Justice Department: Nazi Germany II.
Remember liberals, the decadent and Leftists were the 1st into the camps and 2nd into the furnaces.
Beware what you wish for!

Pioneers Turned Millionaires....Smithsonian Channel
Meet five inventive, courageous, and hardworking entrepreneurs, who led the charge during one of the most exciting eras in economic history. Levi Strauss, Henry E. Steinway, William E. Boeing, John Jacob Astor and Henry J. Heinz changed the way the world eats, dresses, plays and travels. They each left Germany hoping to find a better life in America and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Relive the tragedies and the triumphs that made them millions while leaving a major imprint on American culture.

**Ever watch this program?
It’s extremely interesting and informative, but I now must watch it with a jaded-eye since Barack Obama educated me to the facts that even 100 years ago there were still roads and lanes and paths that were scouted-out and discovered by much earlier pioneers and Native Americans probably financed by a fledgling government. Buckboard wagons that hauled their goods, in boxes made by someone else, pulled by teams of horse and mule, reared and trained by others, and on and on the supporting staff was endless thru time.

All (5) men don’t necessarily deserve all the credit bestowed upon them as "Pioneers", by those original grateful regional customers who helped develop the historic demands for their quality products. And yes future Americans and world consumers would continue their prosperity, but after all is stated it’s not like Strauss invented cloth or pockets, or the color blue,
and Steinway didn’t plant all the trees his pianos would be built from, and what about those elephants sacrificed for all those piano keys,
and Boeing, hey "Leonardo" and the "Wright Brothers".

Then there’s Astor, dah, just another rich white guy,
and finally Heinz; "glass" for his bottles was invented during the Bronze Age and Egyptians, even on other continents,
and it’s not like he invented tomatoes or something,
and it’s not like they all swam over here from Germany: "boats"!

Not to forget those wives and mothers, right,
so to paraphrase that sage, Barack "
Barry Soetoro" Hussein Obama; “You didn’t build that”! ....WOW, that's heavy Dude!

…….hey, why don’t fathers ever get any credit for their kids successes?

Caveat Warning; don’t be goofy enough to take my pioneer sarcasm above for anything other than that!

And YES, "they built that" .... and all with their own life's blood, sweat and fears!
 Perhaps in a mythical time when government wasn't in the way of free enterprise with its hands-out?....nahhh

***Barack did forget to thank these people below blowing-off a little steam in their daily life'n death situations;
protecting our families and all our ventures and invention for over 200 years, making it all possible for us to live FREE!

We will all call you, "for sure"...…thank you!

...and thank you too, to all the moms and dads, wives and children,
....all waiting!

----------------- YOU CAN TRUST MITT ! -----------------

 Mitt Romney Embraces Privatizing Medicare and Social Security

 Paul Ryan Gets Accolades from Erskine Bowles & Budget Plan

 Paul Ryan Gets Accolades from Erskine Bowles & Budget Plan…repeated if REMOVED

 Paul Ryan commends Commission's call for lower tax rates, dent on spending
on Charlie Rose

Ann Coulter speech at CPAC 2012

 Paul Ryan's CPAC 2012 Keynote Address

Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obamacare in 6 Minutes

 Woman Spits on Romney Supporter at Rally In Wisconsin

 Family friends speaks on Romney's behalf

 Church Members Share Story Of Son's Tragic Death

 Mitt Romney RNC Speech (COMPLETE):
'When the World Needs Someone




"God bless Neil Armstrong. Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon and I don't doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong's spirit is still with us. That unique blend of optimism, humility and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American."

“President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family”.... Mitt Romney


August 26, 2012
Quick thought as tropical storm Isaac approaches the Florida keys this Sunday Aug. 26th,

God protect all those in its way,
we were told repeatedly, ad nauseam that:
“President Bush
conjured-up Katrina to hurt the people of New Orleans” 
…..Hmmm, wonder who said that again?

That was after President Bush had personally called to warn the Louisiana governor
“five days in advance” to:
get your citizens safely out-of-town, but Bush was summarily ignored!


So, if Isaac takes a shot at New Orleans and its power grid this time and those levees don’t hold,
levees that those Bush government engineers have been working on for 100+ years,
will that again be President Bush to blame or Mitt this time,
or maybe the RNC this time,

 as Floridians "follow the rules" for the (4-days on your own), taking the proper precautions to prepare?

....We all know this president doesn’t take any responsibility for ANYTHING….Oh,
except for personally “Taking out Osama”!

So who takes the hit along with New Orleans??
.........Global Warming?..........

Oh yah, I remember;


August 5, 2012

As I watched the DEMs "love-fest", patting themselves on their backs last night,
I honestly don’t get it!


Are we transfixed or hypnotized, or just plain ignorant?

We, the United States of America, are flat broke, bankrupt, zip, zero, nadda!

 Every single dollar the US government and the Obama administration spends every single minute,
excluding the $16,000,000,000,000.00 National disgrace,
is begged, borrowed and stolen from you,
the American taxpayer, the American dependent and the American freeloader,
and a few rousing speeches or even winning the Debates doesn't change any of that…
Broke is broke!

It has nothing to do with caring or compassion, or Bush did it, or rotten wealthy Republicans not understanding the plight of the downtrodden and depressed, or whether everyone on Food Stamps with free health insurance is good or bad.

It has to do with a blatant disregard for other people’s property and the God given national and financial security of every single citizen, legal or not,
to the point of criminal thievery and extortion for ulterior motives.


Stealing General Motors from the stockholders for $0.10 on the dollar and giving it to the Unions doesn’t qualify as a success story, nor gifting borrowed monies to Green speculators, or Foreign governments friendly to the Obama’s to drill for oil themselves;

especially when our President Hussein closes all our own homeland well pipeline construction, oil field exploration and now the coal mines one-by-one, that could save all our lives and make the US-of-A finally energy independent and back on top once again....

And thank you "SEALS Team 6" for "mission accomplished" after 10 years of hunting.

A president McCain would NOT have patted himself on his own back, he's a class act. .......
aaand thank you George for the "water-boarding", keeping us safer after 9/11!

The federal government under the Care, Custody and Control of the Barack Hussein Obama Democrat administration is doing everything it can to avoid responsibility or admitting their complicity in destroying this Republic, this Nation by subverting the ideals of our country according to the tenets of the Constitution of the United States of America for reasons of their own.

You can do your own investigation and soul searching as to their motives, but I think it’s quite obvious;
they don’t give a good GD about any of us!....Hail, hail to Caesar!

And as for some old no-class presidents who can’t keep their yaps-shut,
no not Mr. Peanut,
who relive their glory days as though they deserved the trumpeted successes,
(that a Gingrich freshman Congress for instance) who jammed 4 consecutive balanced-budgets down his throat thus produced,
that President's continued successes strangely ceased when some sinister congressional opponents took Newt "out-of-action",

hence leaving that President's successor with a waning surplus economy and an impending recession. In addition to (1) major loose-end to deal with; the Islamic loose-cannon that the former silver-haired champion was too busy to catch while he was chasing his own tail around his Oval playpen and lying to a Grand Jury!...

This is where the DEMs set their bar, this is their grand Champion, this is the best they've got for Obama to rise to?
Had he been a Republican, he'd be delivering pizzas somewhere in the San Fran Mission Dist. and a distance memory.

This is why we now have 8th Graders having sex on classroom floors
& 5th Graders now thinking it's cool to have oral-sex on school bus rides home, people?....Where'd this come from, predator teachers aside that can't be fired?...

....It wasn't conservative parents or conservative teachers allowing society's ethics and morals to degrade and slide this far down today, and without a twinge of culpabiltity other than a shoulder-shrug and: "kids will be kids"!

....Oh really? 

Talk about irrelevancy and rewriting one’s own history;
this is indeed the master-stroke of progressive liberal artistic license.
...Bravo, Brava!  

A greater man would quietly retire to San Clemente or San Francisco.

Go ahead, vote for him again and cut you grandchildren’s financial throats....You are lost!

PS, it wasn’t Bush’s 8 years, brighten-up.

Bush couldn’t spend ($1.) dollar without Congress’ permission and authority!


It was the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Democrat's congress,

that started putting us in the shits to lay the ground-work for a democrat Presidential Election WIN.

... It's just that the Rookie won and not the Lady, 
so it got away from them and over his head!....
So they are history, Right?....Gone, finished, we learned from our 2008 mistake?....not!

PPS, and I do mean PP;
a great Orator, much less the greatest Orator of our time,
speaks off the cuff from the heart, NOT verbatim from a Cue-Card,
or from a Teleprompter, or from a script,
especially a spoken oration written by someone else….

That’s called a Narrator,...a Storyteller, ACTOR!

Wake-up before it's too late.....


September 24, 2012

Coulter: 'White guilt' is bad for America
Remember the Party names at the 6 min -30 sec. spot in this video

Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians



but never fear,
he may not have protected your wallet or your Constitution, your embassies, you and your aunt Fanny or our heritage and the Republic, but he successfully added over 11,000 Federal regulations to protect you from yourself!.... Ooh Rah

Though a few extra guns for holding-back the "Enemies at the Gate",
like from ole "Fast & Furious" Eric protecting our southern border, 
would have kept our Ambassador alive.......Hey, it was 9-11, duh!

...been try'n to warn you for years where his global priorities lie,
NOT the USA!


Prop 86 restores AMERICA

In case you're comatose from watching Katie, Kelly, The View, Kathie Lee, The Talk, Ellen, Idiots who live in Jersey and the Wives from Sodom, or NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, PBS, and the Kardashians and Fashion Police;
we, the United States of America were officially attacked on 9/11, 2012 when fellow Americans were targeted and assassinated while the president played and the Middle-East continues to burn,
and unless you want radical terrorist bad "eggs-coming-home-to-roost" in America , you better think twice about voting for the same nice guy again!...Snap out of it. TIME’s UP!

Ps, unless you’re just been asleep,
if we lose this fight there will be but (1) religion and incorporated into “The State”, swear allegiance to (1) authority, enjoy ONLY Islamic holidays and you Atheists "will" pay homage, kneel-down and pray 5 times daily, all the Jews, Gays, Women’s Libbers and Hollywood are dead, women will never speak-out or talk-back again, nor be seen uncovered in public or dutifully whipped or stoned to death. No more GREEN Agenda and lots and lots of cheap Oil and Gas.

Forget about; Keggers, choosing your own curriculum at school, drugs, high-heels, bikinis, Rock Concerts and MTV, and the 4th Estate, Free Speech and a free Internet will be but a memory, just Al Jazeera, no Unions or Umpire and Teacher's strikes,
"real" slavery with any offence punishable by death will reign supreme in the Americas!


You think Socialism and Communism are scary, go ahead Vote Obama….again!

I know you really wish you could use your middle name, Hussein, but it would blow your cover. And as for those “binders” Gov. Romney perused to hire capable female administrators for his Massachusetts Administration, isn’t that the same as the “booklet” of capable Muslims, (males I’d guess), you’ve commissioned for new hiring’s in your administration as was reported on Fox News, Friday 19th 2012?

A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in
speech, memory, or physical action that
is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some
 ("dynamically repressed"), subdued wish, conflict, or train of thought.

The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis, a slip of the tongue, like: "I've now been in 57 states" and "my Muslim faith" !

Mitt says:
we can’t afford 4 more years!

Heck, we didn’t afford Obama’s first 4 years!

This is strange compared to the CNN, CBS, GALLOP, NY Times!

Debate #1 = Romney

Debate #2
= Obama by spinning FACT 
                                                   ( I uttered the word "terror", read the transcript)

and            = Romney by quoting FACT 
             (yup, but not about Libya, and never utter these words: "Islamic terror-ist" = Checkmate!
                                          By the way, you didn't answer the question

Don't fret,
Candy and Libs will always believe anything you say.

An original thought is a terrible thing to waste. Barack must have a lifetime's worth saved!
Only in America can a national poll give the advantage to the LIAR
and everyone's impressed....Ain’t free speech grand, yet better to tolerate
the idiot, over a gun to your head!...So why prayer rug accomodations in public schools and state universities over Judeo-Christian expressions? Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Ramadaan Kariim"رمضان مبارك Barack

I know Mr. president, you really wish you could use your middle name, Hussein, but it would blow your cover.
And as for those “binders” Gov. Romney perused in hiring capable "female" administrators for his new Massachusett's Governor Administration,
isn’t that the same as the “booklet” you’ve recently commissioned of capable "Muslims", (males I’d guess), for new hiring’s in your next administration, as was reported on Fox News, Friday 19th , 2012

Debate #3
= Obama won this battle on combative points,
                  (but by a craftier opponent ignoring Barack’s barrage of slanderous retorts, handing him the easy win and giving him a pass on Benghanzi, for now. And the reason why Romney's Mass. was 47th in Job Creation was by the time Romney left the state was up to full employment, but you knew that Barack! )

VP Debate = Biden by 82 interruptions 
                                                               ( a "man-made disaster" by movie critics in Libya)
and            = Ryan  w/substance & class
                                                       (No, 1st "TERRORIST" attack on US since 9/11 on 9/11)

The Debates = Romney 
won that war!

With our president selling US down the river with Putin
and cutting $1-Trillion out of our military very soon,
coupled with embracing the sham of “Arab Spring”, and failing to secure our customary
status of forces agreement
SOFA) in IRAQ to stabilize and protect the Iraqi government and everything that America has invested in that region, that we customarily negotiated all over the planet to reinforce World Peace,
are just some of the greatest failures of the Obama White House, Our House;
that our president repeatedly harangued and harassed Gov. Romney in the last debate as being “absolutely untrue”.

Well Mr. soon-to-be X-President; Benghazigate = LIAR, LIAR, turban-on-fire yourself!

By the way Commander-in-Chief, don’t we still use bayonets in combat,
and don’t our troops ride horseback every day in Afghanistan, your favorite theater of engagement;
WAR 1812 to 1912 to 2012?

..................FYI: We don’t use Light-Saber green-weapons yet either, Jack!

OK, so let’s see;
 A President lies about a lame campaign bungled burglary, he knew nothing about, to protect his guys
we change-out our country’s successful leader......Watergate!

And now;
 we have a President who during a campaign lies about his traitorous, bungled national/foreign policies that he intimately directs, who doesn’t protect his guys before, during and after being attacked, who was sent emails by them for "HELP" to 400 White House, State, Military and Security Staffers, but then repeatedly lies again and again for 14 days knowing his men were avoidably murdered
and we, what, vote him President for a 2nd term, or?.....I know if Obama was a Republican our FBI would rightfully be packing his bags. ...Benghazigate!
Tyrone Woods' Father Charles Woods sees generation of Liars

Tyrone Woods' Father Charles Woods Calls Lars Larson's Talk Show &
Exposes Obama's Lies


CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack,
sources say;

OUR Commander-in-Chief, right here,
has earned a Court Marshall for his Benghazi traitorous act for his dereliction of duty and country,
opting to campaign in Vegas over leading his military to save these brave patriots waiting for his help, and it wasn't even 3 AM!
But it was 12 o'clock high, midnight in Laredo and the only Sheriffs in town were visiting SEALS and we let them all die, alone!
Thanks Barry! 


Rambo must have been busy packing his bags for his trip.....If YOU don't help B. Hussein Obama pack-his-bags-out-of-Washington you're as useless as HE!



By the way Joe,
remember a few years ago when our Generals wanted 40,000 additional reinforcement
surge-troops, (I know he hates that word SURGE), to provide the overwhelming military dominance necessary to take the Mission over the finish line in Afghanistan, 
Barack's favorite war,
to finally secure a once uncontrollable rogue nation cultivating murderers,
(not only of their own countrymen but exporting terrorists to the United States),
so our brave servicemen and servicewomen could come home alive and sooner in 2011?!
But your Boss took his own sweet Martha’s Vineyard, vacation golf-filled summer time to eventually commit to just 30,000 troops,
coupled with the oxymoron caveat, that a simultaneous military campaign-promise draw-down would also coincide with the so-called surge build-up,

I think, if I'm not mistaken, he stalled as a fledgling C-in-C and then closed-up-shoppe in Iraq to shift our battle-weary soldiers Eastward for 3 and 4 tours, not sending the Commanders fast fresh troops for that flagging theater,
thus putting us at our usual disadvantage with even tighter Rules of Engagement once again,
so he could still keep faith with DEMs and Muslims.

But then,
again Obama took the next 9 months to divvy-out the troop strength,
while our unsupported soldiers risk life’n limb daily patrolling with leg-tourniquets a-ready, waiting for your commander-in-chief’s help to arrive for years.

Is that, Mr. Vice President, the responsibility you were trying to channel to your debate buddy-pal friend, peering through your grimaced chicken-hawk smirks?

Conducting war-on-the-cheap,
especially hamstrung by appeaser cute’n-fluffy Rules-of-engagement are what DEM defeatists do
almost as well as conducting their halfhearted economic turnarounds like Chinese socio-socialist capitalism,
and with soup you get eggroll and the check, of course!

Now if the generals had wanted 40,000 troops, I'm of the school that you give them 70,000 and everything they need so everyone comes back home and sooner,
but what do I know, I'm not a professional politician!

Ever wonder why the damn Nazis from that little country
did so much damage so quickly, and were so tough for everyone to beat,
that we had to pour practically our entire economy down their throats and launch an Armada against them, not to leave out England's and Russia's included?

That's why they had to invent a new term "World War" after the Great War.

Because those tactical Germans never scrimped on equipment or quality for their soldiers....dah, Jawohl mein Herr!  

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”
Edmund Burke

"We do not have to destroy America with missiles; America will destroy itself from within."
Nikita Khrushchev

"America will never be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
Abraham Lincoln

Wisdom is your grasp on reality that progressives unfortunately lack!

What did I tell you November 29, 2011, 6th paragraph down.....HELLO?

LEADERS and followers














Bowing to Queens


Queens addressing Queens











Exclusive: Classified cable warned consulate couldn't withstand 'coordinated attack'



"Fire Them All?"
- A Revolution Has Started and It’s 1938 All Over Again;
Peace in Our Time? You’re Not Listening, Again!
...Time Has Run Out! ...The Only Hope: Prop. 86

This Newly Revised Book Warns: ”America’s liberty wasn’t forged in the same furnace as the Samurai and Damascus blades, it was tempered by an idea. And since more American lives have been sacrificed in fulfillment of that ideal to secure freedom for others, if you want to recapture that spirit to take your own country back, just follow the tenets in this book!” SENTRYMAN

Gun Barrel City, TX …..November 29, 2011
“After 235 years in America, shouldn’t the Supreme Court’s difference between “right and wrong” be greater than a “4 to 5” decision?

Bachmann, Paul, Romney, Santorum, Cain, Huntsman, Perry and Newt can’t do it all for you. Beck warns, Rush enlightens, Hannity explains it five different ways, as Morris tells O’Reilly who sits in critical judgment of Coulter, Ingraham, Hoover, Kelly, Malkin & Rove all on the warpath. However, ultimate responsibility always ends with whom, numero uno.
So, “You say you want a revolution”, Beatles
…Well, occupy this, you’ve got one,”
"And the current Administration’s single greatest accomplishment for reelection is the death of a couple most wanted, and by the same brave professionals no less he once touted as bad guys, the Bush sponsored military;
just might say more about us complacent Americans than “Allahu Akbar” only means “Hey Cabby” in Germany. Holy Jihad Batman, bye-bye Israel. Wow, and our economy is only $15 trillion$ in the red,
I’m so impressed,” Sentryman waxes.

It Was Never About The Black Guy, It Was About “That Guy”!
And Washington’s Pyrates and Snakesss. The Final Solution – Fire Them All??,
is available in paper workbook and on "Kindle with live links" at and other channels.

“Every citizen should be a soldier.
This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.”
Thomas Jefferson


This Video has been removed twice; "They All Knew"
at the White House and throughout the OBAMA administration,
while they all conspired to "cover-up" the TRUTH!

Obama Dodges Question On CIA Being Denied Help During Benghazi Attack

Obama Administration Denies CIA in Benghazi Requested Help (10/26/12)

Ambassador Wanted A Plane To Get Out Of Libya And Was Denied By Obama Admin! – Hannity

Obama Denied All Attempts to Rescue Americans in Benghazi


Judge Jeanine Pirro & Col. Hunt on FOX
Obama Rookies Denied Band-of-Brother's any HELP - watch before blocked or copy 'n paste!


Go ahead, balance your non-existance budget with 100% of
the " RICH's  GOLD " to their bones to finance your dream,

BUT after that'$ gone in 3 months then who gets your drones??



Condoleezza Rice for 2016


Another Rolls Royce Ticket: ~ RICE / RUBIO ~

~~GOD bless the
United States of America~~

GOD BLESS.....KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY..... .......................................................................................................................................... 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