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Some are still rehashing, but

Fred Sorbi, and the Cessna 172 used by the hijackers.
[Source: San Diego Channel 10]



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#1 odd part about 9/11...
Who takes flight lessons in the target country?

Initial post: July 20, 2010 2:00 PM PDT

Mason says:

Years in the planning...millions what do they do?
They come to the country they are going to attack with no flight training
and sign up to take some lessons so they can fly airlines into buildings.

It makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Your post, in reply to an earlier post on July 20, 2010 11:27 PM PDT


That's all that's bothering You about 9/11?...OK, let me try this logic:
Let's say I want to sneak into the palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

So I either travel to a small neighboring country and charter a boat to scuba,
looking to photograph Indian Ocean marine species, and I stop off at to a port town in Arabia,
and get a room in some dump.

Meanwhile, I absorb the local color, some vernacular, the lingo, the mannerisms, some local attire,
I ease into position thru the backdoor and the rest is immaterial for this exercise.

Point being, I'm in!...........Naaah.

Instead, I figure out everything in New Jersey
and I file a request with the State Dept. for a Visa.

I write a letter to the Arabian Embassy in Washington asking them for permission to what?
To travel to Arabia to walk-up to the gate just like John Travolta and B/S my way inside,
to have cupcakes and tea with a Prince and then go hunting with a falcon

No!..... I plan the whole thing in my mountain cave right off the Khyber Pass!

No!.....I take some flying lessons, enough to steer a plane while in flight....
kill some time, go to a Strip Club, eat some burgers with bacon,
steaks and beer on the expense account,
and go collect my 70 virgins!

Want to really ponder something strange?...

Why did the Security in the 2nd Tower tell all the occupants rushing to the doors
to stop worrying about that burning plane buried in the building next-door.
That building with the windows shattering, and structures flying and poor burning people jumping,
while the exploding beast,
that groaning behemoth could at any moment topple right over onto your office building
just from the sheer weight and physics of it all?

Sure, just go back to your desks and carry on with your day!

Or, get the hell out of here , "just in case"!......
But then the 2nd Tower would be empty
and that half those families would be home right now with their loved ones.

Who set those standards, those protocols, those rules???....What government tactician, brilliant bureaucrat, grasping politicians??...

But, of course their concerns are the little people, the revenues, taxes, fees and fines....SAFETY?

there aren't enough physical laws, rules and regs. in Architecture, engineering, construction,
city planning, zoning, inspections, fire inspectors to accommodate the possibility of a plane
lost in a blizzard at night ever striking one of those two skyscrapers,
and then what might happen and what to do next, "just in case"?.....

Well, no, apparently no one ever thought any of those 4000+ Gulf wells might have an issue either
over the last 30 years either
and What To Do, "Just In Case"!

Oh please
, it's not BP alone,
it's the whole system and government's the worst, weakest link in the chain....

But, had a real Leader been at the helm; Our military, industry, people rolling up their sleeves,
neighbors and friendly governments would have solved that problem months ago,
and the vacationers and restaurants, cooks and waitresses, and fishermen families
would be smooth sailing on the high seas in a free country, best in the world,
and Washington not just worried about "who to sue next"!

Keep your powder dry



In reply to
your post on July 21, 2010 8:03 AM PDT

Mason says:

Also....How could they possibly know ANYTHING
about how flight training centers operated in the States?

Wouldn't you think they would think they would get found out
by exposing themselves like this....unless they KNEW they wouldn't get found out....

Just musing..;-)


Your post, in reply to an earlier post on July 21, 2010 9:19 AM PDT


It's a big country and they were civilians.

Now disappearing from an AFB, there's a trick.

But, don't worry America
because if they get stopped for a traffic violation, license of Not,
we won't ask for their papers to protect their rights!

Try these 4;


"May 5 and 10, 2000:
Alhazmi and Almihdhar Are ‘Dumb and Dumber’ as Pilot Students"

Keep your powder dry




Bill Barnes Jr Comment by Bill B Jr 18 hours ago
Good post, excellent points.
How long since we had a government and media we could trust?

I commented on another site,
when the president who is obviously illegitimate
lies and lies and is supported or not challenged by any politician or political group,
everything in government becomes suspect.

SENTRYMAN Comment by SENTRYMAN 21 hours ago
Ya know, I always wonder why no one ever asks, even in jest,
"how many gardeners do we need",
and with our AMERICAN unemployment rate,
i.e. Michigan,
how could these poor individuals survive here in the States anyway?......

Unless the Government was stealing our Money to Buy People!

 Comment by Maggie in Indiana 21 hours ago
But there are threats on our borders, right. Terrorists are pouring in and
politicians are worried about affending pickers and painters, are they serious?
Really? ....

Thanks for this post. The obvious is so overlooked today.


Muslims range from 0.7 to 1.8 billion


Had a thought:

Estimates of the total number of Muslims range from 0.7 to 1.8 billion worldwide
and 1.1 to 7 million in the U.S.


There’s 300 million Americans, of which maybe 1/3 = 100 million want to keep America free
and like the forefather’s envisioned.


We Originalists presently outnumber Muslims (11 to 1) in America,
but worldwide
Muslims outnumber American Constitutionalists 1000/1,
to 2000/1.


Iran has just put an Awards Bounty (Like Hitler Mothers)
on out-populating the American and Europen birthrates,
to outnumber and overwhelm the WEST and foreign countries
to tip the voting block scales and change the infidel nations from within,
without a shot.

Now, on the debit side of the ledger,
we have 12 million to 40 million illegal aliens hiding in the shadows of America,
of which a majority are Central and South Americans
and no one seems to know what to do or when to do anything about it.

You know where I’m going here?

OK, now on the credit side of the ledger;

#1 – At least these people are “AMERICANS”, from north or south,

#2 – At least the great majority are Christian,

#3 – At least the birth rate of these Americans is On Par with that of the Muslim Birth Program motive,
though the American’s priorities are love, family, equality and patriotism, all pluses.

#4 – Mexican’s understand the concept of Turf War.

Got-it?......Get these people 40 million registered and paying FICA/FED,
slam the door,
build the damn fence with these new US Americans and let them guard it!


Compare that to:
Muslims outnumber American Constitutionalists 1000/1,
to 2000/1.


semper fi



fairy tales really do come true......for some



Snow White

Little red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

The little mermaid

Seems like only yesterday...

BARBIE DOLL had her 50th birthday this year......

Tweety Bird is 60 years old!

And what about all our other ....




Wonder Woman
(touch of menopause here I think?)

Batman and Robin


"Life is short and always keep smiling,

life's a beach!



















































"Let them eat cake"
·      Posted by Tess on August 8, 2010 at 10:00pm

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Comment by Shawn 1 day ago

SHES NO LAURA BUSH!!!!........The O-BLAH-BLAH clan, love spending our tax dollars,,,,,

 Many of us are having a hard time putting the food on the table...
Vacations are way off the table!!!...Get a CLUE!!!!!

Comment by Maggie in Indiana 1 day ago
LOL ! and when I think about it it ticks me off.

Comment by Tess 1 day ago
No, she is no Laura Bush.
Always taking a vacation...or partying...
they are pretty insensitive to the country at large.

Comment by Hyman Roth 1 day ago
Michele Obama - Cause sometimes you have to take a vacation from partying.

Comment by Ceejay 1 day ago

She is no Laura Bush, she will bleed taxpayers to death,
Hey MO,
why do you know vacation in the Gulf states, surely they could use the publicity
..did you think of that?

Comment by
SENTRYMAN 1 day ago


Comment by
Tess 23 hours ago

Right on Sentryman...
It is appalling and indefensible...and yet,
the dem controlled Congress continues to spend money we do not have.
This teachers' unions bill is just gross.

Comment by Janet B 1 day ago

Comment by
SENTRYMAN 23 hours ago

I caught a snippet of Hannity on the radio last week
and He was having a debate with a lady
that was staunchly defending Obama's right to spend Our money
and take unending lavish vacations on Our dime,

and all she kept repeating to Shawn was that; Bush, Bush, Bush
had spent $100,000. on an Oriental Rug for the Oval Office,
and Shawn wasn't winning any ground with this woman....

I thought to myself,
had he thought to mention that Bush "left the Rug behind", right there in The People's House,
and all that Obama will leave Us are "his BILLs"
and a $31 Trillion Dollar Debt in the near future, lasting for decades,
if America lasts that long!

Ever sit at home and want to throw something at the TV,
while screaming: Shawn or Bill or Glenn;“And don’t forget to say”!
I.e. Obama inherited Bush’s 8 year; blah, blah, blah!

NO, it was the Democrat’s 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Congress’ that Obama inherited

And besides that, Bush rarely passed anything,
(oh like; healthcare reform, SSI reform, immigration reform,
or a Latino Supreme Judge),

and when Bush did
it was only with the approval of the 50/50 or 50/1/49 Senates Stupid,
and the "DEMs would have signed-off on every item allowed",
including any PORK celebrated by OUR Quid-Pro-Quo Congress that all Americans are saddled with,

Which technically had Diddley-Squat to do with Bush, Stupid!
Just for instance!!!

Comment by
SENTRYMAN 23 hours ago

Oh I forgot,
Bush really should have asked Obama for a name to get that Rug cheaper
since Obama has far more influence with the 1 billion Muslims.

Comment by Spirited Dona 17 hours ago

Comment by
C.S.M. 16 hours ago

I love this picture especially the left arm exposure from the one-sleeved gown. She loves to know those arms, doesn't she?

Comment by
SENTRYMAN 16 hours ago

Now,'s better than her hubby always showing us the finger!



Representing the nation and their bosses!





















































Honey, I'm Home......
Get my packages, Sarge.......
What's for dinner?....KOBE Beef?




Do you think America would be where it is today,
up to our armpits in debt,
and still hated by an envious world,
if a seasoned veteran Senator and decorated hero,
and the most popular Governor in all 50 states
were running this country?

Maybe? ....
The DEMs would still have control of the purse strings,
since 2007!

Then again, could it be worse?

We could have a crazy Korea and Iran boiling over,
and 16% unemployment in Democrat run states,
and illegal aliens over-running unprotected southern borders,
and California bankrupt,
and the same crooks running the Treasury and Fannie/Fred,
highjacking private industries and socializing our healthcare.




Maggie in Indiana Comment by Maggie in Indiana 2 hours ago
 Thanks for the pics.
It put things in a clearer perspective this morning.
Sometimes the obvious needs to be put right in our face.

Natalie Comment by Natalie 7 hours ago

Oh Sentryman, Australia seem to be heading for the same rough ride,
the class of these progressive Left Socialists is non existent.

The only email O'Reilly has ever read of mine was where I made the point
Barack Hussein Obama was devoid of "CLASS",
contrasted by Sarah Palin who had inherent class in every fibre,
"Knows Right from Wrong."

We go to the polls in 38 hours, our media are having a "Slobbering Love Affair",
with the possability of the first woman Prime Minister.

This is who she is, everything I say can be verified.
The Left have sold us two crazies for the 2 previous elections,
she was Deputy to both. You know extremely Loyal,
they "were profoundly right for the role of P.M."

The Left and the media are now tearing them apart,
of course no scrutiny before elections. Latham did not win, Rudd did.
24 hours before she politically executed him, she was swearing loyalty.

With the might of union Thugs behind her, knowing she had the numbers,
she moved, her Lady Macbeth moment with union thug support.
Pretty much experienced in the States, union Thugs, Corrupt Chicago Politics.
Plagiarising Hilary Clinton - "yes we will, yes we will "

A self avowed ATHEIST, deliberately No Children to move her career forward.
Uni, socialists, communism.
An active working member with The Fabian Society , Progressive socialists.

She lies about that saying she was a junior secretary years ago, not true.
Finding any similarities to Obama?

Elected to federal parliament
she proceeds to have an affair with another Left Labor politician, Craig Emerson,
he has a wife and three children, now we have the home wrecker and the adulterer.

Today Lady Macbeth is P.M.,
The adulterer is a Minister in her cabinet.

She has a new partner, a hairdresser of extremely dubious character.
If you wish to verify her adulterous relationship,
Craig Emerson Julia Gillard Gillard Diaries Australian Story M, March 2006.

To cap it off her voice, she preaches, she drones.
If elected Australia will be a laughing stock around the world.

Please send this to everyone you can,
Last weekend Rupert Murdoch Papers all advised she and her corrupt thugs
deserve another chance to change??? A Snake sheds it's skin It's still a snake.

Compare and contrast -
Tony Abbott Jesuit educated , happy marriage, father of 3 beautiful daughters,
 too honest for his own good. Scholarship to top Sydney private Jesuit College. Sydney U,
Awarded top scholarship for an all rounder to Oxford University; academics, sports
and character, leadership.

The guy is a voluntary Life Saver, Voluntary fire fighter,
worked up in the North in our Aboriginal Communities in a voluntary capacity.
Has been a senior Minister in, arguably the most successful govt Australia has enjoyed.

Wait for it, he has had the Left and Media propaganda machine,
"The mad monk", women can't stand him, Get Up have moved here, and on it goes.

The Left Can't stand people who have Family Values.
I've told you all Murdoch Papers last weekend had editorials advising
the thugs be re elected,
I made the point; wealthy geriatrics married to a girl younger than his children,
thoughts tend to be motivated by other than their brain.

Don't know what's changed in the States.
We hear on the news today he has donated at least a million dollars
to Republican campaign? ......He must be watching Glenn Beck.
Realize Obama and his mad dogs with any extra power would NATIONALIZE FOX???

Unfortunately, it would seem he doesn't care about his birth and home,
education being taken further down the path of Progressive Socialism?
I implore anyone who reads this to send it to everyone you know.
We're further down the track than you.
Unfortunately too, the majority here is already on welfare payments.

With the Gov. Palin treatment, the media have been absolutely VENOMOUS,
beyond comprehension, which is the problem why we can't get the little balance
that you in the states at least get from Rush, Hannity, Fox News, Ann Coulter,
and other concervatives.

Olive Comment by Olive 5 hours ago
Hi Natalie.
       I believe that Murdoch himself is conservative.
       His staff, writers, contributers, editors are however Leftists/Communists/Socialists.
       [Fox News commentators excepted].

       Point is where do you find conservative journalists?
       Australian media commentators are as left as any...unfortunately.
       Our last chance is that the people will remember who Mzz Gillard actually is and tip her out!!



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