SENTRYMAN ....FIRE THEM ALL PROP-86; the only hope! VOTE DEM again & die financially & literally

In closing: Consider "Cause and Effect",

SENTRYMAN .....Prop-86 FIRE THEM ALL Exposing Hypocrisy-101 Nov 8, 08 - and 2.0 below!
My Banned Book on Freedom in our new Socialist US World
In closing - SLAVERY; consider Cause & Effect from the Flip of a Coin
JV vs VARSITY Dec 7th Dream Team
FIRE THEM ALL: Book Videos Blocked-Addresses Re-established
LIARs & TRAITORs - Loose Lips Sink SEAL-6, Pakistani Doc, Ambassadors & America
You've been O'BAMB'd - Borrowed Dime til 2016 and Agenda 21
Barack or Obama the Muslim? ... Thoughts! ... Feb 2011
Barack, Fire the Military? Thought for the Year: Kick The Can Down The Road. Mar 2011
America: Obama's Private Joke? ....... RUSH said WHO LIED? ...2-22-11
Conservative America, Rangel, Spin, START, Poor Illegals ALERT. ...12-6-10
NASA's new mission: Islam, Racism, Nationalism .... The New OBAMERICA? ..... 7-6-10 to 7-17-10
US Oil ; Spills or Tears of our Fathers ......... NAZIS, Warf Rats and Pyrates. .......... 6-1-10 to 6-12-10
Prop 86 will RESTORE America. PROP-86 Congress
Bailout Europe? ..AGAIN? Sentryman DEMAND YouTube VIDEO
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American Idol -- American Tragedy? 4/11 .. Osama Online 5/11
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SOCIALISM : The Gateway Drug......... Jun 14 to July 2, 2010
Obama's Unemployment Fix: Dismantle Our Military? ...America will destroy itself from within, yada, yada.... 5-30 to 6-10-2010
Communists & Jihadists thank Dodd/Frank & McCain/Feingold for destroying AMERICA
FaceBook, Tweets, Clips and Quips books; American Imperialism Republican Electability for the Uninformed Voters, a Liberal's Perception is Reality!
FIRE THEM ALL?? Books & T-Shirts purchased HERE:

or just the way things turned-out!

Consider "Cause and Effect",  or "Fate, KARMA, the will of God", or Gods?...

How about: "it was meant to be"?
Or just maybe: "just the way things turned-out!"


Pick 10, no 50, pick 100 of your most "honored and revered" African-Americans,
and understanding "Cause and Effect"; Had the America'S not chosen to practice
SLAVERY, like the rest of the world at that time,

and "still is" in many parts of our modern enlightened world, the harsh reality is;
NONE of those 100 esteemed Americans future's would EVER exist today!

"Fatefully unlucky" for those tragically unfortunate ancestors,
but "exceptionally lucky for their progeny, offspring and descendants"
for the way things have eventually evolved and turned-out...

But, what if 
that fickled-finger-of-fate, "flip-of-that-coin" had landed-opposite,
all those same 
descendants today, if still alive, and were back living in their
ancestral-homelands, dealing with incredible realities of 20th & 21st centuries,
instead of having grown-up FREE American citizens in these United States;
well, what then?

* Ever hear of;
African-Brazilians, or African-Bahamian, African-Bermudans,
African-Cubans, or African-Spaniards, African-Englishmen, African-Portuguese,
 and African-South Americans?..... Oh sure you have,

 not excluding any Chinese-Americans, or Japanese-Americans,
East Indian-Americans
and Italian, German, and Russian-Americans, all!... Right?.........No?

Why not?  Embarrassed, angry, no Green Card?......No “National Pride”?

Or, are they all just “Americans” now, today?

"You choose" which reality you'd want to be yours today,

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Season 6 Episode 14-Kalahari

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Season 6 Epsode 6-Namibia
Our presenter eats a DOG in Nigeria... African Food!

National Geographic: Warlords of Ivory
Chasing Ivory Poachers, Smugglers in West Africa

Grass always greener? ...Not exactly the mean streets of the USA,
but you're not in Kansas anymore either, Dorothy.

SLAVERY, INC. 1500-1900, provided free passage to any and all Ports-of-Call, except?



1-1525  First slave voyage direct from Africa to the Americas

2-1560  Continuous slave trade from Brazil begins

3-1641  Sugar exports from Eastern Caribbean begin

4-1655  English capture Jamaica

5-1695  Gold discovered in Minas Gerais (Brazil)

6-1697  French obtain St Domingue in Treaty of Rywsick

7-1756  Seven years’ war begins

8-1776  American Revolutionary War begins

9-1789  Bourbon reforms open Spanish colonial ports to slaves

10-1791  St Domingue revolution begins

11-1808  Abolition of British and US slave trades takes effect

12-1830  Anglo-Brazilian anti-slave trade treaty

13-1850  Brazil suppresses slave trade

14-1866  Last reported transatlantic slave voyage arrives in Americas



The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

...Embrace's lottery is but a crap-shoot!

...You could be standing packed like sardines in a stifling, wreaking, suffocating boxcar,
no food or water with a 1-way all-expense-paid ticket to fabulous NAZI-occupied Poland!

If any of those 100 people were alive today
they could be presently working a diamond mine, or in an Ebola country, or fighting Al-Qaeda with a machete, 
or even in Al Shabaab carrying an AK-47, or already an ancestor of the Hutu and Tutsi discord,

or just maybe
said Good-bye to their daughter one morning as she went-off to Christian school
and she was stolen by Boco Haram, SOLD and became a Muslim bride in the blink of the UN's eye! 
Flip of the coin where you'll land in earth's history.

Though, if by lucky fate and were living today one could be a teacher, business leader or in African Politics,
or maybe living amongst the lion, 
but NOT ever having had the opportunities available to Americans today to become a CEO of McDonalds, 
or the greatest basketball player there ever was, a renowned brain surgeon or an astronaut. 
NOT even with a guest visa would any of THEM be those same 100 people today

And I'm fairly sure an African-American wouldn't be in the White House in the United States in 2009
had America not at some time in her short history inherited SLAVERY!

Just as I'm pretty sure an American wouldn't presently be ruling in Japan, China, India, Saudi Arabia
or anywhere else in Africa, if ever!


With a simple "leap of faith" I'll take this point one step further;
everyone likes to recite a specific time in history, in or out of context, 
to make one's point: 
Had the "Old Testament" and even the "New Testament" never been written,
there wouldn't have ever been a Koran to slaughter innocents for not believing.


So, all of us lets ease-up, every-one calm down and relax,
"stop using Yesterdays" for how we're going to act Tomorrow

and start getting along with our lucky Today, anew!

If you could change FATE and turn back time = REALLY CHOOSE;

your Fruited Plain from sea to shing sea, or the Savanna??…..

Where Is Your Home Sweet Home

somewhere even better than the United States of America in the 21st century?….

American Presidents


War is all HELL!
An actor fixed on the President as the tyrant for all the country’s troubles and his own…..

….”with malice towards none, with charity for all…. as God gives us the right to see the RIGHT
to bind-up the nation’s wounds…. The judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether” …


African Presidents


"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it"...Edmund Burke




You can be a John James too;

Graduating from West Point in 2004,
served with distinction as RANGER-Apache pilot: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Currently its President,

James has led the company from $35 million to $137 million in revenue
 while creating 100 additional jobs in Michigan and around the country since 2012

In addition to his Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point,
 John has earned a Master of Supply Chain Management
and Information Systems from Penn State University
 and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Michigan.
John is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

but NEVER in the tolerant liberal-progressive DNC’s Socialist-Democrat’s America..



You say "REPARATIONS will solve the problem", and all the angst, anxiety, depression,
 and sins-of-the-great grandfathers, clear-the-slate, make amends, and finally exonerate
 the accused-guilt of your fellow-Americans living, but no longer living from 1860's.....

For which, approx. 2 million white, GOP-Union soldiers were enlisted to stop Slavery in America...

Of which, 360,222 Union soldiers didn't return home,
not including those wounded and maimed,
plus, their families also paying the price for their loved-one's service, crippled for life!

How much is that in 1860's currency?

Why not every American sue for REPARATIONS?...
How far back will even the score? ....England 1776?
Back to the Roman's, that's easy, lots of slaves? Or any European locality during Dark Ages Europe?
 Or the Vikings?.... Ah, the Spanish conquest of the entire America's, that was a cash-cow real mess...

How many slaughtered, killed, diseased, died, or made slaves for limited-lives and all for a golden-metal,
and still the Spanish, to today, want their cut of the Pirate Booty if found at the bottom of the 7-Seas?

YES, the European Colonization of Africa by Portuguese and English, and associates...

Quite a conundrum and a perplexing philosophical question,
but, not as simple as NAZI'S cooking-you after your starvation and enslavement!

Of course, perhaps having been born in Abia, Nigeria,
instead of the United States of America,
today we may view a better preference for opportunities?

Not that funny, but you get the gist in a nutshell: 

And thinking "not that funny", just tragic; shining-city on a hill in America,
eternally owned, run, controlled and operated for and by Democrats:


that was until 2020.......VOTE TRUMP if this is what you want to lose! 



Harriet Tubman was actually a spy for the Union Army, the Republicans,
before she was a figure in the Underground Railroad.
Harriet Tubman was actually a spy for the Union Army before she was a figureHarriet Tubman was actually a spy for the Union Army before she was a figureHarriet Tubman was actually a spy for the Union Army before she was a figure in the Underground Railroad.

he was actually the first woman,
black or white, to lead an armed expedition in the Civil War.

Harriet Tubman was actually a spy for the Union Army before she was a figure in the Underground Railroad.


  My father always told me,
“Son, don’t ever let your color be a crutch.”
…He did not raise victims, but VICTORS….
Lt. Col. Allen B. West,  

U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 22nd district


The Negro Soldier (1944) -

Full Length World War 2 Documentary Movie

An American GI, Micheal Whaley, sees it this way;

Published on Aug 30, 2015

"In this video I'm addressing the "Black Lives Matter Movement and
their agendas to have blacks kill whites and be racist towards them.





Next U.S. NAVY Aircraft Carrier to be named for an American Pearl Harbor HERO!

The Big Bang: I exist..., but where and when?....Who's to say Why?
Lucky or Not, It's a Simple Twist of Fate!...Now what to do with it?  

Or, already decided:
& maybe your LIFE's Coin has flipped to your 1-Way ticket to Treblinka!



Death Camp Treblinka | Military Videos



One day in Auschwitz


In life's lottery it's a flip of a coin where you'll land,

Belzec Death Camp Documentary

The main gate to Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp built in 1944 called “the Gate of Death”


SS guards forced to load the dead for burial at Bergen-Belsen
concentration camp, by Allied soldiers when camp liberated..


Destroyed countries, murdered millions, stolen property and looted ART!

Stealth, patient planning, long term redistribution of wealth and resources for the specific purpose of DEATH

They Found A Secret Underground Nazi Weapons Facility”

Create a Strawman, marginalize independent thought and religion, deft manipulation of LAW to cheapen life,
institutionalize confiscation by decree, resettlement to enslavement to dispense with humanity

for limitless laborers to build weapons of War.


Today all one needs is motivation, guile, apathetic neighbors, a NAZI blueprint, a $1.7 Billion dollar grant,
a secret hole in the ground and you don’t even need an army of slaves to be a Destroyer of Worlds; Israel 1st
………and guess who’s 2nd ?





The Hidden Holocaust
CBS -60 Minutes
October 4, 2015, 8:05 PM

(This VIDEO was removed by CBS, though tory was picked-up by NBC,
but a shorter segment)

A priest is determined to find forgotten victims of the Holocaust
whose bodies lie in unmarked mass graves in the former USSR,

Holocaust by Bullets with Father Patrick Desbois


and then CBS asks: Do you think there's any connection to ISIS? 


 October 1, 2015

Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly

Nazi Jihad



65 Stellar Promises


Parable for the Day: is it "black lives matter" or "white people bad"?

After the Liberal Democrats' 50 year "heartfelt" campaign "War on Poverty",
like any "good" charity where 95% of the proceeds are squandered for administrative costs,
is America's new Progressive present day better
than America's traditional conservative yesteryear past?......JELL-O anyone? 





Black Lives Matter Group Chants, 'Pigs in a Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon'

NY Protesters chant, "What do we want? Dead Cops."

Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops in Garner ‘revenge’

arable for the day:

Blah, blah, blah....What really matters, we all do,
................ even Nun's lives matter too! ...............


 Hillsdale College Online Student Learns the Simple Truth:
Liberalism Never Works


Tucker Investigates: 
Yale - Harvard – Stanford admissions OPEN to all?

Tucker Carlson:
Is college still worth it?...101

Tucker Carlson calls on congress
 to reform student debt laws


Tucker Carlson; Schools Lowering Standards
 & Dumbing Down Students @ $40,000+ yearly,
 via uncommitted, uninvolved, unconcerned parents!


College costs are out of control:
 Mike Rowe



Democrat's WAR on Poverty 
$22,000,000,000,000.00 (
TRILLION$) confiscated
from US Taxpayers by primarily Democrat politicians
over the past 50 years to solve and obliterate Poverty,
and the same percentage of POOR exists today in 2014,
so where'd the money go Lyndon, Jimmy, Bill, Barack?


Sheriff David Clarke may have said it best to Megyn Kelly








A Republican's approach VS a Democrat's approach: Economy 101




and where'd that $1,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion Dollar
Job Stimulus Package Money Go Barack?

December 7, 2014 .......Pearl Harbor Day

Still “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, OR “CAUGHT”
between the sheer weight of oppressive “Government Taxation” and
the cold hard reality of the pavement,
as they squeeze the very life out of YOU?

Just like a sneak-attack when YOU relaxed and lowered your guard....
...BAM...your ship is sunk!!!



Because of a lack of that simple Government required "proper" Education,
“Pre-Paid especially for YOU by every American Tax Payer”
to broaden one's basic knowledge of life and the world around YOU,
and to develop basic skills for your interaction within society 
with a rudimentary appreciation for the building-blocks of civilization, civic citizenship
and your inherent responsibility for the betterment of all, and your country.

Notwithstanding a grasp of a Supreme Entity greater than oneself,
the simple reality; We’re all SLAVES to 536 delegated humans to whom 
WE continually PAY to RULE-OVER-US with almost imperious impunity!

........FIRE THEM  ALL…..

……..and start over!.........



And thank-you Democrat Legislators and Democrat Presidents for continually “blocking
School Vouchers,
Teacher Standards,

for NOT Abolishing Tenure
and the US Dept. of Education or indoctrination, 

and to Teacher’s Unions only protecting Members over our children,

and to progressive Educators at large for their contribution to our

perpetual prison overflow!

Baltimore Riot 2015

Peggy Hubbard talks about Ferguson and Protests 

African American Grandmother Slams Black Lives Matter Crowd

  • And those 2 great Champions of Women’s Rights???

    Who was that women in the 20’s that started a Women’s Right’s empowerment campaign
     so admired by presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton,
    with the understated position and specific idea to target African-American women,
    similar in theme to Adolf’s own Genepool Cleansing Project?

    ….. Talk about Hillary’s supposed GOP “War on Women” conspiracy theories,
    exactly how long will it take for Democrat women to recognize
    who the real RACISTs are in history, politics, government and academia?

    ....Yah, Margaret Sanger, that’s it!....

    Margaret Sanger,
    Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder

Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood




.... lest we forget,
we're still here and don't speak Japanese, German, Russian or Arabic!

Always remember Pearl Harbor's 2400+ who gave more than their share that Sunday Dec. 7th
for every American,

 and our brave US Military sacrifices everyday that makes these United States of America possible.
 ...thank you, can never be enough!

USS Arizona Battleship






COUNTERED ON A 2nd FRONT: OPERATION OVERLORD - GHOSTs of D-Day Normandy, France 6/6/44


These 44 Pictures Of The German Side Show What The Allies Were Up Against On D-Day


“REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR” And even 75 years later -

CBS SUNDAY MORNING December 4, 2016, 9:27 AM

… Ask anyone under 35!

USS Arizona Battleship


Clarke: Obama shrugs shoulders on Chattanooga military deaths.



How many times does it take till we wake-up?
In WAR, this CIC's Rules of Engagement are suicide!

Pentagon Tells Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed; Close Blinds




By Times of Israel staff and AFP July 18, 2015, 4:37 pm
Iran’s Khamenei hails his people for demanding death to America and Israel

Aug. 05, 2015 - 6:10 -
President pushes support for nuclear agreement
Krauthammer slams Obama's divisive rhetoric on Iran


What was it all about again?
Shot Live of the WTC from the NYU DORM  
And a mire 14 years later,
thanks to liberal progressive academia rewriting our history
for their own agenda and purposes, our youth think what?

It's Inexplicable!
The US Senate Delivers Nuclear Weapons
to the Terrorist State of Iran on the Anniversary of 9/11
The U.S. Constitution is the 2nd greatest document for Liberty on the planet earth, and the 1st that Washington doesn't believe-in any longer, so engage my PROP-86 to make Freedom re-materialize and throw-off your yoke of indifference and helplessness to enact Real Change for your children, grandchildren and yourself! 


“After 235 years in America, shouldn’t the Supreme Court’s difference between “right and wrong” be greater than a “4 to 5” decision?”

Your birthright is in your hands!

Ever wonder why Hong Kong’s “Flat Tax” creates an unassailable prosperity that should shame Communist China & Socialist Europe and North America’s Leftists into a capitalist’s nirvana overdose,
or why all Crime in Singapore, including corruption, is an example to be envied?

Tell your Government to take their heads-out-of-their ….sand castles,
take their greedy hands-out-of-your-pockets and enforce the US Constitution,

don’t write any more laws, or regulations or restrictions,
and return home till something else really needs screwing-up!

Close the Bank of M/M Taxpayer with a “Flat Tax” system,
close the IRS,
and simply
enforce the laws on the books already, “No-Pleas”,
and watch the prisons eventually empty, the Attorneys and Politicians and Accountants switch professions, and the United States’ GDP inevitably rise,
unemployment disappear, and your American Dream finally reappear!

FIRE THEM ALL with PROP-86 and find America again!

Liar, liar, our can's in the fire, and WHY?.......FIRE THEM ALL!!


I want to be Queen, but don't hurt me, I'm the girl;
Playing the Victim


How FREE ENTERPRISE can HELP solve many of the World's Problems!!
After 5000 years of stix'n stones, swords and plow shares,
bows'n arrows and tomahawk missiles, it worked for AMERICA

but Tyrants, Dictators, Socialists, Commies and you Liberals
 keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Whatever doesn't work!
But you've always known that for 5000 years: FREEDOM WORKs!


....*and still no one is addressing (who and what) is flooding
across the Canadian/US border under the cover of;
darkness, apathy and conspiracy, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Keep your powder dry and watch your back,

no one else is!


No one else is!


Commander in Chief, but for which side?

It begins......

it continues...

will it ever end.....or head in a new direction??........


Under the guise of humanitarianism, or perhaps stupidity
 but probably a 5th Column action,

Hussein invited 10,000 Syrian refugees to join our 11 million illegals
that he wants to stay in the United States by his Executive mandate,
but against the majority of US citizen’s distain who say NO, on your behalf.

Within a few days that total number changed to 20,000, then 50,000,

then to 100,000 new adopted Muslims brought to a city near you!


But now, numbers are expected to balloon over 1/4 million strangers,

moles, and a confirmed percentage of true Jihadists, invited or recruited

and since Barack feels closing Guantanamo for good,

bringing 65 terrorists home to America is no-sweat,

and then giving away a U.S. military base to Fidel, Raul & Co.

is also in America’s best interest,

just like another weak-minded democrat President, Sir Jimmy

gave away Roosevelt’s Panama Canal also on American’s behalf,

but into the Chinese control, no less,

welcoming these poor, poor refugees is an easy sell?......Is it???


It struck me last night while watching to carnage aftermath on the soil of one of our age old allies who never remembers their own past or sees any Huns or Mongols in the forest behind that tree, it dawned on me,

and I've found many other examples over the years where Hollywood gave morons ideas for murder, mayhem, hostage taking strategies
and raping children,

that Mr. Tarantino’s depiction,
when he takes a break from calling American police “murderers”,
his depiction of killing enemies boxed into a theater setting like "fish in a barrel" was depicted in Inglorious Basturds.


Unfortunately with this re-write, it was the enemies playing the good-guys for their side.
Wonder if Hollywood ever realizes who they educate and inspire, unlike how Hollywood once helped save Europe in the 1940’s?

...I sure hope if Bernie makes it to the White House he includes all of Hollywood’s 1%’ers for his 90% TAX,
then we’ll see some real acting-out for the Academy!!!

.......The Real Inglorious Bastards

.....Truth is indeed stranger than fiction,
are far more interesting!



                    Vive la France, Vive la Liberte



                                        Et vive la liber

Hey world, don't worry, General Hussein is on the case
and is preparing a Writ to sue ISIS if they try to hurt anybody
or tries to attack America!....Phew, feel better now France?

After all, it's not as though ISIS is the 3th Reich,
what's the worst that could happen?...Right Barack?


God hold them close and bring peace to their loved ones......


From a strictly military standpoint,
when Adolf no longer listened to his Generals and started
running the whole show against the Russians and the
Allied opposition, how'd that turn out for the German people
in Nuremberg and Dresden,
for those of you over 40 who know your history?

Maybe the World will finally understand why George W. Bush
took the fight back to the Middle-East before the Opposition
brought their fight back here!

Using the RIGHT calculated clever words in a national Debate
to appear tough seems to be enough for some people,
talk is cheap”, and so is LIFE
to a large segment of American population also,
but the World
witnessed exactly what the Queen of Benghazi and her Boss
do under pressure when a grave emergency uprose at 3 AM,
and again at 3:05 AM, and at 3:09 AM as our men were dying,
and again, and again for 7 hours,
and still 2 weeks later holding to "The Lie" on TV and at the U.N.
blaming the phony Video long after our valiant men had been
abandoned and murdered to cover their clandestine tracks!

Of course, if Americans continue to sit on the brains
and watch the Kardashians and VOTE for Queen Hilly
to continue to run the whole show,
what's the worst that could happen???





Intuitive Genius, the only lessons Hussein can take advantage-of from the SAN BERNARDINO's tragedy,
an absolute travesty undoubtedly more preventable during Bush's tenure;
s to "take all the tactical-military hand-me-down hardware away from our Police forces",
and to try as Hussein's DOJ may, again and again,
to confiscate American citizen's firearms?....That's the lesson?....Hmmmm!

For Christ's sake, why, why on this earth.....Only heaven knows and not "the" heaven, their heaven!.......Hmmmm!

Donald Trump exclaims; Obama refuses to utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism",
is this new or surprising to any intelligent American?
Where's this guy been for 7 years during which he endlessly praised, dealt with and honored the Barack'ster and Hilly,
all while endlessly chiding GEORGE "W".

Hey, geniuses, the very reasons "W" took the fight to the Mid-East was to prevent Al-Qaeda
and anyone like an ISIS from committing a PARIS or a San Bernardino or worse from ever occurring after 9/11,
you MENSA wannabes!

And Dr. Keith Ablow says; If it looks like a duck, probably is, so why does Obama want to disarm America?
Hell, I've said that for 8 years; QUACK!

It already began with 9/11 Twin Towers,
technically Bill Clinton fans back to finish their job, Mr. Presidente',
this is your sloppy enabling continuation;

The Shoe Bomber: Allahu Akbar = we were lucky, QUACK!

The Underwear Bomber: Allahu Akbar = lucky again, QUACK!

Ft. Hood: Allahu Akbar = luck running out, QUACK!

Fort entrance gate chargers = lucked out again, QUACK!

Both recruiter shooters = luck's gone, QUACK, QUACK!

Man shoots student at red light = luckless, QUACK!

Worker cuts off co-worker's head = really, QUACK!

Boston Bombers = evil crawl's up from hell, QUACK!

I think we can finally say, Barack Hussein Obama, AKA
Barry Soetoro;
it's no disgruntled, no workplace, no crazy, no white supremacist:
"The American Homeland has been ATTACKed by Terrorists on your watch pal,
it's on!........

San Bernardino insanity = Firing squad, good idea..........QUACK!,_July%E2%80%93December_2015

**These Jihadi assassins were welcomed and even given a 'baby shower" from these very co-workers,
unfortunately hate and Islamic ideology always trumps sentiment, family, an appreciation for America's liberties,
neighborly trust and universal friendship, 
but at a Christmas party for a final radical Islamic terrorist's apocryphal blaspheme = DEATH, from their religion of PEACE!

.....All together now, follow the bouncing suicide-vest HUSSEIN:

pigs-in-a-blanket, fry'm like bacon, la la la la,
black lives mat-ter more than-others, la la la,
more than-others, dee dee dah, QUACK,

AS we await Obama's FBI-on-a-short-lease to get-off the pot
and certify this is indeed "TERRORISM",
much to their bosses chagrin with his stellar legacy in shambles and complicit,
OK America,
we've been given so many wake-up calls are we deaf, dumb and blind,
or just the accused weak ignorant infidels?

VOTE DEM AGAIN and DIE!..........Allahu Akbar, Quack! 


Carly Fiorina reminds us that the Barack Hussein Obama Administration
 now employs more IRS agents than FBI and CIA agents combined!…

Does that make you happy and feel safer
 now that Hussein’s invited millions of illegals and Syrian refugees,
whom he created,
 who are unemployable and unvetted into the United States of America.

Blending into our American society, the great “melting pot”,
 has been replaced by individual autonomous ethic culture customs.

Instead of that kind, sweet, funny Christmas play for your little school-age children,

it will soon be out-lawed and stuck dead as un-inclusive racism,

and replaced with that great age-old festival like this:


Who knew that we were failing our children so badly with love and presents

when all we needed was a Jack knife or butcher knife!



Be afraid, be very afraid.....

...but thank you Hussein, enjoy the merriest of holidays at the end of Ramadan,
 Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha

مَع السَلامة (maʿ al-salāmah)

12-4-15, 5:00 AM est.

It's official, QUACK, it's a DUCK!....dah


The FBI has been given permission by their boss to admit to the nation that the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Killers was indeed "Terrorism,"
unlike every other incident Barack has sat-on since capturing the imagination of the democrat voters,
the 1st on America soil since 9/11 !

The Attorneys representing the Killer's family made-clear that it still hasn't been determined why these individuals committed this heinous act,
and even though the (mysterious) wife had an alias FaceBook account and visited "Terrorist Sites",
(don't we all),
and though this defense Attorney hates Britney Spears music himself, and just because he'd visit her site that doesn't prove he likes her.

He also equated having purchased 1000's of rounds of ammo himself because it is just more economical that way! (really?)


.............Well, loddie-freak'n-dah, thanks for the heads-up pal.

He also made the comparisons and an analogy between, oh for instance,
if some Christian who shoots-up an Abortion Clinic let's say, that wouldn't mean that all Christians approve of those actions,
no s#!%, Sherlock!

Of course from my stand point,
if some Crazy goes berserk and kills "innocents" in a targeted facility that markets, oh say, "Baby Parts", might not be as good a moral comparison,

but as these two (poor?) associates of a California government entity who work with a group of associated fellow workers on a daily basis,
go home from a holiday office-party, armors-up with high powered weaponry along with their home-made cupcakes, NO, bombs
and a few thousand rounds of ammunition with illegal clips, pistols, masks, bullet-proof vests,

and return to the festivities specifically to mow-down and murder every single human being at the annual Christmas Party just on the spur of the moment decision
isn't quite the same!....but that's just me.... 

Obviously, both are unspeakably savage,
yet one of whom just had a new baby, leaves it with grandma, who apparently doesn't know the difference between a Christmas Party and Halloween attire,

in order to return and murder, slay and destroy as many people as their guns and rifles and bombs they can dispose of in 5 minutes,
(slick, can your girlfriend or wife pull that off, 
plus knows how to shoot-out their own car back window to fire her AR-15 at an army of police in quick pursuit to cover your escape, really,
pretty good for a mail-order bride),

before returning home to pick up their child for dinner and do the dishes, quite a gal,
just might be a tad different!

But again, perhaps that's just me, kind of old fashioned that way I guess....What do you think?

The Commander-in-Chef, hold-up in our White House, has gone DARK for the evening.

That should make every American feel safe, comfortable, warm and fuzzy,
he always chimes-in as soon when any some police investigation is underway.

....Perhaps he's practicing saying: radical Islamic terrorism in a mirror without gagging,
so tomorrow he can discuss Gun Control or Climate Change

making these RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS do what they do best; obey their Ideology!

PS, None of the other radical Islamic terrorist events in the UNITED STATES on Hussein's Watch
weren't "workplace violence" either,

and any US Military injuries and deaths deserve rightful compensation and awards from US Congress,
boys and girls!


QUACK, QUACK, a few more feathered friends..............

List above of Islamic Terror Attacks from the first part of 2015

The New York Times

Dec. 5, 2015

(1st front page editorial since 1920.)


"No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation.
Certain kinds of weapons... must be outlawed for civilian ownership."

"It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes,
it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons
to give them up for the good of their fellow citizen."





"I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!"

Oh really? .......You want to strike the 2nd Amendment, how ‘bout the 1st, Commissars?

Perhaps a Republican President should outlaw your “Rights to Print”
the steaming-pile of propaganda you spew each day from your utopian-socialist perch
for progressive, regressive atheistic Liberal and Democrat radical anarchy causes,
ideologies and theoretical prattle-crap that you've foisted upon the American psyche
for the past 50 years,
turning this country and its offspring into whining, spoiled, petulant fascist dilettantes,
that any good drafted Israeli teenager could teach you a thing or two hundred things
about real death, real life, liberty and an actual pursuit of the hope for happiness!

But your
yellow-journalism rage is extremely lucky, for a time yet, it plugs its Presses into
coal-powered electricity, and you deliver your birdcage-liners by fossil-fueled conveyance,
for the moment, in the freest country left on this God created climate-controlled planet,
and there's not a damn thing you can do to change to weather tomorrow,
you demagogic dissimulators, save Printing: “The Emperor Has No Clothes”
for your next banner editorial.

Hope by Jesus when the good guys have all been disarmed by your das  Fuehrer
when the next Charlie Hebdo “critics of the TIMES” comes calling on you smarmy crotons
the Boys-in-Blue either can’t come to save your silly hypocritical assets, or maybe just won’t!

I guess you better find a gun and learn how to use it, except Hussein collected all the bullets!


PS, there will be nothing to print, again, if Islamic terrorism wins, dummies!



Michael Greene to Conservative Lady
December 25 at 1:12pm ·

Once again,
Obama displays through his actions his utter distaste toward our nation’s veterans.


Reports show that the Obama administration spends and estimated $64,370 on every single refugee coming through our border.

Everi Mann
shared Michael Greene's post.
December 27, 2015

32 mins ·

65k, 50k, $500 mil., $46 mil., they, we throw numbers around like it's accurate and money around like its real money. If anyone in US Gov't. gave a damn about Vets this would never have become an issue, and since no one was fired and vets are still dying before seeing doctors makes us all culpable at this point. But will we do anything about it tomorrow or remember in the Voting booth, doubt it!

Can we just deal with some simple constants; guns are the problem, yeah, every time a gangster, crook, thug, or anyone taught in the progressive US schools, didn’t graduate, knows no skills, can’t get a job and prefers a criminal lifestyle instead of taking responsibility for their own situation and winds up in jail = no one’s fault but their own at this point,
and that American victim on the right-side of the law and wrong side of that gun doesn’t have one of their own to defends themselves, yup, guns are the problem.

But of course, if our not-exactly-Christian-friendly President had ever taken an Econ. 101 Course in any of his 3 College experiences, (but we’ll never know because he’s locked his curriculum and grades away in Al Gore’s Lock-box), he could be doling-out $65,000 in funny-money per Chicago & Detroit school drop-outs,
to change something for real and for the better. Plus that money stays in circulation to create other jobs for those recipient’s purchases, thus creating even more jobs and prosperity for other working Americans!!!

But, what do we do? We spend another $42-Million this time, not $500 mil., in training (50) moderate Syrian Rebels (really, just 50, not 500, what did we give these men, golden AK-47s), just so they can split to Turkey or drop their weapons and hide, or sell-them? Who trained these men, Bowe Bergdahl?

$42 million, another mystery number we undoubtedly borrowed from the Chinese again.
And once again, we could have just handed this money directly to the “Hands-up, can’t breathe, don’t shoot , need free sneakers, don’t have anything better to do with my life today” crowd,
and then they’d go home to care less like other Americans,
but the cash would still generate some jobs over here in evil rich America,
like that brilliant benevolent $778 Billion Stimulus-Bribe Package to the Democrat bureaucracies, that didn’t create any “Shovel Ready” employment…And how are those pot-holed roads and wobbly US bridges doing again after 7 stimulating years of Hussein Obama’s changing the mountains, seas and air victory tour, work’n for you????......Oh, right, Bush’s fault!

Let’s see now, if you’re an American “of color”, nice term Barack! Should have a hyphen in the middle, and “Obama did what to better your condition” in 7 years?

Or if you’re a non-American-of-color and snuck-in under the Visa debacle, or snuck-in under those non-existent fences and are being cloistered in federally unlawful, but who gives a fig, Sanctuary cities like Anne Frank,
think Hussein gives one fig about you, as long as you Vote DEM next November?

Oh, but, if you’re a terrorist-refugee-of-color, AKA Syrian patriot, who can’t defend your own family or country, and lord knows you’ve got guns-aplenty to give it your best shot,
how is Hussein’s insane idea of destroying the American Way and diluting the American heritage and culture, as ISIS is simultaneously smashing YOUR 4000 year heritage and culture with sledge hammers, because you don’t give a damn to defend yourselves and also want onto the American-Teet along with the rest of the world,
when all Barack Hussein Obama has to do is “Unleash the Dogs of War” for 3 months and you can go home,
think your life will improve to your liking over here?...

.....Afraid to tell you guys, America’s as broke as the rest of the Socialist world and if Hillary wins you’re really on-your-own and probably get shot over here in the future just as easily.

Here’s afew more constants for you left-leaning bloggers;
#1 - If Trump makes it to the GOP #1 slot, and he’s perceived as a Leftie RINO anyway, who would you rather have defending your family...Benghazi Hilly, or a rich “won’t take a bribe” American mogul loose-cannon?


#3 – Start a grassroots PROP-86 to Save America and Fire Them All,
before there’s nothing to save!


Ever get the feeling that Hussein uses one group of people as foils, strawmen, a weapon,

but tenderly coddles, cradles and protects another,
unmentioned if possible, yet granted special status nonetheless?

But after 7 years it's quite obvious Hussein has no vested interest in freeing the minds of self-condemned slaves of race,
or those youth who die on city streets every day,
he is half-honky,


yet just those individuals of (1) particular faith He honors and imparts solemn holy deference with the patience of Job!


The sweet sound of the azan, call to prayer at the break of dawn!


A warning to America and Israel from an ex-Muslim




Why We Fight: War Comes to America


Why We Fight: War Comes to America [1945] Frank Capra





As an angry woman slams Hillary at a Sanders' Rally yesterday, paraphrasing;
WE built America and Hillary doesn’t just deserve the Black Vote. We are not your "Firewall"
and you must earn our vote, etc., etc., yadda, yadda,

oh boy, where do we start?

On the face of this long held “chip on one’s sore weak shoulders”, that serves no one especially the Accusers;
the United States didn’t have slaves for the past 400 years, it only became a Country in 1786,
and its citizens owned slaves,
unlike today where we're all slaves of the Federal government:

That happened when New Hampshire ratified it on June 21, 1788. The U.S. Constitution, the blueprint of American democracy, is the oldest national constitution in continuous use. It was signed in September 1787 after four difficult months spent drafting and debating]

Prior to that, kindly take your indignations-out on the Kings of England, France and the Spanish constabularies!.....

....And as for boasting with “new black pride” about Africans building the United States,
a Republican President along with his US Union Army of different faiths, beliefs and colors corrected all those years of tragic injustice in the American Colonies, and for those newly formed United States of America, with good-men and true of good-will making the case for “freedom for all Americans”,
with “The Debt” (long since paid) by uninvolved American descendants and citizens not culpable, nor with any personal gain when sacrificing themselves trying to free, retrieve and forcibly take-back said Southern Democrat’s chattel from their Democrat Southern plantation-owning aristocracy; the incarcerated, tortured and enslaved human-bondage formerly purchased from entities beyond the shores of this new country or old America.
Petition from the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery, signed by Benjamin Franklin, President of the Pennsylvania Society,
February 3, 1790, Records of the United States Senate, Center for Legislative Archives.

   As for "building the United States",
I wasn’t aware of African slaves contributing to the building of the North as enslaved-uncompensated 3/5th laborers, and without due payment,
or in any other US States in America beyond those controlled and ruled-over by the southern Democrat Confederacy,
much less the American far west, mid-west, a very independent Texas which was included into that Confederacy, or the American south-west territories formerly attained and held by Spanish conquerors’,


(with their own future Spanish claims of injustice and theft, that the US stole their stuff),

that stuff that Spaniards originally stole themselves from virgin non-Spanish South America, Central America and North American indigenous inhabitants during and after the 1500’s.,
not discounting of course every “broken" Treaty created by the US Federal government with those very American-Indian indigenous peoples and Tribes!....

Talk about an ax-to-grind, or tomahawk in this case!

The two Presidents to serve under this flag were Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865) and Andrew Johnson (1865-1869). The 36 Star Flag: This Flag became the Official United States Flag on July 4th, 1865. A star was added for the admission of Nevada (October 31st, 1864) and was to last for 2 years.]

as different immigrant groups from beyond US shores coming to America for their different  individual opportunities and a free life, with an obvious exception for involuntary-African emigres,
each ethic group had its own trials and tribulation of injustice, singularly suspect hated, segregated and discrimination;
IE. Irish, Italian, northern and central European and from the Orient,
any, all, or one has the lawful and God-given FREEDOM to return to their former homelands of their Ancestors if they wished,
or yet may wish today, without consequence or retribution from these United States of America if they so desire
and think they can improve their lot in;
Communist Indo-China, Communist China, Communist Russia, Communist Cuba, the various Socialistic Scandinavian, European and South American countries,
or any of the Muslim
autocratic and theocratic preferences
but especially and once again for this indictment, back to any of the approx. 50 different countries on the continent of Africa post 1866.

But remember too, in 1866 England, France, Spain, Germany and the Dutch may have made that return trip to the homelands a little problem being newly made American, not to mention the Islamic ramifications, there in, where slavery is an accepted state of mind since the 700's!  

Live free or die
outside America is still a current problem everywhere on the planet some 150 years later if that's what you want to do!....Go for it, but please stop whining about evil America and Americans of which you are now one or have been for decades or centuries!

Besides Hillary’s total lack of accomplishment as NY Senator or Sec. of State,
what have any Democrat Party politicians in a position of power ever promised and accomplished for the African-American communities during the past 50 years, or since 1866 for that matter,

or much less today under our first African-American President?..............tick, tick, hello???.......

Oh, forgot,

liberal Democrat Academia hasn’t educated anyone, not just within the African-America voter-Firewall base,
about Capitalism, the real history of America,
or taught them any useable skills that would keep them employed,
off the US government obligational dole,
happy and married,
or out of overcrowded prisons subject to their Party Affiliations

other than "Socialism is Good" with Bernie,

and "Marxist Communism may be even better" with Hillary: AKA Benghazi Rose!


"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political,
economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,
for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

-Joseph Goebbels



Select Committee on Benghazi Releases Proposed Report

& Boycott anything RUFFALO



For full disclosure,
of the 1.5 million Union soldiers that were called upon by Abraham Lincoln to end slavery approx.. 1/3rd

- 596,670 men sustained casualties; dead, wounded and missing,
of which two of my 2nd
Great-grandfathers both served the entire war.

One re-enlisted mid-term (May 2
, 1864) to return to the fight that he must have felt important enough,

and the other (wounded-twice) returned to the battle again also,
all the way to the end of hostilities at the
Battle of Appomattox Court House
fought on the morning of April 9, 1865,
Appomattox, Virginia,
where Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant,
effectively ending the American Civil War.


Is it really "black lives matter" and "white people bad", 

so what's this all about?


...Can we just get on with being good, sound, healthy, pariotic Americans

with greater issues to deal with before TERRORISMs bring us all down?









If the US government ever could create jobs this is what it looks like Barack,

and for the benefit of every taxpayer, always "financing the total freight" for everything,

everybody, and every boondoggle the YOU and the US government can think up,

including the useless wasted cash YOU personally order doled-out to your Green friends

to supposedly change the solar climate and world's strife, but for naught,

with another $9-TRILLION fleeced American worker's dollars and not results!

See all the "shovel ready jobs" genius?

Remember those 50% unemployed black youth getting shot in Detroit & Chicago,
you would think a scholar with a Nobel Prize could see that 1st day on the job,
plus the Jobs are actually
GREEN, go figure!

NEWS Flash: USA Justice is color blind: good,

but USA Justice is also Democrat Party blind: bad!


...Hillary now scott free to go help OJ search for other murderers too!



What is a policeman - Paul Harvey

thanks Sean





Unless you are an effete elitist on either side or in either Party,
if Sheriff Clarke, Chris Christy, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, the Trump kids
and Donald Trump didn’t open your eyes, heart and mind with an epiphany
to the only person who can Save America now
you are already lost and hopeless!

And if the traitorous imperious usurper wins
enjoy your mediocrity and permanent danger for your lifetime!! (7-21-16)

Hide your guns and what money you may have left, she is coming for them
with the HELP of her Supreme-less Court!!!


FULL Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida (7-27-16)
Donald Trump Florida Rally Speech, yet Hillary hiding from Press for 235 days

The 13th amendment, which formally abolished slavery in the United States,
passed the Senate on April 8, 1864, and the House on January 31, 1865

On July 28, 1868, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.
The amendment grants citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States"
which included former slaves who had just been freed after the Civil War

The 15th amendment granted African American men the right to vote
passed by Congress February 26, 1869, and ratified February 3, 1870.

                          DEMOCRAT   VS.  REPUBLICAN
13th Amendment  Vote               GOP: 100% SUPPORTS  IT

14TH Amendment Vote                GOP: 100% SUPPORT S  IT
"US CITIZENSHIP and                 DEM: 100% AGAINST  IT

15TH Amendment Vote                GOP: 100% SUPPORT S  IT
he RIGHT TOO VOTE"            DEM: 100% AGAINST  IT









The Shaming of the Never Trumpers

September 07, 2016

Listen to it Button



RUSH: I said earlier during the speech and in my momentary commentary during the speech that Trump's speech is actually a great introduction or transition for what I intended to lead the program or intend to lead the program with today.  And this is gonna be a real challenge for me, I have to tell you, because I have here a column that I would love to read to you in entirety and I can't because it is 10 pages long.  It prints out to 10 pages.  So I spent a lot of time this morning highlighting those parts that I really want to focus on. 

And, if I had to synthesize the description of this, the column appears at the Claremont website, Claremont review of books, Claremont University.  They are a highly respected conservative organization.  Dr. Larry Arnn, who runs Hillsdale College, used to run Claremont.  And there's a piece by somebody who is not using his name in the byline.  He's using the name of a famous Roman, Publius Decius Mus, seeking to be anonymous here.  This piece is a shaming of the conservative intellectuals that comprise the Never Trump movement. 

It is shot between the eyes of conservative intellectuals who say that Trump is beneath them. They can't stomach Trump. They can't possibly vote for Trump. It would be distastefully, personally unacceptable and so forth.  And the reason this piece appeals to me is because it validates so many of the instincts that I have had over the years, in recent months particularly,  and that I've shared with you about what is happening to the conservative movement and how conservatism's being defined, and who seeks to define it and what it means going forward. 

And there's even a term used for the conservative Never Trumpers. He calls them "the Washington Generals."  I wonder where he got that?  That happens to be my term for our side.  Specifically, the Republicans in Congress, I think I named them the Washington Generals, happy to be on the field, happy to wear the uniform, but supposed to lose and happy to do so.  And that's just a flavor. 

The piece is so good. It is just a home run, every paragraph.  So I'm gonna... Folks, this is on a par with Dr. Angelo Codevilla's ruling class versus country class piece from the American Spectator a few years ago.  The title of this piece, by the way, is "The Flight 93 Election."  What does that mean, "The Flight 93 Election"? Yeah.  I'll explain that when we get back. 


RUSH: continues……….

RUSH:  You remember Flight 93.  That's the plane on 9/11 that the passengers rushed the cockpit and captured the cockpit from the terrorists but the plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania……… 

Read Rush’s entire post at:
to recognize exactly what my book has been about and what PROP-86 will empower US citizens to save America for themselves and their children.


RUSH: continues……….

"A Hillary presidency will be pedal-to-the-metal on the entire Progressive-left agenda, plus items few of us have yet imagined in our darkest moments. Nor is even that the worst. It will be coupled with a level of vindictive persecution against resistance and dissent hitherto seen in the supposedly liberal West." 

What he's saying is, with this, is that, look, it's not bad enough that they're advancing their leftist progressive agenda unstoppably.  What they're gonna do if she wins, they're gonna get into vindictive persecution, and they're gonna take out, they're gonna do everything they can to destroy any and all opposition.  And he cites evidence like Obama and the IRS and a couple of other examples. 

He's basically saying, you think that you're gonna continue to have your platform if Hillary Clinton gets elected, you think you're gonna continue to have your platform to continue to criticize Hillary, don't count on it.  They're gonna come for you.  They're gonna come for all of us.  They don't want any opposition.  They're tired of playing the game that they have a legitimate opponent.  They don't think they do, the left, this guy's opinion. 

They think they're on the cusp of getting rid of all opposition and the election of Hillary Clinton will tell them that they have gotten rid of all opposition, and they're gonna make it official by getting rid of any dissent.  That's what this guy's theory is.  And it's time people woke up and realized what's at stake, is what he's trying to do with -- my interpretation, but I think I'm fairly close. 

"We see this already in the censorship practiced by the Davoisie’s social media enablers."  We see it the way Google manipulates searches.  We see it the way Facebook manipulates their trending news items.  "We see it in the shameless propaganda tidal wave of the mainstream media; and in the personal destruction campaigns -- operated through the former and aided by the latter -- of the Social Justice Warriors. We see it in Obama’s flagrant use of the IRS to torment political opponents, the gas lighting denial by the media, and the collective shrug by everyone else.


RUSH: continues……….


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People shot dead in 2016 by U.S. Police to date
September 22, 2016, according to FOX NEWS.

495 people; 324 WHITE - 173 BLACK - 111 Hispanic - 98 Unknown

and in 2015 =

Now grab a broom and take all those freebies back to those American vendors who paid for them!


11/7/16 ... 7:22 PM 

Is the FBI honest, the Pope Italian and the President an American,
no matter where he was really born? 

the sun will rise tomorrow, with God’s help,
your mother loves you,
America was once the freest and greatest nation on earth in ancient and modern world history,

Hillary will lie and sell-out America to foreign entities, donors and governments,

Hillary’s international world-trade deals will allow foreign countries and enemies to continue to sap the economic strength, vitality and money out-of-America with her Job’s brain-drain,
making the “US brand” no better or prestigious than “Made in Micronesia” or “Made in China”,
if in fact America manufacturers anything anymore besides Solar Panels and Windmills in West Virginia,

Hillary will assign Supreme Court Judges to change the United States for generations thus making America just as strong and insignificant as Europe, Venezuela and Cuba,

Hillary will strangle “Choice” out of schools forever so your kids know better how to use a condom much better than math or science, or just embrace libertine promiscuity and liberally abort living healthy babies unabated with regularity,
Hillary will kill free-choice for your doctors and personal health decisions in favor of  her encompassing Obamacare/Hillarycare to condemn and  kill your elderly parents and eventually you too with Official objectified Death Panels,

Hillary will leave our veterans and active-duty military in perpetual “harm’s way”, the same way she left Benghazi radical Islamic Muslim terrorists, continually touted by she and Hussein as having been totally destroyed,
 to trap and murder her own employees,

Hillary’s DOJ, IRS and FBI will continue to protect her back with every anti-American radical action, 
and target American conservatives, Republicans and any US citizens not Party to her image of America, with a total Commie’s against NAZI’s systematic slash & burn policy to purge every dissenting voice and vote from Talk-Radio, Cable-TV, conservative MEDIA, of which there’s little, and from the US Capitol and government and military so “Freedom of Speech” will be as obsolete as will the 2nd,  4th and 14th US Amendments as Illegal aliens and unvetted radical foreign nationals and refugees flood our nation and Voting booths, 

Hillary “will not” alter, edit, correct or cancel the US-financed Iranian ICBM nuclear missile program “to erase the nation of Israel from the planet earth”, and someday we’re next as radical Islam spreads to the far reaches of the globe,

and finally Hillary’s MEDIA, paid-in-full with 30 pieces of silver,
will continue to lie, skew the true and propagandize as finally proven in black & white real journalism FOH WikiLeaks’s  (friends of Hillary)to keep the Electorate dumb, blind and deaf with a cacophony of Music Industry Celebrities to mesmerize uneducated America, amply remunerated with foreign blood-money and Quid Pro Quos!

 ….Like Killer Bees to honey, always “follow the money” embezzled and misappropriated by professional Liberal Socialist’s Charity-Fronts no more ethical than (Saving the Rain Forests, Feeding and saving the American farmers, ending worldwide hunger, fixing and ending decades of carpetbaggers in Haiti),
and turning a blind-eye to Terrorism around the globe stealing young girls, Human Trafficking, committing ethic genocide on a Hitlerian-scale to entire religious nationalities and people’s, destroying world heritage Sites and coddling, fondling and spreading a philosophy of death, the antithesis of Christianity, no longer tolerated by Liberalism, Socialism and Communism.


My cell phone just rang with a recorded message and for the very first time it was entirely in Spanish…..
Press 5 for English…..Goodbye America!

Warned you in 2008, 2009 and 2010:



11/9/16...2:10 AM

  1. In reply to Megyn Kelly
     SENTRYMAN ‏@SENTRYMANorg 9h9 hours ago

    @megynkelly Hey,U& Juan = let it go, you lost & America won! Now concentrate on real enemies to the USA. Do You JOB like mature journalists!

  1.               In reply to Megyn Kelly
     SENTRYMAN ‏@SENTRYMANorg 11h11 hours ago

    @megynkelly We don't know how Trump will govern? Really? Did U know how a Jr. Sen from IL would ruin US economy, start race war & kiss ISIS?

    1. In reply to Megyn Kelly
       SENTRYMAN ‏@SENTRYMANorg 8h8 hours ago

      @realDonaldTrump @megynkelly Hillary, consider you’re FIRED ....and lucky UR not in JAIL!

      Donald Trump VICTORY SPEECH | 
      Full Speech as President Elect of the United States


        1. .

          11-9-16 Smartest guys in the room......Rush and paste links into new window











        11-11-16 Veteran’s Day

        Here's the RIGHT vs the LEFT rioting in major cities and burning the American flag on Veteran's Day,

        and where's the elitist National “holier-than-thou” Media, or Cher?

        Oh there she is!...


    An Epic Scavenger Hunt…

    "Or what some terrible white people do when not terrorizing the planet,
    trampling on human-rights, conquering foreign nations and adding dominion to America's imperialist bent while subjugating the earth’s minorities!"

    (I added that subtitle after listening to erudite progressive Academics
     and liberal Democrats in government, the MEDIA, and those socialists at liberty about the ills and sins of America!

    Wait, that was Spain in the 1500's, England in the 1600's, Austria, France, Poland and Russia in the 1700's and 1800's, Germany, Japan, Italy and China in the 1900's, and of course Russia again in the 21st Century, and Islam ever since the 700's!
    .........Hello Barack Hussein, did I miss anyone?

    Oh yah, the Persians at 
    the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC trying to destroy the Cradle of Democracy in Greece,
    and they hasn’t stopped!!


    DECEMBER 4, 2016, 10:34 AM| 

    This past August, you might have noticed some offbeat people doing some offbeat things, like milking a cow in formal wear, or playing badminton in the middle of a shopping mall.

    But these events seemed perfectly normal to the 30,000 people in the world's biggest scavenger hunt aimed at charity. It's called GISHWHES: The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.
    David Pogue, of Yahoo Tech, tagged along with one group participating in the competition organized by Misha Collins.


    In closing: Consider "Cause and Effect"...
    We're all responsible for our own actions and the choices we make in life!
    After that, we are pretty much all the same, think on that!!

    unless hubris demands for "dead-cops" to make one feel more worthy than fellow humans

    The LEFT, Progressives, Socialists and DEMs believe TRUMP will ruin America! Perhaps a new approach is needed?




    Feb. 9, 2017

    * 9th Circuit cut America's throat, and puts the most powerful man on earth into his conservative place;
     a Triumverate of 60 BC, the Axis Powers of '38, or an Axis of Evil - 2017?

    **Yah know why Academia doesn’t teach Civics any longer?.... First ask Congress, then look in a mirror,
    but ultimately the socialist progressive Democrat Leftists have created a generation or two, maybe three, for control and power;
    an unholy alliance of Atheism and
    cultural pluralism notwithstanding, the political class elite always has the last word, serfs all, since time began and 30 pieces of Silver changed hands,
    it’s always been “Follow the Money” suckers!


    1. – When Republican Party formed in 1854, totally opposed Slavery……hello?

    2. – Dixie-Crats, Southern Democrats protected Slavery in all territories……hello?

    3. – KKK, created by and for Southern Democrats by Nathan Bedford Forrest, who spoke at 1868 DNC Convention. …… hello, everyone texting?

    4. – Republicans in US Congress passed 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments!

    .....thanks for reminder stats Eric.

    ***Racists on the Left, those in Hollywood holding back black Artisans on all fronts since their inception, progressive’s Planned Parenthood to curb African-American birth rates, their DNC ridiculing all black Conservatives in Congress and who served in the Bush Administration,
    ……Goodbye authentic RACISTs!...... Enough, this is about Border Security, goofs, and dumbing-down US Constitution for a Leftist's Jihad!


    Careful what you wish for, you may get-it LEFTISTs.

    With real NAZIs, Soviets and MAOists the Intellectuals and the PRESS are the 1st to die, guess who’s NEXT?

    ISIS, a big fan of Hollywood and America's liberal permissive culture, you bet!!!

    **I claimed during the presidential campaign: VOTE DEM AGAIN & DIE
     & some woke-up…… Now: Believe-in DEM & DIE!

    10 years ago I warned…... PROP-86 to Save America = Term Limits 4-ALL


    "Fire Them All?"

    - A Revolution Has Started and It’s 1938 All Over Again; Peace in Our Time?

    You’re Not Listening, Again! ...Time Has Run Out! ...The Only Hope: Prop. 86

    “After 235 years in America, shouldn’t the Supreme Court’s difference between “right and wrong”

     be greater than a “4 to 5” decision?

    This Newly Revised Book Warns: ”America’s liberty wasn’t forged in the same furnace as the Samurai and Damascus blades,

     it was tempered from an idea. And since more American lives have been sacrificed in fulfillment of that ideal to secure freedom for others,

     if you want to recapture that spirit to take your own country back, just follow the tenets in this book!”




    History of slavery

    The history of slavery spans nearly every culture, nationality, and religion from ancient times to the present day. However the social, economic, and legal positions of slaves were vastly different in different systems of slavery in different times and places.

    African participation in the slave trade

    African states played a key role in the slave trade.
    Slavery was already a common practice among Sub Saharan Africans long before the involvement of the Arabs, Berbers and Europeans.

    There were three types:
    those who were slaves through conquest,
     those who were slaves due to unpaid debts,
      or those whose parents gave them as slaves to tribal chiefs.

    Chieftains would barter their slaves to Arab, Berber, Ottoman or European buyers for rum, spices, cloth or other goods.

    Selling captives or prisoners was common practice among Africans, Turks, Berbers and Arabs during that era. However, as the Atlantic slave trade increased its demand, local systems which primarily serviced indentured servitude expanded and started to supply the European slave traders, changing social dynamics.
    It also ultimately undermined local economies and political stability as villages' vital labour forces were shipped overseas as slave raids and civil wars became commonplace. Crimes which were previously punishable by some other means became punishable by enslavement.



      Trey Gowdy GRILLS James Comey On Hillary Clinton Emails 7/7/16

      Gowdy to Rosenstein on Russia probe: 'Finish it the hell up' 6/28/18

      Trey Gowdy GRILLS James Comey On Hillary Clinton Emails 7/7/16

      Gowdy to Rosenstein on Russia probe: 'Finish it the hell up' 6/28/18

      or those frolicking No-Lives-Matter-but-their-own-team
       opening marching to “old freedom” refrains like: “We want dead Cops NOW!”,
      yah, that was great right?...
      or a US Legislator calling for the immediate “Assassination of the white president”, golly what a kidder!!!

       … Talk about love and roses from the “Opposition Protestors = Marxists”.

      1. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++




        Dr Ben Carson Prayer Breakfast Speech With President Obama FULL

        Dr Ben Carson Prayer Breakfast Speech With President Obama FULL

        Jimi Hendrix - The Star-Spangled Banner



    Ever wonder what America would be like today, where, and if “You’d be” here today
     if our British-rulers had won against the fledgling revolutionaries,
     or when our forefather succeeded, they sat-back like the modern GOP, and let the
    early anti-Federalist plantation Democrats totally ruled this new self-governing Experiment?

    Lucky, thank the Freemasons…"Cities of the Underworld Sea 01 Epis 10 Freemason Underground", yup,

    those other old white guys, which is precisely why progressive-liberal-socialist-DEM Academics no longer teach

    "American History, or Civics, Ethics, or fundamentals of World Religions" to their (tax-provided) captive-charges,
    nor to millennial Yellow-Journalism students! Where would we be today "without" Washington, and now Trump? 


    Or maybe just hide under the ROCK, but not safe there either.... Thanks George!

    It's never that easy for anyone!!!


    Rather not be an American,
     or change America more like "from whence you came",

      or think you may have all the answers with a better idea than;

    We the People of the United States,

    in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic 

    provide for the common 
    defence, promote the general Welfare,

    and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our 

    ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.










    Trump's entire 2020 State of the Union address, DEM’s hated!

    President Trump speaks following acquittal in impeachment trial – 2/6/2020

    .Tell US yet once again Duke:


    Here's another perspective, MINE: The World Accoring To SENTRYMAN;



    “It should never happen, NEVER again!”...

     “Holocaust”, what’s that? ...Asks the “uneducated” in US school, Millennials!


     Arrived by train from Hungary, and by the afternoon David Marks was alone…

    All 35 of his family were gassed and turned to smoke and ash in the NAZI crematoriums…..

     Aside from the 4 in 10 Millennials who say: What?

    Anti-Semitic incidences have doubled in past 4 years = It’s happening again!

    And the number of Americans who reject and deny-it ever happened has doubled!

  2. .

    Holocaust Secrets (Warning: contains graphic images)


    Every life is sacred and matters in America;
    innocent elderly left helpless with new COVID arrivals,
    innocent infants newly delivered, tossed on a cold steel table to die alone,
    innocent citizen suffocated to death in daylight on NYC streets by sadistic Public Servant maniac,
    like the estimated 69,029 people who died of drug overdoses, ignored, of which nearly 7 out of 10
     of these overdose deaths were due to Chinese made-Drug Cartel distributed opioids.
    Sep 11, 2019

    Police Officer Arrested In Killing Of George Floyd

    Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn (GRAPHIC VIDEO) - June 1, 2020

    Newt Gingrich: This is a war against American civilization – June 1, 2020

    Woman Survives Attack After Coworker Tries to Behead Her - Dec. 19, 2017

    Brendan Tevlin killer’s terrorism conviction the first in N.J. - Mar. 6, 2018

    NYC gunman issued warning moments before killing two NYPD officers - Dec. 22, 2014

    NYC protesters chant for dead cops - Dec. 13, 2014

    Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone....

    2019 FBI Stats

    1004 fatal police involved shootings...

    41times on "unarmed" persons...

    (19) White-unarmed (9) Black-unarmed...

    89 policemen KILLED...

    ** And last week in Chicago, 82 people shot = 19 dead = no police involved!

    Who runs the Chicago and Illinois government machine?...

    ....I guess "Black Lives Don't Matter" to some people!....

    In Chicago, 1,003 people have been shot so far this year...That is 128 more than 2019

    *** What shall we burn-down first, something good, because something bad happened?

    Lest we burn-up our own humanity, compassion, logic, integrity, our souls?
     We Americans, all!

    [ FULL ] Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/2/20 | Fox News Today June 2, 2020



    Do ALL lives matter, or are just certain lives protected under the US Constitution, or is any life sacred anymore, anywhere,

    even with a God-inspired Constitution our US Government swore to uphold,
     but simply won’t enforce-it or believe-in any longer?
    ....Is it really that simple today?....

    Greg Gutfeld:

    Jesse Watters:

    Life, Liberty and White Guilt, with 4 smart guys;



    America’s going to take another big hit, and November 3rd can’t come soon enough!

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/8/20 | Fox News June 8, 2020

    Perfect timing for “enemies from without” to challenge
    enemies from within”, so better be prepared on all sides!


    So what cities do you feel need burning-down first








    So what cities do you feel need burning-down first,
    or let’s go for coffee at Dunkin’, since Starbuck’s won’t serve Cops?

















    Congress asks themselves to raise the Taxpayer-PAID Credit Card credit limit for Christmas.. the ChiCom payroll bandwagon, so what could go wrong with 30 Trillion in debt?...If we all learn Chinese maybe our grandchildren won't have to pay it back, and just raise the debt-ceiling 150th time and pass-it-on to theirs?....

    Nothing is free, neither is your freedom…. Though it seems, except free communicable diseases, purposely distributed across America by undocumented, untested, unvaccinated with Hepatitis A-B, Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue fever and Covid. So, what could go wrong with our leaders protecting the constitution?

    Don’t worry, no more laws, no borders, no more rules, you can still vote next year by unidentified mailer for another honest election if scared or infected, or undocumented!


    DNC masters at marketing, propaganda, framing and reframing history to suite the times,
    and their needs achieve the same outcome year after year, decade upon centuries!... Why, how;
     bribes, Stockholm, 1619, victimhood, manipulative praise and false pride, fear, hubris,
    strategic sub-standard inferior-educating, COVID, cultivated ingrained Anosognosia?


    Lucky Americans, conservatives, are rejected, vilified, outcasts, educated and SAVED!

    Oh, and finally FREE in America!!..... VOTE GOP & TRUMP, or all Americans are at risk!!!



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